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Entertaining Daily Politics, Award Winning Long-Form Interviews and Irreverent, Independent Analysis. For more info see Majority.FM

Entertaining Daily Politics, Award Winning Long-Form Interviews and Irreverent, Independent Analysis. For more info see Majority.FM


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Entertaining Daily Politics, Award Winning Long-Form Interviews and Irreverent, Independent Analysis. For more info see Majority.FM








2307 - Trump To Cities: Drop Dead & Biden's Sexual Assault Allegation w/ Nomiki Konst & Matthew Film Guy

Sam hosts Nomiki Konst (@NomikiKonst) of the Nomiki Show and Matthew Film Guy on this casual Friday! Plugs and Notices: Access a database of Covid-19 mutual aid groups in Australia here ( Organized and United Residents of Michigan City is a community group organizing mutual aid projects and legislative demands in Michigan City, IN. Find out more at Go here to donate to journalist Hunter Walker's fund to support housekeepers and day...


2306 - The Bailout That Will Sink America w/ David Dayen

David Dayen, the Executive Editor at The American Prospect, joins Sam to discuss the Senate stimulus package and the "money bazooka" it aims directly to large corporations and CEOs. Sam and Dayen break down how the bailout will work for industries like the airlines and workers. Dayen explains the absurdity of Democrats means-testing the one time $1200 lump sum, the complicated unemployment insurance expansion, and why the census delivery might be the best means to deliver aid to Americans....


2305 - The Senate's $2 Trillion Pandemic Stimulus Package (Plus Michael Brooks Returns!)

Sam breaks down the Senate's $2T stimulus package with special guest Michael Brooks who makes his MR social distancing debut! Plugs and notices: -Donate to NYC DSA's Covid-19 relief efforts at -Ars Technica has up-to-date information on the Covid-19 pandemic here; it updates at 3pm every day. -New info from the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment: It's possible, but unlikely, for the virus to be spread by infected people touching surfaces. -Food safety and...


2304 - Irony & Outrage: America's Polarized Landscape of Rage, Fear, and Laughter w/ Danna Young

Dr. Danna Young (@dannagal), a Communication & Political Science Professor at University of Delaware, joins Sam to discuss her new book, Irony and Outrage: The Polarized Landscape of Rage, Fear, and Laughter in the United States. Plugs and notices: -Donate to the NYC DSA's Covid-19 relief efforts at -Project N95 connects manufacturers of medical supplies with distributors, local governments, and hospitals to get supplies to where they are needed. Learn more or request...


2303 - It’s Time to Nationalize the Airlines w/ Alex Sammon

Alex Sammon (@alex_sammon), staff writer at the American Prospect, joins Sam to discuss the Covid-19 stimulus and his new piece, "It’s Time to Nationalize the Airlines." On today's show: Plugs and notices! -The Doe Fund’s Good Food Works program has an innovative plan to deliver quality food and quality jobs to New Yorkers in need. Learn more and donate at -The Buff Tutor Network provides tutoring in the STEM fields: -Support the arts by...


2302 - Where Is Joe Biden? w/ Alex Pareene & Brendan James

Sam is joined by Alex Pareene (@pareene) of the New Republic and Brendan James (@deep_beige) of the new Iraq War podcast "Blowback," to recap the week's news and most important stories. On today's show: Plugs and notices! New Everly Well Covid-19 test costs $135, should be free. NY state senator Andrew Gounardes and Bay Ridge Cares soliciting volunteers; sign up here. Wrong world ceramics making flasks, other things. Visit to petition Trader Joe’s for hazard pay for its...


2301 - Political Gamesmanship & the Pandemic Bailout w/ MR Crew

Sam takes over Thursday to discuss the state of the Covid19 pandemic and the government's response. Sam opens the show with Plugs and Notices from listeners and experts on causes and research most relevant to the on-going Covid19 pandemic. You can send your plugs or notices to, and Sam will share them on an upcoming episode. On today's show, Sam tackles how the bailout and Congress should allocate funds to industries like airlines and direct cash transfers to workers....


2300 - Tuesday's Zombie Primary Results w/ Dave Weigel

On today's show: Dave Weigel (@daveweigel), political reporter at The Washington Post and proprietor of its election newsletter The Trailer, joins Sam to discuss Tuesday's results, the future of the Sanders campaign, and the impact of COVID-19 on primary elections and the upcoming general election in November. On the fun half: Fox News ghouls change their tune on COVID-19 in WaPo compilation. MSNBC report: Trump lied about the WHO not offering test to the US. Timeline of Trump's COVID-19...


2299 - Reforming the Supreme Court After Its Conservative Capture w/ Elie Mystal

Sam, broadcasting from his remote studio, is joined by Elie Mystal (@ElieNYC), Justice Correspondent at the Nation, to discuss his March cover story, "If We Don’t Reform the Supreme Court, Nothing Else Will Matter." On today's show: Why aren't they postponing the primaries? Sam is joined by Elie Mystal (@ElieNYC), Justice Correspondent at the Nation, to discuss his March cover story, "If We Don’t Reform the Supreme Court, Nothing Else Will Matter. The failures of both Bernie and Biden,...


2298 - Our Social Distancing Future w/ MR Crew

Sam breaks down last night’s debate and what to expect moving forward as the Majority Report does its part to flatten the curve with social distancing practices and telework. Sam discusses plans to move Majority Report production to his satellite studio and shares precautions listeners should take to help prevent the spread of the virus. Before leaving the MR studio for the foreseeable future, Sam examines the Trump administration’s inaction and its 2018 decision to disband the NSC pandemic...


2297 - The Primary and the Pandemic w/ Ryan Grim

Ryan Grim of The Intercept joins the Majority Report to discuss the 2020 Democratic Primary, the latest news on Covid19, and the government's response to the growing pandemic. Sam and Grim discuss the state of the Democratic Primary in the wake of our growing public health emergency. They discuss the implications of Trump's inaction on Covid19, how Biden and Sanders should campaign against it, and why Republicans will turn on Trump if the pandemic overwhelms the US healthcare system. Sam and...


2296 - Joe Biden’s Sketchy Climate Record w/ Kate Aronoff

Journalist Kate Aronoff (@KateAronoff) joins Michael Brooks to discuss her latest in The New Republic "Joe Biden’s Sketchy Climate Record." The two discuss Biden's votes on climate and his undeserved credit for the Paris Agreement. On today's show: Kevin McCarthy not concerned about test kits, says private company is "on the verge" of helping. Kate Aronoff (@KateAronoff), staff writer at The New Republic, joins us to discuss her latest piece, "Joe Biden’s Sketchy Climate Record." Joe Biden...


2295 - The Path Forward & the Democratic Primary

The MR team brings you the news. On today's show: Why Warren didn't endorse anyone. What should Bernie's strategy be going forward? Bernie gives a speech, leverages the young in a way that doesn't feel like a threat. On the fun half: Jeff from GA is not giving up the fight. Jake Tapper says 2020 feels like 2004 all over again. Donna Brazile says Biden speaks his heart, doesn't think too much, is a man of passion. Jerry the Autoworker on Fox News, they stereotype him as speaking for anyone...


2294 - Make or Break in Michigan & Other Primaries w/ Dave Weigel

Dave Weigel (@daveweigel), proprietor of the Washington Post's The Trailer newsletter, joins the Majority Report to preview tonight's Democratic primary contests in Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, North Dakota, Idaho, and Washington. On today's show: Biden says he didn't believe Iraq had WMDs. 2003: Biden says we need to take out Saddam, risk of not doing so is much greater. Dave Weigel (@daveweigel), political reporter for The Washington Post, joins us to preview tonight's spate of...


2293 - How Race Shapes Emotion in Politics w/ Davin L. Phoenix

Political scientist Davin L. Phoenix (@Davin_Phoenix) joins the Majority Report to discuss his book, The Anger Gap: How Race Shapes Emotion in Politics, and explains how anger animates political participation amongst different demographic groups in America. On today's show: Trump visits Nashville after tornado damage, talks about boy carried by tornado. Political scientist Davin L. Phoenix (@David_Phoenix) joins the Majority Report to discuss his book, The Anger Gap: How Race Shapes...


2292 - Bloomberg's Absurd Run, Warren Drops Out & The Impact Of Endorsements w/ Benjamin Dixon & David Roth

Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon) of the Benjamin Dixon Show and David Roth (@david_j_roth), writer at the New Republic and formerly of Deadspin, join Sam to discuss the week in news including the state of the 2020 race and Mike Bloomberg's historic failure to buy the presidency. On today's show: Larry Kudlow tells people not to worry about COVID-19, keep working. Benjamin Dixon joins us to break down the Super Tuesday results. Why did older southern black voters go for Biden? The impact of...


2291 - To End Forever War, End the Dollar’s Global Dominance w/ Daniel Bessner

Daniel Bessner, Associate Professor of American Foreign Policy at the University of Washington, joins Michael Brooks to discuss his recent piece in The New Republic, "To End Forever War, End the Dollar's Global Dominance." Brooks and Bessner begin their conversation with an autopsy of Super Tuesday and an assessment of why the Biden campaign might not be as well-positioned as the media narrative leads people to believe. Bessner also looks at the way the Boomer generation voted so...


2290 - Super Tuesday 2020 Wrap-Up w/ Alex Pareene & Brandon Sutton

The MR crew wraps up their Super Tuesday coverage with the help of Brandon Sutton (@prettybadlefty), host of The Discourse, and Alex Pareene (@pareene) of The New Republic. Here are today’s sponsors: Capterra is the leading, free online resource to help you find the best software solution for your business. Visit for free, today, to find the tools to make an informed software decision for your business.


2289 - Super Tuesday Preview w/ Dave Weigel

Dave Weigel from the Washington Post's The Trailer joins Sam to preview Super Tuesday and what to expect from the day's massive delegate haul. On today's show: Chris Matthews retires, acknowledging how workplace behavior has changed. Biden can't quite quote the declaration of independence. Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) joins us to discuss predictions for Super Tuesday. The impact of the Clyburn endorsement. Why did most of the turnout surge go to candidates other than Bernie? Obama's hands-off...


2288 - Biden Wins South Carolina & Super Tuesday Predictions w/ Sean McElwee

Sam and the MR Crew bring you the latest headlines and stories to get you ready for Super Tuesday. Sean McElwee from Data for Progress joins to discuss the latest polls as well. On today's show: Sam and Benjamin in Worcester MA. Sean McElwee (@SeanMcElwee), co-founder and executive director of Data For Progress, joins us to talk South Carolina and beyond. The effect of the Clyburn endorsement. What will be the effect of Buttigieg dropping out? Would Warren dropping out help Sanders?...