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Thought-Provoking Insights from the Left Side of the Political Aisle

Thought-Provoking Insights from the Left Side of the Political Aisle
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Thought-Provoking Insights from the Left Side of the Political Aisle








Donald Trump Melts Down (Again)

Nancy Pelosi dared to criticize Donald Trump and say that his family needed to stage an intervention. There is growing talk that he is not of sound mind and body. So what is there to do? More and more people recognize that it's time to start impeachment hearings. We talk to Ginger Gibson from Reuters, Sabrina Siddiqui from The Guardian and Elizabeth Wydra, President of the Constitutional Accountability Center!


Trump Manages To Find New Ways to Debase the Presidency

In a Rose Garden event yesterday, Donald Trump essentially shut down ANY bipartisan efforts to get anything done until the investigations into him cease. It's going to be a looooong several months until we throw him out of the White House in 2020. We talk to Rep John Yarmuth, Rep Mark Pocan and Chairman of the DNC Tom Perez!


Will Democrats Actually Impeach Trump?

Now that Trump shut down Don McGahn's testimony, will Democrats move forward with impeachment? More and more of them are getting on board with the idea. We talk to HuffPost's Ryan Reilly, Roll Call's Jason Dick and USA Today's Eliza Collins!


Are Democrats Finding Their Spine on Impeachment?

Now that the WH has shut down the idea of Don McGahn testifying, Democrats have ratcheted up their threat of impeachment. As Nancy Pelosi said, Trump is almost daring them to impeach him. But will they actually do anything? We also kick around some 2020 news! We're joined by Cate Martel from The Hill and our buddies Chris Lu and David Daley!


Are Republicans Starting To Crack?

With Republican Congressman Justin Amash saying that Trump has committed impeachable offenses, it could be the beginning of the end of Republican support for Trump. There's still a LONG way to go, but if other Republicans follow suit, it could spell BAD news for Trump. The 2020 race heated up over the weekend as Joe Biden had his official campaign kickoff in PA! There's still a long way to go! We talk to Matt Ford from The New Republic, Steven Shepard from Politico and Niels Lesniewski...


Donald Trump is Using The White House To Enrich Himself

We got a look at how much money Trump made in 2018 and it's a LOT of money. The Trump hotel alone pulled in 40 million dollars. We've got the breakdown! Bill de Blasio jumped into the 2020 primary! Does anyone care? We talk to Daniel Lippman from Politico, Cam Joseph from TPM and Rebekah Entralgo from ThinkProgress!


Even Pat Robertson Thinks the Alabama Abortion Ban Goes Too Far

There was lots of reaction to the new horrific Alabama abortion bill yesterday. Every Democratic candidate for President made a statement about the law. Will they fight to preserve Roe vs Wade? Also, we are inching closer and closer to war with Iran. Are there any adults who can prevent it? Plus, we have a VERY big announcement about the future of the show! We talk to Rep Al Gree from TX, Justin Sink from Bloomberg and Brian Katulis from the Center for American Progress!


Who Is Ready For War With Iran?

We are inching closer and closer to a war with Iran. People like John Bolton have been wanting this for YEARS. And they finally have get it if John Bolton and Donald Trump get their way. Could this all be part of Trump's re-election plan? It worked for George W Bush... Alabama just passed the toughest abortion law in the country. Will the Governor sign it? Will it make it to SCOTUS? We talk to Jennifer Haberkorn from the LA Times, Graham Vyse from Governing Magazine and Ed Chung from the...


Trump Is Tanking The Economy

Trump continues to pick a trade fight with China. There's no real reason for this, but the American people are paying the price. Even Trump's economic advisor Larry Kudlow disagrees with Trump. He's going to cause another recession. Donald Trump Jr has been called to testify in the Senate. He's getting advice to NOT go. Lock Him Up! We talk to Sabrina Rodriguez from Politico, Asawin Suebsang from Politico and Nikki Schwab from the NY Post!


Are Dems Inching Closer To Impeachment?

We are starting to hear the Democrats raise their voices about starting impeachment hearings. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi continue to downplay it, but if public sentiment starts calling for it, they may very well go down this path. Stay tuned. Donald Trump has no idea what he's doing with regards to the trade war with China. He is doing serious damage to American manufacturing with his tariff battle. At what point does this become too much? We talk to Politico's Laura Barron-Lopez, Ray...


Donald Trump Reacts to His Son Bring Subpoenaed

Donald Trump Jr has been slapped with a subpoena. His father responded in a very public way on Thursday. He also accused John Kerry of breaking the Logan Act, which Trump definitely doesn't understand. He also accused Robert Mueller and James Comey of GASP being friends! Guest host Kaili Joy Gray welcomes Mark Greenblatt from Newsy, Addy Baird from ThinkProgress and Erica Sackin from Planned Parenthood!


A Constitutional Crisis Is Here

Donald Trump is invoking executive privilege over all things Mueller Report. Rep Jerry Nadler says that we are officially facing a constitutional crisis. The Republicans will continue to cover for Trump and Democrats have their hands tied. So what can be done? For starters, GOP-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. This story is far from over. Guest host Peter Ogburn talks to Max Bergmann, the host of The Asset, Democratic Strategist Jonathan Levy and...


A Showdown for Jerry Nadler and Bill Barr

Rep Jerry Nadler is holding a vote to hold AG Bill Barr in contempt for the lies he told during his hearing about the Mueller Report. While conservatives continue to claim that the report exonerates Trump, Democrats are pushing back... None of them stronger than presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. Guest host Peter Ogburn explains the situation and we hear from several voices on the issue. Plus, could Jerry Fallwell Jr be involved in a scandal? Michael Cohen says yes. When you hear...


How Corrupt Is The Government?

Donald Trump has taken corruption to new levels in the government. But how widespread is it? We talk about it on today's show with guest host Jason Dick. We also talk some 2020 politics and the choice that Democrats will have to make. We talk to Katherine Tully-McManus and Jennifer Shutt from Roll Call and author Tim Krepp!


Previewing the Week Ahead in Washington

After a wild weekend where Donald Trump had an hour long phone call with Putin, tweeted about sports and generally disgracing the Presidency, what happens this week? The President has plenty on his schedule. We preview it with guest host Jason Dick! He's joined by Roll Call's Niels Lesniewski, Kathryn Lyon and Clyde McGrady from Heard on the Hill and Brandon Weatherbee from Brightest Young Things!


Will Democrats Go To War Over Barr's Lying to Congress?

Attorney General William Barr lied when he testified to Congress earlier this week. That's a crime. So how will Democrats handle it? They have the power to impeach him, but without Republican support, it's likely to go nowhere. So how should they proceed? Guest host Igor Volsky talks to Alexander Bolton from The Hill, Christy Goldfuss from Center for American Progress and Hanna Trudo from the National Journal!


Attorney General William Barr Embarrasses Himself In Front of Congress

William Barr came to Congress to testify about the Mueller Report. He completely embarrassed himself, lied, provided cover to the President and made a mockery of the government. He used to have some credibility, but that is LONG gone. Democrats grilled him so mercilessly that he said he wouldn't come back for a second day of questioning that was scheduled. So what happens now? Robert Mueller MUST testify. We talk to Jennifer Williams from Vox about the situation in Venezuela, Matt Ford from...


Robert Mueller Makes It Clear: AG Barr LIED About the Mueller Report

Robert Mueller wrote a letter informing the current Attorney General that he mischaracterized the intent of his entire report. We now know what Bill Barr's mission was: to downplay the powerful conclusions of the Mueller Report. So now what? Robert Mueller should absolutely be allowed to testify about the intentions of his report to the American people. We talk to Li Zhou from Vox, Alex Seitz-Wald from NBC News and Zoe Tillman from Buzzfeed!


Joe Biden Gets Into The Race. Can He Win?

Joe Biden officially kicked off his presidential campaign on Monday. He's banking on working people to deliver the vote! Can he beat a crowded Democratic field? Can he beat Trump? It's infrastructure week! Can Pelosi and Schumer work out a bipartisan deal with Trump to improve the nation's infrastructure? We talk to Ginger Gibson from Reuters, Jon Allen from NBC News and Elaina Plott from The Atlantic!


Trump Passes A Major Milestone in His Presidency

While Trump is only about halfway through his first term, he's passed a BIG milestone. The Washington Post says that he has officially told over 10,000 lies in his time in office. It's amazing to consider just how many lies he can roll out in a short period of time. Now that Joe Biden is in the 2020 race, how does that shake up the primary? Most polls show him at the top, but can he keep that up? We talk to The Hill's Jordan Fabian, Politico's Chris Cadelago and Randi Weingarten from the...