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The host's progressive approach uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion in the offices of our politicians, and exposes the "con" in conservative. He takes on pop culture, enthusiastically promotes democracy, and helps listeners make sense of the news.

The host's progressive approach uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion in the offices of our politicians, and exposes the "con" in conservative. He takes on pop culture, enthusiastically promotes democracy, and helps listeners make sense of the news.
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The host's progressive approach uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion in the offices of our politicians, and exposes the "con" in conservative. He takes on pop culture, enthusiastically promotes democracy, and helps listeners make sense of the news.




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Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 01/16/19 - The increasing income inequality in America has damaging consequences for real people, and as automation and outsourcing seem set to increase, what could be a solution? Andrew Yang argues it could be a u

Presidential candidate and author Andrew Yang argues that a universal basic income (UBI) is the solution to many of our basic economic problems. He and Thom have a fascinating discussion. ---In today's book club, Andrew Yang's 'The War on Normal People. ---The feasibility of autonomous trucks from the perspective of Bryan in Connecticut, a truck driver. And the discussion continues with our insightful callers. ---Thom word-wrestles with conservative Julio Rivera on the question of inequality...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 01/15/19 - Bill Barr- a man with a history of hiding presidential crimes- is Trump's nominee for attorney general. Thom details Barr's history from covert CIA operative to mass incarceration cheerleader back as att

Trump's latest candidate for attorney general goes before Congress, but who is this guy? Thom reminds us of Bill Barr's history as the former CIA lawyer and Bush insider who was the coverup artist for Iran/Contra. And how does rampant federal corruption tie into Pompeo and Pence seriously expecting Jesus to make all things new? ----- The Brexit deal is heating up, Luke Vargas has the scoop on British Prime Minister Teresa May's plans, and the response of opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn....


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 01/14/19 - The government protects the common person from the power of the rich- both foreign and domestic. In a case of whodunnit?, Thom asks whether Trump is sold out to local oligarchs like the Koch brothers, Ru

We now know the FBI has had reason to investigate Trump's financial obligations to the Russian government since at least 2016. And, financial ties have been demonstrated between foreign governments and some key Republican players in Congress. Thom asks who is really pulling the strings? Could it be oligarchs abroad, and/or at home? Does the federal shutdown further the mission of billionaires to create a disrespect for government generally? ----- Thom keenly discusses his thesis with...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 01/11/19 - On the 75th anniversary of the 2nd Bill of Rights, Thom reflects on FDR's vision versus Trump's reality. Thom discusses with listeners what a state of emergency would mean for America, and what is the re

Thom reflects on the 75th anniversary of FDR's 2nd Bill of Rights of considers that vision versus the conditions of today and more news stories. Thom holds a spirited discussion with thoughtful listeners while discussing that Trump lied on TV and made no real effort to compromise with Congress. Professor Richard Wolff shares his insight on what chance Democratic proposals to require pharmaceuticals to limit their price gouging have of passing. Thom discusses with listeners what a state of...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 01/10/19 - Will Trump use emergency powers to bypass Congressional disagreement over his wall obsession? What can be done to maintain the constitution's checks and balances, and what should Progressive strategy be?

Thom explores the potential dangers if Trump succeeds at gaining emergency powers and where it will end. Mark Pocan, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus takes listener calls on the politics of the government shutdown. Former Republican congressman Bob Ney of Talk Media News briefs Thom on the history of presidential use of Emergency Powers, and they consider the state of play of the ever-moving chess board.


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 01/09/19 - Thom argues that although brazenness often makes great presidents, Trump lacks the critical rest of the toolkit, especially empathy. Thom's callers discuss the situation as Trump thoughtlessly uses feder

In Thom's take today: Brazenness is a leadership quality shared by many great presidents. Although, as Trump scores high on brazenness, yet Trump doesn't have the rest of the presidential toolkit including morality, intelligence, introspection, empathy, and foresight. Thom looks at how this deficit may be a threat to us all. Caller Paulette adds the word 'indifference', which Thom says is the opposite of love, an even more destructive than hatred. Caller Fred has experience in the...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 01/08/19 - How does Democracy work when the news is owned by corporations and billionaires? Is this why they obsess over scandal, celebrity, and horse race instead of real issues?.. the way the media has treated OA

Thom introduces the idea that most of our media is fundamentally corrupt, and the way they misreported OAC's tax ideas is a clear example of this. --------- George in Illinois adds that the major corporate Spanish networks also skew the news.------ Thom welcomes Pulitzer-winning Art Cullen, a small town reporter in Iowa. A discussion on the fact that the national media barely reported the unprecedented crowds welcoming Elizabeth Warren and her critique of corporate power. ------- The...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 01/07/19 - Progressives hone their strategy as Trump continues to milk Latin American refugees for political gain. Author Greg Grandin joins to Thom to discuss what he calls the 'catastrophe' in central America fro

0:00 - Thom welcomes Greg Grandin, author of 'The End of the Myth from the Frontier to the Border Wall'- a fascinating description of the way both secret and overt American intervention in Latin America has created the flow of refugees that Trump is exploiting for his own purposes. Listeners add their own fascinating dimensions as they chime in. ----16:02 - Thom reads from 'Confessions of a Rogue Nuclear Regulator' by Gregory B. Jaczko ----21:33 - Thom has a fascinating talk with listeners...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 01/04/19 - Is the media's coverage of Elizabeth Warren fair, or can it even be fair given the biases in our culture towards women? And Dr. Richard Wolff takes the pulse of the economy while Like Vargas watches the

Despite cable media's piling-on of criticism of Elizabeth Warren's ancestry test, it turns out that no Native American elected leaders were asked in the national coverage. When leaders were asked, all supported Warren and yet consensus of the so called debacle continues. Thom continues the conversation on gender and race with his brilliant callers. ---------- Marxist economist Dr. Richard Wolff gives an update on economic news and Thom takes listeners' phone questions. --------- Luke Vargas...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 01/03/19 - As Nancy Pelosi officially becomes speaker of the House, and Elizabeth Warren explores her options as president, today a vigorous discussion on the subtle and not-so-subtle biases towards women in power

Ass-kicker Nancy Pelosi is now officially the Speaker of the House, and prepared to go toe-to-toe with Trump. And while the partial government shutdown drags on, the president worries he might look foolish. ------- Peter Beinhart joins Thom, his article in The Atlantic considers the degree of bias against Elizabeth Warren in the media, and how she might be considered more fairly. ------- Thom carries on an enthusiastic discussion with diverse callers on the extent of gender and racial bias...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 01/02/19 - Politics starts with a bang as Elizabeth Warren debuts her Progressive agenda and likely presidential run. But can her issues get a fair hearing? Harry Reid says Trump is amoral. And Food and Water Watch

Elizabeth Warren appears ready to toss her hat in the ring with a campaign issues video. Thom considers her as the first authentically progressive candidate since Jimmy Carter. ------- Thom reads from 'Playing with Fire' by Lawrence O'Donell. ------- Will Elizabeth Warren be able to run on the issues, or will she be judged superficially? Thoughtful callers respond. And, how can we implement the Progressive's 'Green New Deal?' ------- Harry Reid's article in the NY Times asked 'is Trump...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 01/01/19 - Today, a robust discussion on immigration from down south, Trump's wall fixation, and how Ronald Reagan used undocumented workers to bust unions. Then- from Trump's new Boeing Secretary of Defense, to Go

Thom calls out Trump for flagrantly violated the Hatch act by using a photo-op with the troops to trash talk the Democrats' lack of support for building a wall. But is this giant project practical or worth the effort? Callers, including a Texas rancher with waterfront on the Rio Grande respond thoughtfully on what impact this proposed project would really have. And Thom shows how Ronald Reagan's union-busting policies are really to blame for mass Hispanic immigration. --------- John Nichols...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 12/31/18 - As we stand on the doorstep of a new year, what does the climate science say the future is likely to have in store for us? Carbon emissions are increasing everywhere but Europe, and Republicans continue

Climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann is back with the current science, and also specifics on what we need to do to avoid catastrophe.--------- Thom runs us through the state of the world as climate change has already started to bite into the world economy. - Lisa in Ohio wonders if we are witnessing the fall of our civilization. John in Vancouver wonders if we are capable of shifting enough to save the planet. He and Thom agree that buying local is key. And Marta in Big Bear, California argues...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 12/28/18 - Economics Richard Wolff thinks we might be on the verge of the recession that was only delayed by government intervention in 2008. And Thom notices that all they talk about on cable news is personality,

Thom speaks with Economics Professor Richard Wolff on whether a worldwide recession or depression is likely. Dr. Wolff points out that the capitalist economy crashes every eight to ten years, and although there have been many proposed solutions over the years. nothing seems to be working. Thom and the professor speculate on what might done to fix it. ------------ After an injury makes Thom spend extra time with the cable news channels- he's shocked at the near-complete lack of actual issues...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 12/27/18 - Thom and Rep Mark Pocan field listener questions as the government shutdown continues. Thom speaks with's Candice Berndt on First Step Act. And what happened to "Politics Stops at the Water'

Thom reviews Thomas Friedman's recent opinion piece in The New York Times, "Time for G.O.P. to Threaten to Fire Trump" and ponders what's worse- Trump's crimes or his temperament? Why aren't Republicans outraged? A Democratic Prez could not get away with behaving the same way. And what happened to "Politics Stops at the Water's Edge?" Is Trump violating the Hatch Act? ----------- Thom welcomes's Candice Berndt, who has been looking at the 'First Step Act' that somehow just ends...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 12/26/18 - What's the Price Americans Pay for Privatization of the Commons? Thom answers listener questions and gives his take on the latest news.

What's the Price Americans Pay for Privatization of the Commons? Did Romans "The Fall of the Roman Empire" Pay the Same Price? Thom gives his take on the recent news including the more important impact of Donald debunking Santa to children and a new report which indicates that Trump's bone spurs were a lie all along.


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 12/25/18 - As evidence for the ongoing insect apocalypse piles up (but not on our windshields), Dr. Michael Mann is here with the climate science. And Thom connects back to the root problem of unfettered greed.

Thom looks carefully at the science and evidence that we are watching a crash of insect populations around the world. But is this part and parcel with the decline of all life on earth? What is the real cause? -------- Climatologist Dr. Michael Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center speaks with Thom about the recent scientific studies on global climate change and the stark choice between carbon alternatives... or ruin. -------- The ongoing extinctions across the planet are...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 12/21/18 - Geopolitics is in a tizzy as an economic crisis looms, while Trump plays his border-wall fiddle to distract attention from his plan to abandon our Syrian allies over the objections of, well, almost every

Dr Richard Wolff and Thom think the crash made inevitable by the Great Recession bailout may be upon us. Evidence is given. -------- Turkey's dictator says he will delay his planned slaughter of the Kurds. What does this mean for the region? And as Trump is willing to partially shut down the government, supposedly for his border wall dream- Thom thinks this is all distraction from the way Trump's family will profit from sacrificing the Kurds to Turkey. Thom gives a clarifying short synopsis...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 12/20/18 - As history continues today, Progressives think deeply about how to turn its arc towards justice- today featuring congresswoman and presidential hopeful Maryann Williamson, legal scholar Lisa Graves, Cong

Congresswoman and deep thinker Maryann Williamson is with Thom on her possible run for the president. Her view is that we need to have a much wider discussion than just hating on Trump - we need to fight the re-establishment of an economic aristocracy that constantly works against true democracy. And Madison in Portland chimes in. ------- Lisa Graves, author and legal scholar, makes the case that the Senate Judiciary Committee has a legal obligation to recall Brett Kavanaugh for lying to the...