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The host's progressive approach uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion in the offices of our politicians, and exposes the "con" in conservative. He takes on pop culture, enthusiastically promotes democracy, and helps listeners make sense of the news.

The host's progressive approach uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion in the offices of our politicians, and exposes the "con" in conservative. He takes on pop culture, enthusiastically promotes democracy, and helps listeners make sense of the news.
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The host's progressive approach uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion in the offices of our politicians, and exposes the "con" in conservative. He takes on pop culture, enthusiastically promotes democracy, and helps listeners make sense of the news.




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Why do Trump supporters believe that a wall will make the United States safe when the data suggests a wall will do nothing of the sort? Eric Caron, former US Special Agent and diplomat debates Thom Hartmann on the effectiveness of a border wall, and Thom'

Thom debates Eric Canon, author of 'Switched On, The Heart and Mind of a Secret Agent' - Thom's diverse callers take on this episode's big question- will a wall on the southern United States border provide security for America?- are southern immigrants really a threat?


In the wake of another right-wing racist killing spree what is the secret philosophy animating the violence and Thom asks Sheriff Mack about the possibilities of an armed uprising for Trump while Steve King eggs it on.

Is it time to expel Rep Steve King from Congress? After years of ignoring King's racist anomalies, has the representative's recent inflammatory meme gone too far? - The world stands in mourning after the tragedy in Christchurch New Zealand where a Trump supporter took the lives of 50 Muslim people during prayers. For perspective Thom speaks with Wajahat Ali, author of The Domestic Crusaders. - Thom's take on Rush Limbaugh's recent rant and callers respond. - Author of "From My Cold Dead...


An interesting episode ranging from criminalizing Viagra in Georgia (not really) to Trump cutting Social Security (yes really), and what precisely is Beto's real agenda?

Is the right winger's idea of freedom the freedom to be poor? ------ Social Security is under attack by Donald Trump and the Republicans, The same is happening to Medicare and Medicaid. Donald Trump promised not to cut social security during his campaign and much like everything else that comes out of the president's mouth, Donald Trump's promise to leave social security was a lie. RJ Eskow joins the Thom Hartmann Program to give us the details about what the Republicans are doing in an...


With one more racist murderer- and Trump fan- in the news, Trump hints on the record that he might not go peacefully if he loses the 2020 election. Is this how empires end? Professor Richard Wolff joins the conversation, and callers reflect on how the gun

As a Trump-referencing white supremacist in New Zealand becomes one more in a long line of murdering racists- and as Trump hints that he may not accept a lost election without calling in the thugs... is America tempting the chance of armed conflict? -How do empires end and what is the economics behind the fall of empires and what does this say about the future of America? Professor Richard Wolff reveals the unexpected truth about imperialism on the Thom Hartmann program! - Thom's callers...


Creationism vs Evolution- which is the real truth? The creationist Michael Behe doesn't believe in the theory of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin and championed by scientists ever since; Instead Professor Behe believes that life was intelligently desi

Author of a new book Darwin Devolves, Michael Behe joins Thom Hartmann to put creationism vs evolution to debate. Do you think Behe has a point or is there a missing link in his logic? ------ Thom reads from his own book 'The Prophet's Way: A Guide to Living in the Now' ------ Howard in Indiana kicks off the discussion with a reminder that we all die. ------ Robert in Florida thinks we're all illegal aliens on this planet... because we don't fit in with nature. ------ Jenise in California...


Should we impeach Trump now? A fascinating nationwide discussion. Is Nancy Pelosi being strategic with her recent comments? Will Trump's de-evolved behavior become the new normal?

Thom considers Nancy Pelosi's recent impeachment comments and the circumstances congressional Democrats find themselves in relative to Trump's criminal and unethical behavior. Blaine in California thinks Democrats should go for it or risk being complicit in letting Trump establish a new normal of unethical behavior. Thom agrees that Democrats don't do outrage well. Thom considers the facts of the Trump case, and whether it is more like the Clinton impeachment or like the Nixon case. Maryanne...


Has Trump essentially put out a hit on Michael Cohen by calling him a 'rat'? Psychologist Dr. Justin Frank joins Thom in analyzing the mind of the twisted human being we have for president. Plus- the Mueller Papers so far- and Progressive Congressman Ro K

Trump has called his former attorney Michael Cohen a 'rat'- mob code for 'kill him'. What is the psychology of an ultra-entitle mobster like Trump who is comfortable living outside the rules and getting what he wants? Clinical psychologist Dr. Justin Frank once again puts Trump on the couch. ------- The Mueller Investigation is already out, thanks to The Intercept's Ryan Grim, who collected every released report from the Mueller Investigation into the Mueller Papers. According to Ryan Grim,...


Paul Manafort gets a slap on the wrist from the same Republican judge that put a Democrat in prison for 13 years, while in Idaho Republicans block laws to stop 13 year old kids to get married to older men- how can we reach across this extreme political di

Remember when a Democratic congressman was sentenced to 13 years in prison by Judge T.S. Ellis for corruption, including cash stacked in his freezer? So why did the same judge give international criminal schemer millionaire Paul Manafort a slap on the wrist? The Republican Party is showing us who they are and what they are all about. ---------- The corruption in Saudi Arabia continues, including trapping an American woman in the country, unable to leave the country. ---------- The patriarchy...


Why does the corporate media constantly tell the Democratic party to "Move to the center" when these so-called far left policies are actually the center of America? Plus, Mark Pocan holds court with calls from across the nation.

You can't turn on a cable TV news channel these days without seeing some TV pundit or panelist saying that Democrats need to "move to the middle." What the heck do they mean? Do they mean that Democrats should say it's just fine that over 30 million Americans have no health care? Does "moving to the middle" mean that we love that the big banks make hundreds of billions in profits by ripping us off and putting our economy at risk? That fossil fuel and chemical industries should continue to...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 03/05/19 - Today we plumb the depths of economic corruption, as Thom takes on conservative commentators on issues from corporate responsibility, through climate change, the lack of a national health care system, an

Purdue Pharma is considering bankruptcy to escape suits over promoting drugs including Oxycontin. Today, Thom holds a fascinating debate with conservative author Julio Rivera- how far is a corporation responsible for its actions? Thom asks if there is a parallel between Purdue and the fossil fuel industry. ------ Thom further explores how deeply the corruption goes with Stephen A. Schiller, author of 'Big Pharma, Big Greed.' ------ Senator Jeff Merkley - Thom calls him a 'true Progressive...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 03/04/19 - Even after so many examples of Trump's crimes and immorality have come to light, he still has the strong support of his base. Thom explores the question of how- or how not- can Democrats work with or eve

Thom wonders what it will take for Republicans to wake up and admit that Trump is a criminal who is bad for America. ------- Thom asks when Democrats will stop listening to Republicans for policy advice, and argues that compromising with Republicans got Clinton and Obama virtually nothing. Callers add to his thoughts interestingly. ------- Thom asks what happens when gangsters run government? Thugocracy is the new model for nations. Trump's lawyer just warned congress that Trump would not...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 03/01/19 - Congressman Mark Pocan wraps up the week of bizarre happenings with Thom and gives hope to callers with news of progressive legislation regarding Medicare for All.

The weekly town hall with Congressman Mark Pocan goes into overdrive with a preponderance of wild news from the Cohen revelations, to the recent Vietnam summit, and a new hopefulness as the Democratic majority in Congress pursues investigations and promotes progressive legislation. - For the book club, Thom reads from "All the World's a Stage" by Dennis Weaver, recalling the actor's childhood escape from dust-bowl conditions during the Great Depression.- Continuation of Congressman Mark...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 02/28/19 - Nationally known author and conservative activist Sheriff Richard Mack is leading a rebellion of Washington State Sheriffs refusing to enforce an assault-weapons registration process mandated by state re

Why are sheriffs in some counties in Washington State refusing to enforce the law? Shouldn't sworn sheriffs uphold the law, even if they don't agree with it? Washington State sheriffs are defying the law. Guest Sheriff Richard Mack also says that there should be guns in schools to protect students. He says that more weapons are best for our freedom. Do you agree with him? "Liberals hate liberty," he says. Richard Mack is the founder of The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 02/26/19 - Take a tour of the consequences of inequality in America today with your guide Thom and his many caller-friends who speak passionately on many ways America needs to up its game and how Progressives plan

Since the Supreme Court has effectively made corruption legal, the billionaire-lobbyist-corporate machine and the bought-out media and political classes have been busy implementing an oligarchy. This corruption has many consequences small and large in all of our lives. Can the Progressives expunge some of the poison in our body-politic? ------ Dr Richard Wolff drops some deep thinking on us about Venezuela and the weak arguments against the Green New Deal. ----- A brilliant analysis of the...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 02/25/19 - Live from Chicago, Thom once again takes the pulse of the nation and talks Progress, today with Congressman Ro Khanna answering a variety of challenging questions, plus a conversation with Chicago talk r

Thom holds court with Ro Khanna, taking calls in a national town hall meeting on national politics. -------- Thom is live from WCPT in Chicago with their afternoon host Joan Esposito for a fascinating look at what politics look like from where she sits. -------- Talk Media News' Bob Ney has the facts, and he's willing to talk about them.


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 02/22/19 - In a broad show today we range from a regretful ISIS bride to asylum seekers' damaged kids to border violence in Venezuela, to local Dems getting organized, to a lengthy and thoughtful interview with aut

Thom examines the pickle that an American woman who married an ISIS fighter is in. - Thom's thoughts turn to the abuse of children separated from asylum-seekers at the border, and he carries on a debate on the same with conservative thinker Julio Rivera. And callers share their profundity. - Venezuela is on the mind of Talk Media News' Chief Foreign Correspondent Luke Vargas. - Mark Gately of Cane Dems has ideas for organizing the local Democrats. - Douglas Rushkoff, author of the new book...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 02/21/19 - Ed Asner drops in to discuss his new play that asks if Trumpers and Progressives can find common ground- and there's alot to argue over; with Trump the Republican party has devoted itself wholly to corru

Thom tackles the rot behind the sale of the Republican party to billionaires and giant corporations- from giving lobbyists total control of government agencies, to Trump's coverups, to climate-change denial, to phony wars- where is this all going? - In the book club today- "Don't Label Me" by Irshad Manji. - A rundown of the latest corruption- Trump appears to be lining us up for a possible war with Venezuela. And meanwhile, the recently-sold CNN appears to have picked a GOP operative and...