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The host's progressive approach uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion in the offices of our politicians, and exposes the "con" in conservative. He takes on pop culture, enthusiastically promotes democracy, and helps listeners make sense of the news.

The host's progressive approach uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion in the offices of our politicians, and exposes the "con" in conservative. He takes on pop culture, enthusiastically promotes democracy, and helps listeners make sense of the news.
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The host's progressive approach uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion in the offices of our politicians, and exposes the "con" in conservative. He takes on pop culture, enthusiastically promotes democracy, and helps listeners make sense of the news.




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As William Barr and Don McGahn have now both defied the constitutional power of Congress to hear witnesses to possible crimes, are we another step closer to a strongman form of government, and the end of American democracy?

Thom considers a scenario in which Trump refuses to honor the traditions of our nation; will Trump follow the oath he took to faithfully enforce the laws of the United States? If not, then what then?- or what now? ~~~~ Thom fact-checks his scenario with Talk Media News' Luke Vargas. And why is Iran talking about uranium? ~~~~ Thom asks his listeners what we should do if we are watching a slow-motion coup leading to a strongman form of government. ~~~~ Thom reads from 'State of Confusion:...


What would the G.O.P. bring to American women with their hypocritical abortion stand in 'Talibama'? Plus- Congressman Mark Pocan on what the House really is accomplishing. Plus plus- carbon-fuel companies lobbying for climate change legislation- what give

Is the G.O.P. close to creating essentially a 'Commission for Virtue' a la Saudi Arabia? Thom taps into the reality of abortion with some passionate and emotional calls from his listeners. ~~~ House Progressive Caucus co-leader Mark Pocan on what the House is accomplishing that isn't getting the attention it deserves. ~~~ Bob Ney has been on the beat of the 'CEO Climate Dialog' event- are we seeing carbon-fuel firms lobbying for climate change?


Author Edward J Watts sees clear warnings in the history of the fall of the Roman Republic as to how we might save our democracy- a fascinating 40 minute deep dive. But first- what is Bolton doing to the people of Venezuela? And the shenanigans of a Russi

Thom reads from the Mueller report, page 32, which covers the activities of the Russian troll farm that helped manipulate the 2016 presidential election. ~~~ Donald Trump, Elliot Abrams, and John Bolton thought that they could overthrow the democratically elected Maduro government of Venezuela. They were wrong. Now they are going after Venezuela with sanctions designed to hurt common people there. Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of the Center for Economic & Policy Research shares his keen...


Today- the Democratic presidential candidates- an eye-opener on what people are thinking, as Thom take a rapid-fire straw poll of his listeners' current picks.

Thom hears from listeners from right across the nation, big city and small town, on their current thoughts and feelings about which candidate they think would be great. Thom keeps it positive, no circular firing squad. ----- Thom continues with the Democratic candidate straw poll. ------ Thom hears more from many different listeners on their current pick for Democratic nominee. ------ Thom rounds out the hour hearing from listeners about Jay Inslee, Biden, and Marianne Williamson. -------...


The shocking moves by Republicans in Alabama that intend to set up a Supreme Court case that could possibly outlaw abortion provide the backdrop for a deep conversation between guest host Jefferson Smith and deeply worried callers on the cultural divide b

Jefferson Smith, guest host, analyzes the political and cultural moment in which Alabama Republicans appear to be moving to challenge the legality of abortion in the Supreme Court. ~~~ Are women's fundamental rights on the line in the ongoing national fight over abortion? Women call in from across the nation, and men too. ~~~ Jefferson continues the discussion- does the fact that the Alabama law does not include rape or incest exceptions lay bare the fact that the Republican party is deeply...


Thom agrees with Trump on protectionist trade policy, but the way Trump is doing it is crazy- Thom's powerful analysis on what is really going on here. And then- a fascinating talk with Ben Price on 'the dictatorship of property'.

Donald Trump could win the 2020 Election through his trade policies and to make it worse, Donald Trump is going about trade in a way that will hurt the economy and Americans in the long run. Can Progressives bring protectionist trade policies back to the left before Donald Trump starts another term as president? ~~~ Thom reads from 'Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism' by Kristen Ghodsee. ~~~ Does property have a dictatorship on our lives? What about the country and even the world?...


As Trump's crew is spoiling for war with Iran, the very trustworthy Saudis claim their ships were attacked out in the Gulf- where is this going? Plus- Congressman Pocan defends the House's moves so far on impeachment.

Chickenhawk Bolton is working hard for war with Iran- will war be part of Trump's re-election campaign? ~~~~ Iran watcher and fomer Republican Bob Ney is putting the pieces together on John Bolton's warmongering- and now after strong American threats towards Iran, right on schedule the Saudis are claiming that Iranians sabatoged their ships at sea. Bob makes a strong prediction. ~~~~ Thom looks at the news- from Republicans voting against protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions...


Climate change may have already done enough damage to the earth that whatever we do now to stop it, may be too little, according to author Guy McPherson- Thom and his callers respond, and then- activist Paul Gunter on the dangers of nuclear power plants,

Guy Mcpherson, author most recently of 'Only Love Remains', joins Thom in studio to consider if it may be too late to human-caused climate change. Do you think he is right? Is there time to fix the damaging climate change effects or has the Arctic melted too much for us to stop it? ~~~ Thom's insightful listeners add their ideas to the climate change debate. ~~~ Thom reads from 'Cities: The First 6000 Years' by Monica L. Smith. ~~~ Nuclear power plants are not prepared for the effects of...


Is Donald Trump a threat to our Republic? Thom powerfully lays out the specifics on Trump's history as a grifter. And now is he running America's finances as an extension of his schemes? Guest Paul S. Ryan has been writing about the damage Trump is doing

Is Donald Trump a threat to our Republic? Thom powerfully lays out the specifics on how Trump's deliberate defiance of the constitution fits in with his history of a grifter who thinks the law doesn't apply to him. ~~~ Can Donald Trump and Paul Ryan escape justice by delaying the Mueller investigation, Bill Barr's contempt of court charge, and other legal issues until after the 2020 Election? Scary thought- but worse is what kind of permanent damage Donald Trump and the Republicans can do if...


As the concrete evidence of grifter Trump's money laundering, tax cheats, etc pile up, Thom challenges conservative activist Julio Rivera to defend his president. Plus- Thom reads from the Mueller report. And- why is Trump trying so hard to hide his taxes

Thom reviews the latest evidence of Trump's money laundering services- and the bombshell new reporting by the New York Times on Trump's catastrophic losses. Can distractions like squabbling with China over trade win him the next election? ------- Then-Thom Vs Julio - What Does America Do With the Grifter President Who is Actually Broke? A debate with conservative Julio Rivera of Reactionary Times. ---------- Thom reads from pages 12 and 14 of the Mueller Report. ---------- Talk Media News'...


As Trump moves a battle group close to Iran to defend our 'interests', will this wannabe Imperial President use war to distract from his crimes?- chickenhawk John Bolton has done it all before. Plus DNC chair Tom Perez talks shop.

PLEASE NOTE: ---------------------This edition was meant to be published Monday, 6th of May, but was published later in the week by mistake ------------------ Thom probes the evidence that Trump is already trying to start a war to insure his re-election. ------ Remember how GW Bush's team talked us into attacking Iraq, even though Iraq had no WMD's, and nothing to do with 9-11? Now, as Trump sends a Navy battlegroup to the area, and given the recent ultimatum against Iran, what is this all...


Thom reflects on Michael Cohen's incarceration and what Barr is hiding in the redacted pages of the Mueller Report. Congressman Ro Khanna responds to a national Town Hall Meeting.

Thom considers that Mitch McConnell is saying the Russia investigation is over as Michael Cohen is incarcerated alone while Individual One remains in the white House. What are Trump and Bill Barr hiding in the redactions of the Mueller Report? -- - Can a conventional Democrat beat Donald Trump's populism or do we need a populist democrat? Listeners phone in. --- Thom reads from the Mueller Report page 9 --- - CA Congressman Ro Khanna gives insights on Barr's obstruction and answers listener...


Former Republican and ethics lawyer, Richard Painter says the time for Impeachment is now. Bernie Sanders shares concerns on Bill Barr's obstruction and the healthcare crisis, plus economist Richard Wolff explains Modern Monetary Theory.

Bernie Sanders on Barr, obstruction and Medicare for All. --- Thom reads Mueller Report page 7. --- Dr. Richard Wolff on the failed Fed candidates and Modern Monetary Theory. --- Richard Painter on need to start Impeachment hearings. --- Talk Media News correspondent Luke Vargas cautions rising military musings against Venezuela.


Greg Palast reports that Venezuelans reject imposition of Guaido and Rep. Mark Pocan responds to listener phone calls in national town hall.

Investigative reporter Greg Palast reveals the mass media misrepresentation in Venezuela as the anti-government forces are dwarfed by supporters of Maduro despite hardships of the US embargo. --- Thom gives a sobering update of civilian causalities in Afghanistan. --- Congressman Mark Pocan takes listener calls from topics ranging from voting machines to the Loch Ness Monster. --- Thom reads from page five of the Mueller Report. --- Talk Media News with Ellen Rattner on AG Bill Barr, The...


Highlights of William Barr's Senate Testimony on Mueller Report. Thom considers whether Donald Trump and ICE are turning America into a surveillance state, and will the Pelosi infrastructure deal lead to a second term for Trump?

Thom follows the Senate Judiciary Hearing and counts Bill Barr's obstruction total so far. Questions from Sen. Amy Klobuchar. -- Thom reads from page four of the Mueller Report on Russian Social Media. -- ICE hires private surveillance to monitor activists. Why? This is how terrible things begin in authoritarian regimes. -- Listeners call-in with question on the Pelosi Trump Infrastructure Deal and more. -- Luke Vargas of Talk Media News on Venezuela. -- More of the Barr testimony with...


The American oligarch-funded right-wing media propaganda system has declared an information civil war with outright lies as their weapons- how does author Peter Daou say we can we fight back?- plus Thom reads from the Mueller report- and the latest report

The far right are utilizing the internet to start a digital civil war. Peter Daou lets us know how we can confront the right wing menace, brought on by Donald Trump. Can progressives stop the far right cyber warfare before they achieve their goal of erasing liberal America? ---- Thom reads from the executive summary of the Mueller Report, on the Russian social media campaign to influence the 2016 election. ---- Thom continues the discussion on countering the right-wing propaganda system,...


Could Trump's sanctions against Iran spread to a regional or even a worldwide conflict?- and Dr. Richard Wolff on Trump politicizing the Fed... could he be keeping interest rates low to benefit his re-election, or himself personally?

Could Trump's sanctions against Iran spread to a regional or even a worldwide conflict? Dr. Trita Parasi talks to Thom Hartmann to discuss the dangerous actions between John Bolton, Donald Trump, and Iran. Could Trump's actions against Iran lead us into World War III? ------- Thom's callers from Festus, Missouri and Aurora, Illinois have theories on how Trump imagines he might benefit from war with Iran. ------- Has the Fed ever been politicized the way Trump is proposing?- what would be the...


'The Case for Impeachment' is Alan Lichtman's new book- he and others review the facts and think Dems ought to do it- but what if witnesses follow Trump's obstructionist ban on testifying before Congress?- the three powers Congress has to compel testimony

Thom's enlightening explanation of the three powers Congress has to enforce a subpoena. But would William Barr cooperate? ----- A long interview with author and historian Alan Lichtman- author of 'The Case for Impeachment', as he joins to Thom to indeed make the case for why we should impeach the criminal in the White House. ----- Thom reads from 'The Case for Impeaching Trump' by Elizabeth Holtzman, one of the Congresspersons who voted to impeach Nixon in the 70s. ------ A deep dive on...


Joe Biden throws his hat in the ring, and immediately meets with Comcast and insurance company executives- Thom takes the pulse of his Progressive callers- is Biden our man for 2020?

Thom reviews Biden's entry into the race for Democratic candidate- what are his policy ideas? Plus other news of the day, including a real-life crucifixion that the Saudis held over the weekend- was Jared Kushner involved? ----- Hours after entering the race Biden met with Comcast and BlueCross insurance executives. Thom's callers thoroughly consider the implications of Biden's candidacy. Who can realistically win? When will Democrats start taking names and kicking ass? ----- Progressive...


Thom invites Greg Palast, investigative reporter, to be the first of many voices to thoughtfully consider both the players and the game at this early stage of the run-up to the 2020 election.

Will Supreme Court endorse wilbur Ross' plans to require census-takers to verify they are citizens? And can census information be used to prosecute immigration laws? Investigative reporter Greg Palast has the story. ------ Thom reads from 'The Embattled Vote in America- From the Founding to the Present' a book published in September 2018 by Allan Lichtman ------- Thom leads a fascinating discussion of where we stand in the early build-up to election 2020. ------- Talk Media News' Ellen...