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Religious affairs programme, tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner

Religious affairs programme, tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner
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Cardiff, United Kingdom




Religious affairs programme, tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner




All Things Considered: Dilys Price OBE

Mary Stallard meets Dilys Price, founder of the Touch Trust and celebrated skydiver.


Dilys Price OBE

Dilys Price OBE is a teacher, dancer, and founder of the Cardiff based Touch Trust, a charity working with people with disabilities through arts, movement and dance. She’s most widely known as the world’s oldest female skydiver, and now at 86 she’s just become a fashion model. She grew up in a Bible College where her family welcomed Jewish refugees who'd arrived in Swansea on the Kindertransport, and as a young woman she learnt to dance with the celebrated Rudolf Laban, a German exile who...


Worldwide bestselling author Alexander McCall Smith

It is twenty years since one of the world’s best-loved fictional crime-fighters cracked her first case. Precious Ramotswe, founder of The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, cheerful, gentle and armed with canny intuition, has now appeared in eighteen books set in Botswana, selling a staggering 20 million copies in English alone, and translated into more than 46 languages. Her creator, Alexander McCall Smith, has received huge praise from critics, not least because they find her charm a...


Royal Welsh Show

Roy Jenkins reports from the 100th Royal Welsh Show to see how churches and faith communities are addressing some of the issues facing farmers in today's uncertain times. He speaks to members of the Show's chaplaincy team, to the Lady Ambassador, and to a working farmer who is trying to plant micro churches among the farming community.


Forest Church

There’s a palpable sense of urgency around environmental issues in public dialogue, often reflected by a desire to live in closer sympathy with nature: many religious traditions find inspiration and resources for this in their scriptures and prayers relating to creation. In 2012, the Forest Church movement was founded in Wales. It's now become a worldwide phenomenon, and is a leading part of a growing movement exploring green expressions of the Christian faith. In this programme, Mary...


Space Exploration and Faith

Fifty years after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first walked on the moon, Roy Jenkins explores some of the fascinating links between space exploration and religious faith. This includes the Welsh bishop who first conceived of a manned mission to the moon; the story of the first ever communion service to be conducted on the surface of the moon; and the deep and continuing relationship between NASA and Webster Presbyterian Church in Houston. New discoveries about the cosmos are having a...


John Bell

Ahead of a visit to Cardiff next weekend where he’s leading workshops at the Llandaff and Monmouth Festival of Prayer, Roy Jenkins meets member of the Iona Community, the Rev John Bell. A prolific writer, preacher and broadcaster who’s passionate about social justice and not afraid to say what he thinks, he has often been described as a ‘John the Baptist’ like figure. He’s spent a lifetime devoted to the ministry of music in particular, working to “renew congregational worship” in the church...



For many in Wales the Investiture was a delight; for others, a provocation. Half a century later, we live in a very different country, and a very different world. Can we imagine a future Investiture on that scale? Or indeed imagine the kind of Coronation which the Queen enjoyed, and the survival of notions of a monarchy sanctioned by divine ordinance? Roy Jenkins discusses the future of the monarchy, and its religious status, with a panel of guests, all of whom have their own memories of the...


Modern Slavery

In all probability somebody not so far from you is living in slavery, and if you use a mobile phone or a computer then the likelihood is that you have benefitted from slave labour across the globe. Roy Jenkins investigates this growing problem in Wales and the wider world, and asks what faith communities are doing to address it. Taking part in the programme are the UK's former anti-trafficking commissioner Kevin Hyland; Ali Ussery, founder of the Colwyn Bay organisation Haven of Light; Kathy...


Ramadan at Bangor Mosque: a portrait of a community

Bangor Mosque is the oldest contemporary mosque in North Wales, with a large and diverse group of worshippers drawn from more than 25 nations. What motivates them during the month of Ramadan, and what are the challenges of being an observant Muslim in this part of North Wales? In this programme, Mary Stallard spends time during this important religious season getting to know some of the members of the mosque community, over 400 of whom were present at the Eid celebrations.


Bible Stories

Very few children now attend Sunday School, and consequently we can no longer assume the public will be familiar with some of the key narratives of the Bible, let alone regularly read the book. In All Things Considered this week Mary Stallard looks at some of the ways in which Christians are trying to address this issue. They range from the Bible Society's Open the Book initiative, (adults wearing tea-towels perform Bible stories for young children in school assemblies) to puppets and some...



The Extinction Rebellion climate change actions this Easter saw more than a thousand people arrested in central London. But protest is rarely out of the news, with recent marches for and against Brexit; and local demonstrations such as those against the closure of a school, a maternity unit or a leisure centre; as well as continuing efforts to protect the Welsh language. Wales has a long history of protest: Chartists, suffragettes, peace and civil rights campaigners of every kind have taken...


Timothy Richard

Timothy Richard (1845-1917) was one of the most celebrated missionaries of his day, famous for his work in China. On the centenary of his death, Roy Jenkins joins a bus tour exploring Richard's Carmarthenshire birthplace, his place of baptism and the chapel where he was ordained. He explores the man's life and his impressive legacy, which even today has huge importance for China.


Dr. Rowan Williams - Recovering Archbishop

On Easter Day we’re joined by the theologian, poet and campaigner for social justice who’s recognised as one of Britain’s leading intellectuals. The Most Rev Dr. Rowan Williams, is a former Archbishop of Wales, and was the first Welshman in at least a thousand years to become Archbishop of Canterbury. He stepped down in 2012 after an often controversial ten years leading not just the Church of England but also the rest of the world’s 77 million Anglicans. He was both loved and lampooned....


Social Media

Social media: a phenomenon which just keeps on growing. It’s a familiar sight: pedestrians navigating a busy street while they check their emails, a room in which no one speaks, but everyone has a phone or tablet, sending tweets, catching up on the news or listening to their favourite music. It’s reckoned that four billion people use social media worldwide, in the UK two-thirds of all adults, and almost everyone between 16 and 24. It can build relationships, keep people connected, support...


Prayer and Brexit

In this most significant week for the UK’s relationship with the European Union, Roy Jenkins asks what role, if any, prayer has to play at such a time. With the country deeply divided, many faith leaders and organisations have encouraged their communities to pray about Brexit - but what does that mean? What exactly are people meant to be praying for? And sceptics ask, what’s the point anyway? If there is any God, why should they be remotely interested in clearing up the biggest political...


Religion and Humour

Roy Jenkins and guests explore the relationship between religion and humour ahead of Red Nose Day 2019 (programme first broadcast in 2017). Roy Jenkins is joined by Simon Jenkins, who edits the online satirical magazine Ship of Fools: his latest book Jumble sales of the Apocalypse is out this week. Award-winning stand-up comic Paul Kerensa, co-writer of sitcoms like Miranda and Not Going Out. Among his books is 'So A Comedian Walks Into A Church' Rabbi Monique Mayer, who leads Bristol’s...


Religious Experience

A Welsh player crosses the English line to score at a crucial moment. Television cameras capture a crowd in ecstasy, apparently transported into a realm of utter delight and fulfilment. On another occasion, those same cameras might be focussed on a charismatic group at worship - outstretched arms, faces reflecting an intensity of joy and wonder. Are these sensations of rapture in any way the same? This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Alister Hardy Religious Experience Research...


Homelessness and the Church

The latest figures on homelessness in Wales will be published this week, at a time when increased numbers of homeless people on the streets have caused both concern and controversy. A Cardiff councillor attracted fury for demanding that the council tear down the tents of rough sleepers in the city centre, insisting that there is adequate safe provision for anyone who needs it: she was suspended by her group, but reinstated after a few days. The cold weather means that the plight of those...


Nationalism & Religion.

As the remains of six unknown victims of Auschwitz were buried in Hertfordshire last Sunday - one for every million Jewish people killed by the Nazis - the Chief Rabbi urged an end to rising anti-Semitism. Later in the week, the country’s most senior counter-terrorism officer warned that the ‘febrile’ atmosphere around Brexit could be exploited by far right extremists. At a time of heightened division and the rise of right-wing nationalist movements across Europe, and in other parts of the...