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Religious affairs programme, tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner

Religious affairs programme, tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner
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Religious affairs programme, tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner




Annual Film Review 2019

Forget the Oscars, the Emmys, the Baftas, this is the occasion which should set Hollywood trembling. Roy Jenkins presents the annual BBC Radio Wales All Things Considered film review programme. There is usually a bewildering range on offer for a night out at the pictures, and more again for curling up with at home through DVDs or streaming services. But we’ve been on the lookout for a few films which reflect in some way on religious faith, or on moral and ethical issues. Our choices feature...


All Things Considered: Annual Film Review 2019

Reviewing the films Happy as Lazzaro, Amazing Grace, and All is True.


All Things Considered: Christmas Adverts

Roy Jenkins discusses Christmas advertising campaigns with a panel of guests.


Christmas Adverts

Christmas adverts have now become a phenomenon in their own right, but what have a talking carrot or a green dragon to do with the Christmas story? At the start of Advent Roy Jenkins discusses the latest ads with former copy writer Rhidian Brook, Myfanwy Alexander, Gethin Russell Jones and Rev Dr Trevor Dennis.


Archbishop John Sentamu

The Hay Winter Festival lands this weekend - and one of the key speakers there will be the Most Reverend Dr John Sentamu, now in his final year as Archbishop of York. He's there to talk about his new book, Wake Up to Advent. Born in Uganda when it was a British protectorate, the 6th of 13 children, John Sentamu became a lawyer and a High Court judge by the age of 24. He had to flee the country with his bride of three weeks when he was targeted by the notorious president Idi Amin. He got to...


Lots, Luck and Providence

'It could be you' was the slogan for the National Lottery when it launched 25 years ago. Roy Jenkins looks at the notion of luck, and discusses whether it has any place in the lives of people of faith. And can we become 'lucky'? His guests include psychologist Dr Matthew Smith, Hindu theologian Akhandadhi Das, pastor Stephen Clark and theologian Rev Dr Jordan Hillebert.


The Berlin Wall

Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Roy Jenkins discusses the impact of that event on religious practice and cultural identity in the countries of eastern Europe. His guests include former East German Sven Lauch, Fr Artur Strzepka, Tobias Cremer and Geraldine Fagan.


Rhiannon Lloyd

Psychiatrist Dr Rhiannon Lloyd from has brought together sworn enemies in countries such as Rwanda, Ukraine and Congo. She talks to Roy Jenkins about her life, her faith, and her work in the field of reconciliation.


Garin Jenkins

Another chance to hear former Wales hooker Garin Jenkins talking to Roy Jenkins about his life, rugby career and Christian faith. This programme was first broadcast in 2015.


Modern Slavery

In all probability somebody not so far from you is living in slavery, and if you use a mobile phone or a computer then the likelihood is that you have benefitted from slave labour across the globe. Roy Jenkins investigates this growing problem in Wales and the wider world, and asks what faith communities are doing to address it. Taking part in the programme are the UK's former anti-trafficking commissioner Kevin Hyland; Ali Ussery, founder of the Colwyn Bay organisation Haven of Light; Kathy...


Holding on to Hope

The community of Llantwit Major and the Glamorgan Heritage Coast parish have seen a number of tragedies in recent years. Roy Jenkins visits the ancient church to find out about an initiative to foster greater awareness of mental health issues, and speaks to members of the church who have direct experience of caring for suicidal people and their families.


Japan and Religion

Roy Jenkins discusses the place of religious traditions in modern Japan. With the help of a panel of experts, Roy discusses the difference between Shinto and Buddhism, the place of Christianity in this society of 125 million people, and the emergence of certain cults. The contributors include Dr Erica Baffelli, Dr Christopher Hood, Kiyo Roddis and Nathanael Ayling.


Elvis and the Gospel

Porthcawl is gearing up for its 15th annual Elvis festival: thousands will be in town for the unmistakeable music, and also looking out for smartly dressed Hounddogs, countless rhinestone-studded jumpsuits and no doubt a few pairs of blue suede shoes. But along with the imitation and the adulation, some have a particular reason for devotion to the King of rock and roll – they find it in his gospel music. Roy Jenkins asks whether gospel music reveal the real Elvis; how important his faith was...


Padraig O’Tuama – Poetry at the Heart of Everything

Earlier this year, poet and theologian Padraig O’Tuama completed a five-year term as leader of the Corrymeela Community, Ireland’s oldest peace and reconciliation organisation. People visit from around the world to learn some of the lessons forged in the bitterness of the Northern Irish conflict. In this edition of All Things Considered, he speaks to Roy Jenkins about religion, conflict and the importance of poetry His poetry has been described by one reviewer as ‘lyrical, soulful, often...


God’s Biker - Sean Stillman

On All Things Considered this week, there’s another chance to hear a programme first broadcast in 2012 in which Roy Jenkins’ meets the man behind one of the most distinctive places of worship in Wales. He arrives on his Harley Davidson. Leather-clad bikers usually make up at least part of the congregation. And alongside them are many men and women grappling with problems which make them all too familiar with life on the streets. This is Zac’s Place, which describes itself as A Church for...


Dilys Price OBE

Dilys Price OBE is a teacher, dancer, and founder of the Cardiff based Touch Trust, a charity working with people with disabilities through arts, movement and dance. She’s most widely known as the world’s oldest female skydiver, and now at 86 she’s just become a fashion model. She grew up in a Bible College where her family welcomed Jewish refugees who'd arrived in Swansea on the Kindertransport, and as a young woman she learnt to dance with the celebrated Rudolf Laban, a German exile who...


Royal Welsh Show

Roy Jenkins reports from the 100th Royal Welsh Show to see how churches and faith communities are addressing some of the issues facing farmers in today's uncertain times. He speaks to members of the Show's chaplaincy team, to the Lady Ambassador, and to a working farmer who is trying to plant micro churches among the farming community.


Forest Church

There’s a palpable sense of urgency around environmental issues in public dialogue, often reflected by a desire to live in closer sympathy with nature: many religious traditions find inspiration and resources for this in their scriptures and prayers relating to creation. In 2012, the Forest Church movement was founded in Wales. It's now become a worldwide phenomenon, and is a leading part of a growing movement exploring green expressions of the Christian faith. In this programme, Mary...


Space Exploration and Faith

Fifty years after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first walked on the moon, Roy Jenkins explores some of the fascinating links between space exploration and religious faith. This includes the Welsh bishop who first conceived of a manned mission to the moon; the story of the first ever communion service to be conducted on the surface of the moon; and the deep and continuing relationship between NASA and Webster Presbyterian Church in Houston. New discoveries about the cosmos are having a...



For many in Wales the Investiture was a delight; for others, a provocation. Half a century later, we live in a very different country, and a very different world. Can we imagine a future Investiture on that scale? Or indeed imagine the kind of Coronation which the Queen enjoyed, and the survival of notions of a monarchy sanctioned by divine ordinance? Roy Jenkins discusses the future of the monarchy, and its religious status, with a panel of guests, all of whom have their own memories of the...