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Day1 is a ministry of the Alliance for Christian Media, offering insight and inspiration for the real world on the radio and online.

Day1 is a ministry of the Alliance for Christian Media, offering insight and inspiration for the real world on the radio and online.
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Day1 is a ministry of the Alliance for Christian Media, offering insight and inspiration for the real world on the radio and online.




Christopher Girata: Shrewd Faith

Let's all be very clear: this parable is weird. Although the parable begins with a pretty good hook and seems to go in a predictable direction, the story skews off pretty quickly, leaving us all a little confused. At first, this parable is off-putting, apparently contradictory, and in the end, does not seem like the kind of parable that would be a favorite for most of us. Let's start at the beginning: Jesus says that there is a rich man who had a manager who squandered his wealth. It's a...


Simon Mainwaring: Leaving Egypt

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of leading a pilgrimage to the holy lands of Israel and Jordan. In honesty, I have never been someone who hankered to step where Jesus and Moses and Abraham stood. I was curious, but not burning with desire. As the time approached for our pilgrim bad to leave, I noticed that my curiosity was quickly turning to anxiety. I wondered how on earth I would be able to capture the incredible significance of these places and peoples. I wasn't sure if I was...


David Meredith: Not Equality in All Things

In Tony Kushner's script and Steven Spielberg's movie, Lincoln, Congressional Representative Thaddeus Stevens, played by Tommy Lee Jones, was part of a concerted radical strategy to get the Thirteenth Amendment passed and thus abolish slavery in the United States in 1865. The radicals of the day were afraid of losing moderate votes, so they strategized to avoid inflammatory questions about complete racial equality (namely the full-enfranchisement of voting rights for African-Americans). To...


Palmer Cantler: Table Etiquette

The past eight months I have been planning the trickiest, most time-consuming event I will probably ever plan: my wedding. By the end of this month, I will get to marry the love of my life. However, I do not know if I am looking forward more to marrying him or being done with wedding planning. When we first got engaged back in January, my mom gifted me a couple of things to help with the process. The first gift was a binder to hold all of the contracts, the second gift a notebook to keep...


Kristin Whitesides: Set Free

One of my earliest, most vivid memories is from a church gathering when I was very young. I was toddling through the sea of legs in the fellowship hall, looking for my father, who was the pastor. But, because I was very small, I was looking at people's shoes. I immediately ruled out the women in heels and pantyhose. But then I was left with a sea of men's trousers and almost identically nondescript pantlegs. Finally, I found the set of legs I had been looking for and grabbed onto my father,...


Mark Ramsey: Tomorrow

Don't live in a smaller world than God has given to you. Forces in our life strive to shrink our world and our hopes. We are enticed by distraction that shrinks our focus on deeper values. We are lured into conventional thinking that withers our imagination for living in God's world. The sermon of this unknown writer, that has come to us as The Letter to the Hebrews, is concerned about how we go deeper with God and how we are transformed in Christ. The preacher here does not want us to live...


Mark Ramsey: Today

Warren Buffet tells the story about a man who was on an important business trip in Europe when his sister called to tell him that their dad had died. Her brother couldn't get back but said to spare nothing on the funeral, whose cost he would cover. When he returned, his sister told him that the service had been beautiful and presented him bills totaling $8,000. He paid up, but a month later received a bill from the mortuary for $10. He paid that, too - and still another $10 charge the month...


Jason Micheli: No Salvation Outside the Church

According to my Facebook Timeline, I preached on this lectionary text from Colossians 3 exactly two years ago today. Actually, my Facebook Timeline reminded me that two former youth, Will and Becca, exchanged marriage vows, two years ago today. Will and Becca chose this passage from Paul about putting on Christ for their wedding service. Well, they didn't choose the part about fornication. And they didn't choose this text - just choose this text - they also chose a reading from the Song of...


Jason Micheli: God Is the Bigger Elvis

Today's passage begins the heart of the apostle Paul's argument in his letter to the Colossians, and it's a passage that begs an obvious and inescapable question. Not - "Why are there so few praise songs about circumcision?" That's not the question. It's this one: "If you're already forgiven, they why bother following?" If you're already forgiven by Christ of every sin you've done, every sin you're sinning this very instant in your little head, every sin you will commit next week or next...


Henry Brinton: Christian Flow

On a warm July day, a Methodist pastor sat down for dinner in the apartment of two Coptic Christians. The pastor's name was Harley, and his hosts were Youssef and Sofia. They were a husband and wife who operated a jewelry store in the town of Occoquan, Virginia. As they sat down, Youssef offered a prayer. "Be with us, Lord Jesus, as you were with your first followers in the breaking of the bread. Bless this food to our use and ourselves to your service. Amen." Sofia passed Harley a plate of...


Michael Mills: Finding Spiritual Balance

One of the joys of my ministry is that I am in a church that has a parish school on the same campus. Which means that I get to participate in the school's outdoor education program. Basically, I get to go camping a few weeks a year with middle school students. My favorite trip of the year is one that takes us to the deserts of southwest Texas. It is beautiful country but it is a challenging trip, not just for me, but for the seventh-grade students who are going to carry a backpack into the...


Rob Wright: Up Ahead

Jesus wants to speak to his friends about the harvest. "The harvest is great," he says. He's talking about connecting with people. Sharing purpose with people. Gathering people. Some call this church growth, but it is so, so much more. More like joining God in God's purpose. More like helping people become themselves. Jesus talks about the harvest while he's harvesting. His mind and his behind are in line on this matter - which is the very definition of peace, of course. His time in the...


Joshua Scott: Intentional Faithfulness

Today, if I told you that many of us suffer from a traumatic disease that is eating away at us daily, would you believe me? This disease, however, is gaining traction by infecting many in our world today. Right now, this disease is eating at the hearts and the minds, the brains, and even the limbs of our friends, our families, significant others, and if we are courageous enough to reflect and to admit, it can be found in many of us today. This tragic disease is a mixture of selective amnesia...


Lori Raible: I Beg You, Do Not Torment Me

I don't care if you are Al Roker or Willard Scott, no one can honestly estimate the wrath of a storm. We can't control them or stop them. How does the Psalm go? Though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam... (Psalm 46). Well, it seems like Jesus was having one of those days. We find Jesus on the shore after crossing the gliding waters of the Sea of Galilee where Jews caught fish and Jesus caught disciples. But as you know, this trip with his fearful...


Camille Cook Murray: I'll Tell You When You're Older

One of the reasons people enter monastic orders is because they want to get closer to God and gain insights into God's wisdom and truth. In these holy communities they seek the things we all seek - faith and truth and wholeness, but they give up much more to try and get there. I hold a great deal of respect for people who can take vows of community or silence or simplicity or poverty. My dentist told me that one of her patients decided to enter holy orders and that she would no longer be...


Brian Coulter: If Children, Then Heirs

I The text says: They were all together in one place that day, gathered together in one place that day. They had just selected another to become their new ministry brother. One more disciple to partner with, Judas no more, now Matthias. So, their work was now done, yet, also only begun . . . and once again, they waited. They were all together in one place that day, gathered together in one place that day. They still missed their friend,


Rodney Petersen: The Sabbath and Social Renewal

Earlier in the year, a friend sent around an email reporting that a radio station, known for its conservative brand of Christianity, held a discussion of the Ten Commandments, of which it was said only nine are still valid. This led the talk show host to ask, "Well, which one is done?" "Oh," said the guest, "the fourth, about Sunday." This prompted another friend to say when he heard someone boast about not taking a day off. "And what other commandment are you proud of breaking?" The value...


Hardy Kim: Connect to Real Life, Connect to Jesus

Toward the beginning of her book Christianity After Religion, published in 2012, Diana Butler Bass shares part of a conversation she had with a seat mate on a plane who said, "'...I don't go to church anymore. I'm not mad at the church or anything - I appreciate what it gave me when I was young... But I just don't know where it fits anymore, and I just drifted away. My life is full without church; it seems kind of irrelevant. They don't care about my questions; there's no reason to go.'"...


Hardy Kim: Food and "Them and Us"

The story of Peter defending himself before the believers in Jerusalem is critical to our Christian faith. It helped open the door to including believers who did not (or could not) adopt a lifestyle consistent with Jewish purity laws. Aside from that, we don't trouble ourselves with the particulars of the tale. As most Christians don't live according to any faith-based dietary laws, it can be hard for us to imagine what useful wisdom we might gain from this passage. And yet, these days, most...


Bill Carter: Nagging Grace

I have been preaching for so long that I have a half-dozen sermons on the 23rd Psalm. Today I am not sure which one to preach. Number three isn't so bad. The focus was on "green pastures and still waters." It's not a bad image for spring time in the days after Easter. Beyond the fury of life, there is peace. Beneath the concrete and pavement, there is the good earth. God renews us as God renews the good earth. Sermon number five was pretty good. As we gathered around the communion table on...