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A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast. After reviewing all of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we're reviewing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from beginning to end! New episodes on Mondays. Also check out The Greatest Discovery!

A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast. After reviewing all of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we're reviewing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from beginning to end! New episodes on Mondays. Also check out The Greatest Discovery!


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A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast. After reviewing all of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we're reviewing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from beginning to end! New episodes on Mondays. Also check out The Greatest Discovery!




Tongo Cuck (DS9 S6E16)

When newlyweds Worf and Dax are ordered to take a road trip, they have a hell of a hard time agreeing on a podcast to listen to. But when O’Brien uses Dax’s absence to try to get in on Quark’s standing tongo game, Bashir will have to fall in love with a different golden substance. How do you plan a honeymoon when men are from Q’onoS, and women are from Trill? Where’s the beef between O’Brien and Quark? If you hit triangle over a Jem’Hadar, what kind of loot do they have? It’s the episode...


R U Trying to Talk Kanar RE: Damar 2 Me? (DS9 S6E15)

When Chief O’Brien goes undercover to infiltrate a multi-level crime syndicate, he begins to see the advantage of working with his friends. But when his secret identity becomes something he can’t sell, his downstream employees may be stuck holding the bag. What makes a person “look Starfleet”? Why are Bolian banks robbed so often? Do pets like to watch? It’s the episode that finally comes up with a great comic book idea!


Ennui About Un-Wee or Worf Poem Blueballs (DS9 S6E14)

When the Rubicon takes Dax, O’Brien and Bashir into a very chilly anomaly, the runabout and crew are subject to shrinkage. But when a marauding tick interrupts this extremely silly science, it’s up to these three pipsqueaks to save the day. What happens to Ketricel when it’s concentrated like this? Does the Dominion practice a form of federalism? How’s the soft swirl in the Defiant’s mess hall? It’s the episode where we hit, and then we run. 🖖 Get tickets to GreatestGenKhan II: Star Trek...


The Littler The Fruit, The Sweeter The Juice (DS9 S6E13)

When Captain Sisko begins to take the losses personally in the war against the Dominion, he questions whether or not he’s up to the task. But when he’s transported to a world where somehow things are worse, he’ll discover whether he’s “tuff enuff” for future challenges. Can you just take any lemon you can reach? What’s the worst thing you can get away with saying after inhaling helium? Is there a secret ingredient to Ben Sisko’s jambalaya? It’s the episode that’s a real student of the game!


May the Fourth…Suck It (DS9 S6E12)

When everyone’s favorite barfly goes to Lurian Sto’Vo’Kor, Quark secures the funeral contract, not to mention the estate of the deceased. But when he starts getting blasts from Morn’s past, he wishes he could go back to getting blasts from the hammer. How many denominations of gold pressed latinum exist? Why doesn’t Morn look human? How do you open a bank account with puke? It’s the episode where paying a teen really backfires. 🖖 Get tickets to GreatestGenKhan II: Star Trek III! 🖖 Follow...


The Best Ass in Starfleet (DS9 S6E11)

When Captain Sisko and Gul Dukat re-enact Enemy Mine, they have some real disagreements about who should play which part. But when the mission to save them repeatedly beams up a bunch of nobodies, hope may be lost before Sisko’s life. When do you get over a bad salt experience? What is the worst-designed piece of Starfleet equipment? Is Captain DeSoto a leg man? It’s the episode that is a trillion percent trustworthy!


This That Is My Dick (DS9 S6E10)

When the leader of the entire Ferengi Alliance puts Quark in charge of rescuing Moogie from the Dominion, he has to put together a crack team of Ferengi to aid him in the mission. But when the infiltration squad fails basic training, they revert to what they know best: making deals. Do Vulcans get a lot of work done? Why does Empok Nor have a Kangol logo? What’s the Ferengi to Jem’Hadar exchange rate? It’s the episode that calls back ALL the Ferengi. 🖖 Get tickets to GreatestGenKhan II:...


Thirsty for Friendship (DS9 S6E9)

When the Unpopular X-Men show up at DS9, the absence of Sir Patrick Stewart makes Dr. Bashir their Professor X. But when their mutant powers are mostly of the Nate Silver variety, all of the group’s predictions become incredibly pessimistic. Is Morn’s lack of dialogue a financial decision? What color is your welcome wagon? How popular is Planet Cum? It’s the episode that sees only one possible outcome!


Vagrant Bareil (DS9 S6E8)

When Kira is having a tough time finding a dinner party date, she never expects one to beam in from the Mirror Universe. But when her new man proves spicier than the guys she typically dates, his appetite for Kiras might not be satiated by just one. Is there any man on DS9 that’s good enough for Major Kira? Do they get multidimensional transporter devices from Star Wars? What’s the best part of a religious ceremony to steal someone’s seat? It’s the episode where we wore the worst possible...


Deprivation is First Base (DS9 S6E7)

When Worf and Dax decide to have their wedding on DS9, the noise complaints from their bachelor and bachelorette parties are nearly constant. But when Martok’s wife threatens to ruin their big day, it’ll be up to Captain Sisko to play relationship counselor. What ever happened to Tom Hanks comedies? How crucial is finding your register? What’s the station’s policy on getting a fresh couch? It’s the episode that everyone’s doing this week!


Are You There Prophets? It’s me, The Sisko (DS9 S6E6)

When the Federation fleet sails into the teeth of battle, only corny poetry can gird the spirits of the Little D crew. But when the battle goes much better for the Federation than is generally known, Dukat tries to clinch victory in the funnest way possible. What is Admiral Beltbuckle doing that’s more important than this? What is the Cartwright/Metallica Dialectic? What’s the quickest way to stink up the Great Link? It’s the episode where we kick a ton of ass before being murdered in thirty...


Faking Flaccid (DS9 S6E5)

When Team Starfleet needs a win in the final seconds, it’s Captain Sisko drawing up the plays for Admiral Beltbuckle. But when Odo loses track of how much time is on the game clock, the Little D will need a Hail Mary of a plan. What’s a good second option for nighttime bathroom trips? Do loose lips sink ships (even when you’re on the ship)? Can we launch a shirt right now? It’s the episode that christens week one of #MaxFunDrive 2020 with a drink!


Admiral Belt Buckle (DS9 S6E4)

When Sisko is reassigned to a desk job at Starbase Threeblahblahblah, the Little D is going to take his soup thermos, and do missions without him. Meanwhile, on DS9, the first big action by the Resistance Club inadvertently reveals what Leeta loves about Rom. Is Changeleader going to lose respect for Odo when she sees his toy collection? Does Nog also work as a waiter in the Little D’s mess hall? How much linking do you have to do before you’re labeled a ‘problem linker?’ It’s the episode...


An Entire Premise Evening (DS9 S6E3)

When Jake tries to Max Fischer his way into another extracurricular activity at the station, the other members of the Resistance Club take great umbrage. Meanwhile Worf fights a new enemy: the umbrage of his abandoned son Alexander. Is the big spoon the good spoon or the bad spoon? Yes…but is it art? How close is Shavasana to Sto’Vo’Kor? It’s the episode where we’re offered a drink and we ask why. 🖖 Get tickets to GreatestGenKhan II: Star Trek III! 🖖 Follow The Game of Buttholes: The...


Dr. Jazz Horse (DS9 S6E2)

When Sisko crashes his crew’s tick into the broad side of a planet, the girders go flying. But when the Vorta there starts playing both sides of the conflict, tensions become inflamed. When is a warm seat the last straw? Which episode title is off-limits? What’s the coke-iest movie? It’s the episode that that needs a carpet cleaner!


Data Season One Hair (DS9 S6E1)

When the seventh fleet is slaughtered, the crew of the Little D are rerouted to Starbase for reassignment. But when Sisko and his people are reassigned, they’re going to take the fight directly to the white. How carefully does Damar have to watch his back? What’s a “sympathy when?” Should Sisko have been a worse father to Jake? It’s the episode where we impulse-buy the tropical fruits. Follow The Game of Buttholes: The Will of the Prophets! Support the production of The Greatest...


A Sitting D (DS9 S5E26)

When Captain Sisko finally reaches the limit of his tolerance for ticks in the Alpha Quadrant, he breaks out the matches. But when he decides to evacuate DS9, his scorched wormhole policy neglects to include roll call. Is there anything worse than being asked out by Odo? Who’s on Jake duty? Is that it for Keiko? It’s the episode that is either very wise or conveniently dumb!


The Kanar 3 Meeting Room (DS9 S5E25)

When Jake hatches a plan to cheer his dad up, it becomes a teachable moment for Nog to explain why money is good. But when the Noh-Jay Consortium is outbid, what seemed like a simple trip to the village store becomes a nearly interminable item-collection quest. What’s the last part of the brain to die from oxygen deprivation? How does one identify Jeffrey Combs in public? How many loyalty points does Weyoun earn for his stay at DS9? It’s the episode where the A storyline really seems like...


It’s Always Your Birthday at the Klingon Restaurant (DS9 S5E24)

When Chief O’Brien needs to go on a parts run, he takes a runabout to a pick and pull salvage station. But when it turns out the place is protected by racist Cardassians, what was once O’Brien’s simple maintenance project turns into building warriors out of engineers. How many people has Worf killed? What’s the best camera trick to make your station look bigger? Where is the Setlik 3 O’Brien action figure? It’s the episode enjoyed by the weirdo at the library!


Get It, Player (DS9 S5E23)

When the Maquis throw one last Hail Mary, it might be Klingon footballs they’ve flung toward Cardassia. But when Ben Sisko gets an old enemy out of jail to stop them, it’s not Alcatraz they’ll have to break into. Did it really take this long to think of cloaked missiles? Why does Morn want to die nude? What’s Nog’s suit size? It’s the episode where we are not feeling okay. Get a "The Warrior, The Legends" T-shirt! Follow The Game of Buttholes: The Will of the Prophets! Support the...