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23.13 – MU Podcast – Scott Carney

Thrive or die: That’s the rule of evolution. Despite this brutal logic, some species have learned to survive in even the most hostile conditions while others haven’t and vanished. So what makes the difference? On this show we discuss that with journalist Scott Carney who returns to MU to tell us about his discovery of... Read more »


23.12 – MU Podcast – The Penetrating Eye

Sleep paralysis is relatively common in the general population and yet the darker aspects of it continue to be taboo in modern clinical research. On this episode we discuss the work of sleep paralysis experiencer and psychologist Stan Gooch and his controversial ideas on the “second consciousness” that may escape the body and intrude upon... Read more »


23.11 – MU Podcast – The Hot Hand

How much do we value the human experience? On this episode we discuss the science of the “Winning Streak” and the idea that humans can predict random outcomes which may causes catastrophic results. Then for our Plus+ members, we talk about mad scientists, lost technologies and life before life encounters. Sponsor Squarespace – Turn your... Read more »


23.10 – MU Podcast – My Uncle’s a Necromancer

Demons and deadly forces collide on this episode as we discuss the private life of a man seemingly being groomed to enter a top secret group hellbent on gaining dark esoteric knowledge. We also take a new view of spirit possession in our Plus+ extension and discuss how ancestral connections could save you from an... Read more »


23.09 – MU Podcast – Empire of the Wheel

Seven questionable and long forgotten deaths in historical San Bernardino, California, offer clues to a shocking possibility that an occult serial murder went undetected for nearly a century. Occult figures, secret organisations, espionage and more, all congeal on this episode to unveil a disturbing mystery. Sponsor Squarespace – Turn your ideas into a reality. Create... Read more »


23.08 – MU Podcast – Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley joins us on this episode to discuss his research into the recent publication of advanced aerospace technology documents and their secretive inventor Dr. Salvatore Pais. From advanced power technologies to Chinese space battleships the reports of these technologies may herald the dawn humanity escaping our terrestrial constraints. We also hear some of the... Read more »


23.07 – MU Podcast – Cloud of the Soul

The complexities of reincarnation and the balancing of karma is something that can be too overwhelming to comprehend. On this episode we attempt to do just that by discussing the story of a man to claims to not only be able to recall his past lives but also the time in between each incarnation on... Read more »


23.06 – MU Podcast – CEO of the World

In the 1970s a strange cave was stumbled across by some unwitting hikers in New Mexico. Within the cave was allegedly extraterrestrial artefacts and an optical disc containing information that could change the course of humanity. On this episode we discuss the saga surrounding this story and how it became a new age sensation. We... Read more »


23.05 – MU Podcast – The Goblins of Langley

Remote viewing offers incredible experiences however it comes with inherent risks. On this episode we discuss the strange experiences of some high level remote viewers and their visions of “The Great War” and the “Death Traps”. Then for Plus+ members we look at the frequencies coming from the alien implants collected from abductees and the... Read more »


23.04 – MU Podcast – Carona Chan

With all the doom and gloom surrounding the current Coronavirus outbreak we decided to take a look at the history of some pathogenic monsters that have threatened the future of humanity. Then for our Plus+ members we find out how the eradication of Smallpox was initiated by a Guru throwing apples at a doctor’s genitals.... Read more »


23.03 – MU Podcast – Anthony Peake

Since our very beginnings, human beings from all civilisations across the globe have encountered the Others – intelligent, self-motivated beings that are clearly not human in their origins. Anthony Peake joins us on this episode to discuss his latest book that reveals the nature of these entities and considers how they relate to the true... Read more »


23.02 – MU Podcast – Underground Kingdoms of Influence

This week we dive back into the paranoid mind of Jim Keith to uncover the human occult origin of some UFO encounters, while there we hear from a Finnish man who believes the Royal Canadian Mountain Police used Microwave brain manipulation to turn him into a Super Spy! After that we head into the world... Read more »


23.01 – MU Podcast – Retrocausal Destiny

What role does fate play in our lives? Can retrocausality give us a tangible materialist explanation for precognition, telepathy and extraordinary knowing? On the first episode of the season we take a look as strange cases of time loops and the writers who have documented them. We also discuss some unbelievable stories of interdimensional Soviet... Read more »


22.25 – MU Podcast

In the final show of 2019 we are delighted to have Greg and Dana Newkirk return to discuss their new groundbreaking second season of “Hellier”. Then in our Plus+ extension we talk about the dangers of UFO and paranormal research and the researchers who have been consumed by sinister entities. Sponsors Squarespace – Turn your... Read more »


22.24 – MU Podcast

The mystery of crop circles goes far deeper than crops simply being mowed down in field. From healings and strange energies to interdimensional doorways, the high strangeness associated with the crop circle phenomenon is mind boggling. We are joined by award winning film maker Patty Greer to discuss the change in crop circle activity in... Read more »


22.23 – MU Podcast

For more than forty years the black and phantom helicopters have been menacing our skies. What are these mysterious aerial vehicles? Where do they come from and who is operating them? From UFO sightings and cattle mutilations to biological weapons testing and interdimensional invasions, these mystery helicopters seem to play a role in a wide... Read more »


22.22 – MU Podcast

Australien Skies Director Don Meers returns to the show to chat with us about his great new film ’Australien Skies 3: Search for the Min Min’. What are these strange and elusive lights that have been terrify people in the Australian outback for well over a century, are they natural or there be a much... Read more »


22.21 – MU Podcast

Most of the knowledge that we have today about the Mayan civilization may have come from a “shelf elf” moment. On this episode we discuss the discovery of a document that reveals the lost history of the Maya and their interactions with the “White Gods” and ponder the controversial theory that a European culture seeded... Read more »


22.20 – MU Podcast

Global civilisation collapse, deadly epidemics, widespread famines and cold war style nuclear near misses all seem to be a thing of the past but just how close does humanity teeter to the edge of destruction everyday? Award winning podcaster and author Dan Carlin joins us on this episode to discuss his thrilling new book The... Read more »


22.19 – MU Podcast

From continent to continent across the globe, there is an “enchanted” order everywhere on Earth. On remote islands, soaring summits, and level deltas, there are natural topographic patterns related to pi, the golden ratio, and right-triangle geometry. And as the planet’s design emerges, it becomes clear that this hidden order in nature decided the location... Read more »