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The official home for audio programming from Baltimore Beatdown, SB Nation's community for fans of the Baltimore Ravens. Come for the high level analysis, stay for the obscure pop culture references and inside jokes.

The official home for audio programming from Baltimore Beatdown, SB Nation's community for fans of the Baltimore Ravens. Come for the high level analysis, stay for the obscure pop culture references and inside jokes.


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The official home for audio programming from Baltimore Beatdown, SB Nation's community for fans of the Baltimore Ravens. Come for the high level analysis, stay for the obscure pop culture references and inside jokes.




"The Ball is the Team" feat. Coach Anthony Rinaudo

We're Friday rollin' here on the podcast, bringing you guys a jam packed episode with a fun and informative interview, and a ton of your listener questions. Starting things off with the questions, this week's mailbag was a fun one that included plenty of the typical X's and O's, some chatter on how the Ravens are going to open their virtual offseason, and much more. After, that, the guys jump into an awesome interview with Boys Latin High School football's offensive coordinator, Anthony...


Ravens Flock Talk! #10 : "100 Days til Season Opener + Ravens Speaking On Protests"

The brother duo are bringing another episode of Ravens Flock Talk. Our host Walt & His brother Wes speak on a host of topics. They start off with the announcement of 100 days until the Sept 10 season opener & how the NFL has told all teams that they must stay in their team facilities for summer camp. They also speak on Matt Judon & Ronnie Stanley contract, A Short Fantasy Football Segment, Should the Ravens take a deal with Clowney, & DJ Fluker saying that he looks forward to filling in...


Back in the Day: Ravens @ Steelers, Week 9 2011

What's up guys? Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy after what's been an incredibly trying couple of days for everyone across the U.S. After a few brief words on all that's been going on, Jake, Vas, and Spencer jump into the topic for today's show... and it's another edition of "Back in the Day"! This one is an all timer in Ravens regular season history, a 2011 matchup in which two heavyweight Ravens and Steelers teams met at the absolute peak of their powers at Heinz field for what...


Jamal Adams talk + Mailbag Madness

The boys are back in the studio for a jam packed episode today, partially fueled by you guys and your questions. First, they have a good amount of news to get to, starting off with some nuggets from John Harbaugh's Thursday media availability, talk of the Ravens inquiring about Jamal Adams, and more rumors surfacing around Jadeveon Clowney. After that, the guys jump into the mailbag segment of the show (42:42) where a whole mess of topics were touched on. Some highlights include second year...


Ravens Flock Talk! #9 : "Summer Workouts & Who Gets 1000 yards First!?"

On This Episode Of Ravens Flock Talk Our Host Walt & Wes Speak On The Updates From This Offseason! Topics such as: Ravens creative offseason workouts Chuck Clark potentially running being the defensive playcaller Which Raven will get 1000 yards first?, Pass Rushers vs Ravens week to week Which Raven will make their first pro bowl? Ronnie Stanley Contract & More! Follow @Bmorebeatdown, @WalkLikeWalt & @WessWalker Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Emory Hunt

We hope your guys' Memorial Day Weekend is off to a hot start, and to help you cruise into it, we've enlisted the help of our old friend Emory Hunt to give you some great Ravens talk as we head into it. Jake quickly brushes over some small news pieces, but after that (3:20), this one is a full on interview show in which Emory touches on all things NFL and quarantine, what his situation has been like for the last few months, and a very in depth look at what he's thought of the Ravens...


Ravens Flock Talk #8 : "Prisco's Top 100 & Taysom vs Lamar"

The Brother Duo Are Back For Another Episode Of Raven Flock Talk! This episode the guys break down Peter Prisco's Top 100 list and speak on which ravens should be there. As well as a theory as to why reporters constantly compare Lamar Jackson to Taysom Hill, JK Dobbins reason behind his number choice, Ravens being underdogs no more and a new segment "applause for the cause". Applause for the cause is to celebrate people who worked with the Ravens organization giving back to the community....


Underappreciated players

The boys are back in studio on this lovely Thursday to bring you guys yet another pod chock full of very fun throwback content. Before jumping into the show proper, they start things off with some bits of news such as Miles Boykin's Facebook Live appearance, the Ravens announcing they'll be remaining closed as the NFL begins to ease COVID restrictions, and Big Ben's beard being finally gone. After touching on that housekeeping, the guys jump into today's topic, which is underappreciated...


Ravens Flock Talk! : "Big Ben vs Ravens Rivalry Back On "

Ravens Flock Talk Host Walt & His Brother WessWalker Are Back For Some More Ravens Talk! This week they discuss Ben Roethlisberger workout video showing that he is ready for football, Hollywood Brown put on muscle, Marshall Yanda losing weight, Lamar hate continues, & Ravens who deserved more love than they received! Enjoy The Episode & Rate/Subscribe Be Sure To Follow @WalkLikeWalt & @Wesswalker on all platforms Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


"What If?"

The boys are back in the studio to try and bring some flair to your guys' Friday! Today we have a long one for you, starting off with an extensive mailbag which you all did a tremendous job contributing great questions to. After that, the guys jump into their segment for this week, "what if?" This segment is all built around asking the question "What if _____?" in regards to the Ravens. That includes "what if" players who didn't pan out for one reason or another, "what if" games that went...


Ravens Flock Talk! : "Target On Ravens Back??"

On this episode our host Walt joined by his brother Wesswalker speak on different topics surrounding the Ravens and the NFL. Starting off with a game of Big Truzz vs Come See Me with topics of does Lamar Jackson throw for more yards this upcoming season, will the ravens score more touchdowns this season or less, Patrick Queen's Defensive ROY chances, and more! Other Topics: Ravens vs Chiefs new beef? Travis Kelce comments on the Ravens Do the Ravens have a big target on their back? Favorite...


Earl Thomas pulls a shaggy, 2020 schedule talk

The boys are back after a short week long break to get into some Ravens news and notes for you guys as we get into the middle of May. The top of the show contains some housekeeping, such as the Ravens making it official with D.J. Fluker, rumors regarding a Browns trade, and more. After that, they have plenty to get to that's transpired over the course of the last week, including an almost unbelievable situation surrounding Earl Thomas, the NFL schedule officially being released and what it...


Ravens Flock Talk!: "2020 Schedule Instant Reactions & Earl Thomas's Night"

On This Episode The Brother Duo Of Walt & Wes Voice Their Instant Reactions To The 2020 Schedule Release! They Breakdown The Schedule, Highlight Games They Are Looking Forward To, Give Early Team Record Predictions, & Speak On What Games They Think Will Be Tougher Than Others! Also, On This Episode They Speak On The Serious & Wild Story Of Earl Thomas's April 13th Night. Quick Hits: QB Match Ups They Look Forward To & Mcphee Signing. Show Breakdown: (3:00) Schedule Release Reaction's (42:50)...


Back in the Day: Titans @ Ravens 2003 Wild Card

Jake and Vas are here for you guys on this Wednesday (my dudes). With the draft out of the way and the #ContentSuck on the very near horizon, we're launching a new format of show that capitalizes on a recent trend brought about by the Corona Virus outbreak: Watching old games and discussing them on the show. First up is an extremely fun watch, the Titans @ Ravens AFC Wild Card from 2003. One of the first few home playoff games at The Bank, this one sports an electric atmosphere, two hard...


Ravens Flock Talk! : "Who's Thanos Of The NFL?! "

On This Episode Of Raven's Flock Talk Our Brother Duo Walt & Wes Discuss The Signing Of Jake Ryan, Antonio Brown Posting Himself Online With A Ravens Jersey, Which Ravens Player Would Be A Good NBA Player, Who Are The Ravens Rivals In 2020 & Is The Quarterback Back-Up Position Up For Grabs!? This Is Marvel Week Here At SB Nation So We Spend The Second Half Of The Show Discussing : (38:00mins) Comparing Current Ravens Players To Avengers What NFL Personality Is Thanos? Who Is A Stronger...


Ravens Flock Talk! : "We Must Protect Lamar Jackson!"

On This Episode Of Ravens Flock Talk Our Host Walt Joined By WessWalker To Talk More Ravens News! This Week We Start Off With Dan Orlovsky's Top 5 QB's who were drafted in 2018 or after, Dj Fluker Signing, Marlon Humphrey's fifth year option, What we think the role of JK Dobbins will be in 2020, & Why Is The Media Still Speaking On Antonio Brown!? We end the show with some quick hits and naming the official undrafted signings!!! Enjoy! Show Breakdown: (4:24) Dan Orlosky Top 5 2018 to Now...


Post Draft Mailbag

The draft is over and summer is inching ever closer. Hope is in the air about a potential return of sports sometime in the coming few months, but until that time, the guys will continue to be here, pumping out the content for you all as always. With the draft just having ended this past weekend, there's still plenty to go over in regards to it, and with the flurry of stuff that went out, we didn't have much of a chance to hear from you, our great listeners about all of it. So for today's...


Ravens Flock Talk!: "Decosta You Are The Best GM In The World"

On this episode of Ravens Flock Talk our host Walt is back with his brother Wes. The brother duo is back to talk about Eric Decosta putting on a great showing at the 2020 NFL Draft. They break down each of the ravens draft picks one by one, speak on their favorite draft picks, the needs that were met, favorite undrafted free agents and much much more!! Check Out This Episode!! Show Breakdown: (2:30): Draft Breakdown (41:40) What Draft Pick Are You Most Excited To See? (46:00) JK Dobbins Poll...


2020 NFL Draft Recap

A long, fun, exhilarating, and exhausting weekend is finally over. The NFL Draft brought a much needed reprieve from all that's going on in the world, and by many measures, the Ravens did a very good job of strengthening their team through it, which they typically are able to do. Here to recap all of it for you are Jake, Vas, and Spencer who have been plugged into the draft and nothing but the draft since Thursday. In this deep dive, they give you their thoughts on Day 3 for the first time,...


Pick Analysis: Devin Duvernay, Malik Harrison, Tyre Phillips

The guys are here to round out the night with their pick analysis, starting with wide receiver Devin Duvernay out of Texas. The Ravens then double dipped at linebacker to go and grab Malik Harrison from Ohio State, which the boys see as a potential steal of the draft. They closed things out with a bit of a head scratcher in Tyre Phillips, guard out of Mississippi State, which they try to muster some takes on as well. We hope you guys enjoy the analysis, and will be back for some more of it...