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Best-Ball ADP Check 2-19-20

​ It might technically be the "offseason," but the downtime for fantasy football drafts these days is shorter than The Irishman. Best-ball drafts are running on MyFFPC.com and elsewhere and have been for a while ... long enough for us to start gauging some ADP figures. We're a bit surprised at how early Melvin Gordon and Kyler Murray are going. We're pleased with the late value available at TE. And there are a few players at each position that Jared and Matt can't quite agree on. Whether...


Week 2 XFL 2-13-20

​ ​We now have a week's worth of XFL games behind us, which helped reveal some things that the team depth charts kept secret. But the Week 1 stats also delivered some potential mirages -- along with some usage that just might be worth chasing in Week 2. We'll dig through those numbers and hit on the injury situations that might cost a couple of teams their starting QBs, while a couple of others get their starters back. Here's the rundown: New York Guardians at D.C. Defenders ......


XFL Opening Week 2-6-20

​​XFL opening weekend is here, and we're breaking down all 4 games. Offensive gurus Marc Trestman and Hal Mumme have us excited about their passing-game pieces. Christine Michael and Elijah Hood look like strong bets for touches. And there's more than enough WR/TE value to support any build you like. Here's the rundown: Seattle Dragons at D.C. Defenders ... 6:41 L.A. Wildcats at Houston Roughnecks ... 21:17 Tampa Bay Vipers at New York Guardians ... 32:34 St. Louis BattleHawks at Dallas...


Dynasty Buy/Sell 1-22-20

​ The 2019 NFL season is almost over, but we all know that dynasty fantasy football has no offseason. We're always looking to upgrade those rosters for next year and beyond, and today's show focuses on some guys you might want to buy or sell over the coming months. Our picks include 3 of the top 8 fantasy RBs from this past season, a pair of top-5 WRs and 1 contentious TE. Here's the rundown: Big name to buy ... 4:13 RB help ... 7:13 Wideouts on the rebound ... 15:50 Young TEs to...


Divisional Round DFS 1-10-20

When the entire slate features just 4 games, that means we need to dig a little deeper. That's why you'll find us discussing players such as Allen Lazard, Marshawn Lynch and Gus Edwards as potential options. Of course, we're also looking at which high-priced WRs bring the highest ceilings and which big-name producers you might want to fade. Here's the rundown: Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers ... Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens ... Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs...


Wild Card Round DFS 1-3-20

​ Michael Thomas and Drew Brees. That's what most DFS lineup builds will begin with this weekend. But you'll have plenty more spots to fill, and you'll need to differentiate somewhere. Do high-priced Derrick Henry and or DeAndre Hopkins find spots? Should you run out multiple Bills on the road? Does the sneaky upside lie in Seattle? Let's run down this short slate: QB ... 2:15 RB ... 7:37 WR ... 13:26 TE ... 21:57 Flex ... 26:23 Defense ... 27:37 ​Check out Jared's top picks for...


Playoff Challenge 1-20-20

Fantasy football is always about picking the best players. The NFL playoffs add the challenge of predicting which teams will move on and which will bow out early. On this show, we're talking about who will make a run, who has no chance and which players appear set up to score for fantasy owners. We're also digging into the best ways to build your lineup for the FFPC Playoff Challenge: top plays, contrarian options, big names to consider fading and more. Here's the rundown: Teams to target...


Week 17 FanDuel 12-27-19

​ Ryan Tannehill looks like a good starting point at QB this week, though his popularity might make other paths more attractive. We're not scared of going back to Joe Mixon after last week's disappointment. We just might shy away from Christian McCaffrey one last time, though, because plenty of upside resides elsewhere at the position. You'll need some salary-saving sleepers to fit several top-shelf plays into your lineup, though. Is Kerryon Johnson ready to provide that help? We don't...


Week 17 DraftKings 12-27-19

​ The Panthers want to help Christian McCaffrey set some records this Sunday. Should he do so in your DK lineups? Or can you find just as much upside at lower prices? Fitting any expensive RBs -- or top-shelf WRs -- will require some savings, and we've got a number of wideouts who can help. And you just might find a sneaky TE to assist as well. Here are the picks: QB ... 3:26 RB ... 7:51 WR ... 15:06 TE ... 21:25 Flex ... 24:48 Defense ... 26:26 ​Check out all of Jared's top picks...


Week 17 Preview 12-26-19

Yeah, we know the reasons to avoid Week 17. But there's still football, which means there's still fantasy. What should we do with Daniel Jones and Dak Prescott after Week 16 saw them fly in opposite directions? What about the teams with their playoff spots secured -- and those who might be locked in by kickoff? And can we still find sleeper plays among the other teams? You betcha. Here's the rundown ... FFPC Playoff Challenge ... 00:46 Teams to avoid ... 2:43 Injuries to track ......


Week 16 DraftKings 12-20-19

Devonta Freeman and Joe Mixon get 2 of the best scoring matchups an RB can find. The Giants hit Washington for a matchup that features somewhat sneaky upside for both teams. Arizona heads to Seattle to raise the ceiling. And we're waiting on the weather for Bengals-Dolphins. Before all that, though, we have Breshad Perriman and a 3-game Saturday slate to address. Here's the rundown: Saturday slate ... 2:15 QB ... 8:09 RB ... 10:48 WR ... 14:24 TE ... 17:34 Flex ... 20:24 Defense ......


Week 16 FanDuel 12-20-19

Whether you're still alive in redraft or not, NFL Week 16 has a fun set of games for DFS. First up is a short Saturday slate loaded with offense at the top, defense in the middle and big-name players to figure out at night. Beyond that, we're sorting through a Sunday whose best QBs are super-expensive but whose RBs and wideouts just might give us plenty of spending flexibility. Here's the rundown: Saturday's slate ... 2:40 QB ... 7:35 RB ... 12:11 WR ... 15:00 TE ... 18:00 Flex ......


Week 16 Preview 12-19-19

No Thursday night game this week means a full 16-game rundown for your championship-week preview. We'll start with an interesting trio of Saturday games, just 2 of which actually hold intriguing fantasy options. Sunday's slate finds rolling QBs getting ready to collide, a brand-new QB blowing up expectations for Carolina and a couple of key RB injuries thrusting backups into solid-starter range. Here's the rundown: Houston Texans at Tampa Bay Buccaneers ... 00:54 Buffalo Bills at New...


Week 15 DraftKings 12-13-19

Looking to pay up for guaranteed touches at RB or a top-tier TE? If so, this looks like a good slate at WR to give you some salary flexibility. There also might be a few $5K options at QB on DraftKings to assist. Here are the picks: QB ... 3:33 RB ... 9:47 WR ... 13:44 TE ... 18:24 Flex ... 22:03 Defense ... 23:48 Check out all of Jared's top picks for playing on DK this weekend, plus our DFS Lineup Builder and our full Week 15 PPR rankings.​


Week 15 FanDuel 12-13-19

A shootout might be brewing in Dallas. And if that's the case, there are some high-ceiling plays headed for lower owned rates than they should be. There are some affordable receivers with nice target floors, and you can even find a cheap RB who emerged as a starter in recent weeks. Here are the picks: QB ... 2:38 RB ... 6:49 WR ... 11:13 TE ... 15:24 Flex ... 17:52 Defense ... 19:00 Check out plus our DFS Lineup Builder, as well as our full Week 15 rankings with FanDuel dollars per...


Week 15 Preview 12-12-19

Is it really time to play Mitchell Trubisky over Aaron Rodgers? Baker Mayfield over Russell Wilson? Derek Carr over Tom Brady? And we've certainly got more than QB decisions to make in this week of fantasy football playoffs. Here's the rundown: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers ... 00:30 New England Patriots at Cincinnati Bengals ... 6:39 Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans ... 11:48 Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs ... 16:47 Miami Dolphins at New York Giants ......


Week 14 FanDuel 12-6-19

Does any QB match Deshaun Watson's outlook on FanDuel this week? The RB picture looks pretty clear, though the field gets more crowded if you're picking a 3rd for the flex spot. A couple of reliable WR1s draw our focus, but they'll also require some salary relief. And that just might come at TE. Here are the picks: QB ... 3:17 RB ... 7:35 WR ... 12:55 TE ... 16:51 Flex ... 21:00 Defense ... 23:39 Check out plus our DFS Lineup Builder, as well as our full Week 14 rankings with FanDuel...


Week 14 DraftKings 12-6-19

The QB options are plentiful. The RB menu presents options at various levels. There's help available for fitting in the high-priced WRs we're targeting. And there seems to be a pretty clear target zone at TE. Oh, and Matt won't shut up about his favorite defense for the week. (And yeah, Jared sounds like he's on the phone. We're working through some stuff.) Here are the picks: QB ... 3:00 RB ... 7:08 WR ... 11:24 TE ... 15:05 Flex ... 18:22 Defense ... 20:08 Check out all of Jared's...


Week 14 Preview 12-5-19

​​It's fantasy football playoffs time for most of us, so every lineup decision gets that much more important. So we're ranking spot-start QBs, arguing over RBs, lining up the boom/bust WR3s and sorting out streamers at TE and defense. Here's the rundown: Washington at Green Bay Packers ... 1:16 Indianapolis Colts at Tampa Bay Buccaneers ... 6:10 San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints ... 10:56 Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons ... 14:24 Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings ......


Week 13 Preview 11-27-19

We're switching up the format for this shortened week. Let's talk about who you can start over Deshaun Watson. Let's rank RBs such as Damien Williams, Jonathan Williams and Ronald Jones against each other. And let's check in on the best and worst matchups facing WRs. Here's the rundown: Deshaun Watson ... 1:42 Matt Ryan ... 3:17 Streaming options ... 4:58 Andy Dalton's return ... 11:59 Aaron Jones getting more work? ... 13:42 Eagles backfield ... 16:52 Jonathan Williams ......