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The award-winning podcast from DraftSharks.com: The world's most accurate fantasy football site.

The award-winning podcast from DraftSharks.com: The world's most accurate fantasy football site.


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The award-winning podcast from DraftSharks.com: The world's most accurate fantasy football site.








NFC East Preview 7-1-20

​​The NFC East promises to look a lot different in 2020. Three of the 4 teams have new coaches, though Dallas retained its breakout young OC from last season. Daniel Jones spent his rookie year building optimism while Dwayne Haskins looked like a bust. Where do their outlooks belong for the coming season? And which of the young stud RBs and WRs should you be targeting in your 2020 fantasy football drafts? Before we dig into those teams, though, we have a big free-agent signing shaking up the...


AFC East Preview 6-23-20

​ We're closing in on the start of training camps, so it's time to preview every team in the league. We're starting this 8-part series with a spin through the AFC East. The Bills acquired a new stud receiver. The Dolphins drafted their QB of the future (and now?). The Jets sport some young talent but might not be able to overcome their poor coaching decision. And the Patriots are about to go without Tom Brady for the first time this millennium. Let's talk about what lies ahead ... Here's the...


Dynasty Superflex Analysis 6-10-20

We ​​just finished the DS Invitational superflex dynasty startup draft on MyFFPC.com. On today's show, we talk to all the owners we could corral to learn strategies, in-draft adjustments, reactions to the format and the picks and even how some plan to operate going forward. We hit on a lot of players, every position, some differences between dynasty and redraft and even some waiver strategy. It's a longer pod than you're used to from us, but you'll also find a wide range of perspectives....


Late Spring ADP Check 6-3-20

We're a couple of weeks past releasing our 2020 fantasy football projections ( https://www.draftsharks.com/preseason-rankings?PreseasonRankingsForm%5Bfantasy_position%5D=RB ) , and we've had more than a month for the NFL Draft to change plenty in the way we're drafting. So this looks like a good time for an ADP check. How much are RB dominating the the start? Who's going way too early at each position? Which late WRs could win your league? And which TE is just being drafted stupidly? Here's...


Dynasty IDP w/ Mike Woellert 6-1-20

We have ranked the IDP rookies ( https://www.draftsharks.com/article/2020-idp-rookie-rankings ) ​​ and broken down the class here on the podcast ( https://www.draftsharks.com/article/podcast--idp-rookies-w--sigmund-bloom-5-8-20 ). On this show, Mike Woellert ( https://twitter.com/Mike_Woellert ) of 4for4.com joins me to add some context to these rookies. We'll talk about who looks ready to contribute right away and where they fit in the overall dynasty rankings. And we'll look beyond the...


Projections Party Battles 5-14-20

​ We had our annual projections party Wednesday, which means you can now find our official 2020 fantasy football rankings ( https://www.draftsharks.com/preseason-rankings?PreseasonRankingsForm%5Bfantasy_position%5D=RB ) ! But just because we've got 1 set of projections doesn't mean that we agree on every player. On today's show, we're recapping some of our key arguments from the projections party and hitting on some other players where we come out MUCH different than consensus. Let's tackle...


Rookie IDPs w/ Sigmund Bloom

​It's fantasy football projections time around here, which has Jared busy ahead of next week's release. So I'm taking this opportunity to talk IDPs, and I'm bringing in one of my favorite people from the industry to do so with me. Footballguys' Sigmund Bloom comes on to talk Chase Young vs. Patrick Queen at the top of the rookie IDP board, Patrick Queen vs. the other LBs, an exciting class of safeties and much more. Here's the rundown: Chase Young up top? ... 9:23 K'Lavon Chaisson and the...


Full NFL Draft Impact 4-30-20

​​The NFL Draft is now behind us. You can find our dynasty rookie rankings ( https://www.draftsharks.com/article/post-draft-dynasty-rookie-rankings-2020 ) (plus IDPs ( https://www.draftsharks.com/article/2020-idp-rookie-rankings ) ) on the site. And we're busy on 2020 fantasy football projections as draft season quickly approaches. Today, we'll look into which rookies we might have higher or lower than other places, and we'll talk about the situations around the league most impacted by NFL...


NFL Draft 1st Round 4-24-20

​QBs flew off the board early and to expected destinations in Round 1 of the NFL Draft. Do Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa remain the clear top 2 for fantasy, though?​ We have trouble agreeing on that. There's no disagreement on Clyde Edwards-Helaire's cushy fantasy landing, though. And this vaunted WR class showed out on Thursday night. Who's outlook brightened and whose got murkier? Here's the rundown: Clyde Edwards-Helaire ... 1:26 The QBs ... 4:24 Wide receivers ... 14:17 Tackles to the...


Rookie QB-TE Preview 4-15-20

Let's wrap up our dynasty prospect preview series with the QBs and tight ends. The quarterback class features more fantasy intrigue than the 2019 passers did, including a high-upside option that appears headed for Day 2 of the NFL Draft. The TE class looks about as exciting as a bottle of sleeping pills, but we're pouring out some upside even there. Here's the rundown ... Jared's sleeper receiver ... 1:10 The top 2 at QB ... 3:45 The ultimate ceiling target ... 10:43 The Jordan Love...


Rookie RB Preview 4-9-20

​ Is this a strong RB class or merely a top-heavy group? It's easy to love Jonathan Taylor (unless you're trying too hard to not). D'Andre Swift and J.K. Dobbins should be easy picks in dynasty rookie drafts as well. But is Clyde Edwards-Helaire a shoo-in for fantasy production? Is Cam Akers about to be better off in the pros than he was in college? And who are the upside guys beyond that group? Let's dig in. ​Check out our WR preview podcast (...


Rookie WR preview 4-7-20

​ This year's receiver class could be one of the best in a long time. Jared's been digging deep into the group, just like he does every year. So we're looking at his early top 10, but also discussing some others who could move up and some wideouts who could be steals later in your dynasty rookie draft. We'll talk CeeDee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy, but also many others. ​Check out all of our dynasty prospect scouting profiles for free (...


FFPC Draft Recap 3-26-20

RBs are flying off the board as quickly as ever in early best-ball drafting. And we're recapping an FFPC draft on today's show -- with special guest, high-stakes veteran Adam Krautwurst ( https://twitter.com/adam_krautwurst?lang=en ) -- so you know the TEs will factor in prominently. But the most intriguing names might not be going quite as early as you'd expect in the 1.5-point per catch format. Find out where the top rookie backs and wideouts start coming off the board and when you should...


IDP Free Agency Roundup 3-24-20

We already hit on DeAndre Hopkins and the other offensive movers ( https://www.draftsharks.com/article/podcast--nfl-free-agency-roundup-3-19-20 ) in the NFL Free Agency and the trade market. Now it's IDP time. Joe Schobert's got a new home. Cory Littleton, too. And LB voids in New England and Philadelphia might be setting up early sleeper situations. Let's run through all the action so far, by position: DL/EDGE ... 2:15 LB ... 17:21 DB ... 29:34 Head over to DraftSharks.com to check Shark...


NFL Free Agency Roundup 3-19-20

DeAndre Hopkins has a new home ... but is it a better one? Stefon Diggs finally got out of a situation he seemed to loathe. But how different is his new spot? Philip Rivers and Tom Brady will change jerseys for the 1st time in their careers. And the TE market has been full of early action. We're spending today's show breaking down some early winners, losers and questions we still need answered​​. ​ Check out Shark Bites ( https://www.draftsharks.com/fantasy-news ) for full coverage of all...


Best-Ball ADP Check 2-19-20

​ It might technically be the "offseason," but the downtime for fantasy football drafts these days is shorter than The Irishman. Best-ball drafts are running on MyFFPC.com and elsewhere and have been for a while ... long enough for us to start gauging some ADP figures. We're a bit surprised at how early Melvin Gordon and Kyler Murray are going. We're pleased with the late value available at TE. And there are a few players at each position that Jared and Matt can't quite agree on. Whether...


Week 2 XFL 2-13-20

​ ​We now have a week's worth of XFL games behind us, which helped reveal some things that the team depth charts kept secret. But the Week 1 stats also delivered some potential mirages -- along with some usage that just might be worth chasing in Week 2. We'll dig through those numbers and hit on the injury situations that might cost a couple of teams their starting QBs, while a couple of others get their starters back. Here's the rundown: New York Guardians at D.C. Defenders ... 3:00 Tampa...


XFL Opening Week 2-6-20

​​XFL opening weekend is here, and we're breaking down all 4 games. Offensive gurus Marc Trestman and Hal Mumme have us excited about their passing-game pieces. Christine Michael and Elijah Hood look like strong bets for touches. And there's more than enough WR/TE value to support any build you like. Here's the rundown: Seattle Dragons at D.C. Defenders ... 6:41 L.A. Wildcats at Houston Roughnecks ... 21:17 Tampa Bay Vipers at New York Guardians ... 32:34 St. Louis BattleHawks at Dallas...


Dynasty Buy/Sell 1-22-20

​ The 2019 NFL season is almost over, but we all know that dynasty fantasy football has no offseason. We're always looking to upgrade those rosters for next year and beyond, and today's show focuses on some guys you might want to buy ( https://www.draftsharks.com/article/dynasty-buys-for-the-2020-offseason ) or sell over the coming months. Our picks include 3 of the top 8 fantasy RBs from this past season, a pair of top-5 WRs and 1 contentious TE. Here's the rundown: Big name to buy ... 4:13...


Divisional Round DFS 1-10-20

When the entire slate features just 4 games, that means we need to dig a little deeper. That's why you'll find us discussing players such as Allen Lazard, Marshawn Lynch and Gus Edwards as potential options. Of course, we're also looking at which high-priced WRs bring the highest ceilings and which big-name producers you might want to fade. Here's the rundown: Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers ... Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens ... Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs ......