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That’s What She Said with Sarah Spain


Sarah Spain shares her thoughts on the biggest stories in the world of sports and beyond.

Sarah Spain shares her thoughts on the biggest stories in the world of sports and beyond.


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Sarah Spain shares her thoughts on the biggest stories in the world of sports and beyond.




Start by Believing: John Barr/Dan Murphy

Sarah talks with ESPN Investigative Reporters John Barr and Dan Murphy about their new book, Start By Believing, which chronicles the many red flags in the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal that were either missed or not reported.


Without Regard- and hi: Amy Trask

Sarah talks with former NFL executive Amy Trask about her path from unpaid intern to CEO of the Raiders, how she reacted when an NFL owner asked her to get him a coffee, and the time she mistakenly thanked a media executive for their service.


Paparazzo: James Ambler

Sarah talks with former paparazzi photog James Ambler about the time he got a ride from Angelina Jolie, how he almost fell into Anna Nicole Smith's grave, why he nearly came to blows with Jude Law, and how he ended up on Shark Tank and The Today Show.


Golly: Chris Long

Sarah talks to 2-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long about the genius of Belichick, what he hopes for Tom Brady next season, why his Eagles Super Bowl team will always hold a special place in his heart, and the work he's doing in the name of social justice.


Miracle: Victoria Arlen

Sarah talks to Victoria Arlen about what it was like to be in vegetative state for four years, her remarkable recovery, winning a gold medal in the Paralympics, competing on Dancing With the Stars despite not having any feeling in her legs, working for ESPN, and being the face of Jockey.


Development: Scott Pioli

Sarah talks to NFL executive Scott Pioli about his relationship with Bill Belichick, marrying Bill Parcells' daughter, scouting and selecting Tom Brady, where he went wrong in Kansas City, and why advocating for diversity and inclusion is so personal for him.


Manifestation: Lizzi Cutler

Sarah talks to healing arts trainer Lizzi Cutler about her Karate Kid moment learning how to teach yoga in Japan, her experiences with psychic energy, teaching clients how to turn left and find their pivot points, and the importance of accountability in goal setting.


An Incredible Reunion + Remembering David Stern

As you watch the Chiefs play, look for running backs coach Deland McCullough. He has an incredible story, one that he shared with ESPN's Sarah Spain. After decades of not knowing his birth parents, McCullough's search for the truth led him to an incredible revelation - and reunion - with football at the center. Also, Jeremy Schaap offers a remembrance of legendary NBA Commissioner David Stern.


The Happiness Lab

Sarah speaks with Yale Professor Dr. Laurie Santos about how we are terrible at predicting what will make us happy, the global success of her course on happiness, finding bronze linings and other tips that can help make us happier.


A Festivus Miracle

Sarah and a handful of sports media personalities air their grievances for 2019. Then the year that was- the highs and the lows- in a poem, just because (25:39)


Triumph: Robert Smigel

Sarah chats with comedian Robert Smigel about his favorite SNL sketches, the lasting legacy of the Superfans, and how one of his decisions sunk The Dana Carvey Show.


The Man: Becky Lynch

Sarah chats with WWE super star Becky Lynch about how she failed P.E. class, how she got into wrestling and eventually took a 6-year break, why she once cried in a grocery store, and what led to her adopting the moniker, "The Man."


Frozen: Kristen Anderson-Lopez

Sarah chats with the Oscar and Grammy award-winning lyricist Kristen Anderson-Lopez about the pressure of writing the songs for Frozen II, how she wrote a song while ice-skating, and what she likes to call e-pee-phanies.


Mini Pod: SNL's Beck Bennett

Sarah chats with SNL's Beck Bennett about what it's like when former cast members like Will Ferrell come back to the show, who he would most want to host, and the time he met someone he's impersonated.


Focus: Cal Newport

Sarah talks to author and Georgetown professor Cal Newport about how social media companies have hacked our brains to get us to continually use their products, how the American workforce struggles with unbroken concentration, the constant companion model, and ways to digitally declutter.


Empathy: Jamil Zaki

Sarah talks to Stanford psychology professor Jamil Zaki about how empathy is in short supply these days, his Roddenberry Hypothesis, and what Manchester United fans taught us about tribalism.


A High Threshold for Boredom: Steve Rushin

Sarah talks to writer Steve Rushin about the curious way he met his wife, landing his dream job at age 25, getting a pair of pants thrown at him by a baseball manager, and the evolving landscape of journalism.


Natitude: Lindsay Czarniak and Reese Waters

Sarah talks with Lindsay Czarniak about covering the Nationals' World Series run, working with George Michael, and her time at ESPN. Plus, she catches up with Reese Waters, who discusses the vibe in DC after the Nats win and tells great stories about interviewing comedians like Jon Stewart and Tiffany Haddish.


Image and Likeness

Sarah discusses California's Fair Pay to Play Act with ESPN's Jay Bilas, sports economist Andy Schwarz, and state senator Nancy Skinner.


Place: Wright Thompson

Sarah talks to ESPN's Wright Thompson about finding his footing as a writer, the importance of the writer-editor relationship, why he always tries to "send the elevator back down," why place seems to be a recurring theme in his writing, and why empathy is the most important quality for a writer to have.