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Seattle's favorite sports show with Brock Huard and Mike Salk, now a podcast.

Seattle's favorite sports show with Brock Huard and Mike Salk, now a podcast.


Seattle, WA


Seattle's favorite sports show with Brock Huard and Mike Salk, now a podcast.




Fixing Sports & Curt Menefee Breaks Down the Hawks and XFL

If you could only make 3 changes to the Seahawks, the XFL, youth sports and the Husky basketball team to permanently fix them, what would you do? Brock & Salk have some answers that might leave you wondering whether they should be in charge of the world or fired on the spot. FOX NFL host and XFL play-by-play commentator Curt Menefee joins the show to discuss his perspective on the XFL's launch given his history with the NFL and NFL Europe in the '90s-2000s.


Season 2, Episode 5: 2-4-20

One final edition of "Takeaways", this time from the Super Bowl. Was Richard Sherman's demise as sweet as some thought it might be? How well are the Seahawks positioned to capitalize on the 49ers Super Bowl hangover? Finish off the episode with a power-packed version of "Which is Better?" featuring some SB Halftime Show thoughts and Mike trying to defend one of his favorite athletes despite EVERY PIECE OF EVIDENCE showing that he's actually bad.


Season 2, Episode 4: 1-28-20

Russell Wilson made some uncharacteristically definitive statements when asked about the talent on the Seahawks roster--is he right to comment on it? Kobe Bryant's death meant more to the Huard family than they realized--Brock & Salk evaluate his complicated legacy. Two local media members have some...interesting opinions on the Mariners' stated plans, and Mike Salk goes off in a way you won't want to miss. Finish off the episode with Good News, Bad News, No News that includes the Husky...


Season 2, Episode 3: 1-21-20

ESPN Baseball columnist Jeff Passan gives an in-depth breakdown of the Astros' sign stealing scandal and makes a declaration about the investigation that signals more developments may be coming in this story. The NFL championship games did NOT live up to expectations, but Brock & Salk entertain two very different approaches to re-tooling the Seahawks roster in an attempt to emulate the 2 remaining teams in the NFL playoffs. Finish off the episode with a good ole trusty version of "Answer the...


SPECIAL: Mike Salk & Tom Wassell Rush Podcast

Two lifelong "Rush" fans whose love for the band has linked them together as their careers moved them across the country discuss the band and the legacy of drummer Neil Peart, who passed away in 2020.


Season 2, Episode 2: 1-14-20

The Hawks' playoff run comes to an end--Brock and Salk lay out the reason why this season didn't end in a Super Bowl berth and EXACTLY what needs to be done to position themselves for a SB run next year. Brock came away incredibly impressed by the College Football National Championship, while Salk believes that game shined a light on a dark period of PAC 12 football. The Cougs have a new head coach and Brock has some high praise for WSU athletic director Pat Chun; Brock & Salk make their...


Season 2, Episode 1: 1-7-20

The Hawks beat the Eagles in the Wildcard game for ONE reason alone: Russell Wilson. Is it enough to take down Aaron Rodgers and the Packers in Green Bay? Brock's "Takeaways" from the SEA/PHI game take centerstage in segment 2. DK Metcalf has a huge day--Salk wonders if he will be a star and Brock is finally willing to compare him to an NFL legend. Around the NFL looks at some major coaching changes, the rest of the Wildcard games and a preview of the rest of the playoffs. Finish off the...


Brock & Salk Podcast EPISODE 12: 12-31-19

The Hawks are in the playoffs! This New Year's episode of the "Brock & Salk Podcast" dives deeper into the wonder, miraculous reappearance of Marshawn Lynch, Pete Carroll's Achilles heel as a coach, and the reason for hope heading into the Wildcard playoff game in Philadelphia. Football's greatest game in 2019 happened between Clemson & Ohio State--were the 2 "next big thing" QBs in the NFL on that field? Salk's 10 best things about having Marshawn Lynch return and Answer the Question, Jerk!...


Brock & Salk Podcast EPISODE 11: 12-17-19

Brock & Salk's exclusive interview with FOX Sports' Colin Cowherd headlines a packed December edition of the podcast. Is Cowherd onto something with his opinion that Russell Wilson should still win the MVP? And will Salk finally come around and accept that the 2019 Seahawks are as good as their record says they are? Brock weighs in on the Josh Gordon suspension and what it will mean to the Seahawks through the playoffs. Finally, "Which is Better?" brings you important clarity on the biggest...


Brock & Salk Podcast EPISODE 10: 12-10-19

Mike Salk has 5 major questions about the Hawks after their loss to the Rams, and Brock has 5 answers to talk Hawks' fans off the ledge as they seek the NFC West title. The MLB Winter Meetings are underway--Mitch Haniger rumors have begun and Salk recounts his epic bloody roundtable at the Meetings in Orlando. Answer the Question, Jerk! rounds out the episode--the number 2 trending hashtag on Twitter in Seattle Monday night! Don't miss it!


Brock & Salk Podcast EPISODE 9: 12-3-19

The Seahawks are 10-2, tied for the best record in the NFL! Brock & Salk lay out a scenario where they earn the #1 seed and a first week bye--how plausible is it? Chris Petersen steps down from the head coaching position at the University of Washington. Brock Huard has some unique insight into why he made the decision and what the Huskies can expect from Jimmy Lake as their new head coach. Mike "Mr. Christmas" Salk has a Christmas conundrum--one he doesn't remember already addressing years...


Brock & Salk Podcast EPISODE 8: 11-26-19

Happy Thanksgiving, from Brock & Salk! The Hawks are 9-2 and control their own playoff destiny--does it feel like that? Brock believes the UW offense is broken, but after 2 years of degrading performance, is there an easy fix? Lamar Jackson is redefining excellence at quarterback, and it leaves Salk wondering if there will ever be an immobile QB that will be the MVP again in the NFL. Finally, Brock & Salk bring back a controversial show-favorite: Say What?! featuring Richard Sherman backing...


Brock & Salk Podcast EPISODE 7: 11-19-19

The Seahawks' schedule the final 6 games of the season is tough--will it be an opportunity to prove their greatness or will they regress to the mean in 1 score games? Around the NFL examines Colin Kaepernick's showdown with the NFL in the "workout debacle", and Mike wonders whether we will ever see another true pocket passing immobile quarterback take the league by storm again. Former head of officiating in the NFL, Mike Pereira, joins the show to talk about what can be done to slow down the...


Brock & Salk Podcast EPISODE 6: 11-12-19

40 STRAIGHT MINUTES OF SEAHAWKS TALK open Episode 6 of the Brock & Salk Podcast after the Seahawks knocked off the previously undefeated 49ers in a thrilling OT win on Monday Night Football. Have the Hawks fully arrived? Did the defense show enough to give Brock & Salk realistic hope of a 2020 Super Bowl berth? Salk puts Brock's feet to the fire about Jacob Eason and UW Offensive Coordinator Bush Hamdan. Finish off the episode with a strong dose of "Which is Better?"


Brock & Salk Podcast EPISODE 5: 10-29-19

The Seahawks are 6-2 at the midway point and Brock & Salk can't figure out why so many people are frustrated with this team. Brock brags about a handful of predictions he made about this season...and a handful that are gonna blow up in his face. FOX NFL Analyst Mark Schlereth joins the show to give a structural breakdown of the Hawks' defense and why they are putting themselves behind the 8 ball with their need for pass rush. Answer the Question, Jerk! sends you into Halloween the right way.


Brock & Salk Podcast EPISODE 4: 10-22-19

The Hawks get beat by the Ravens and Brock & Salk have some STRONG opinions about the Seahawks defense. Do they need to admit their defense will be average at best and play to their strengths on offense? Chris Petersen and the Huskies lose to the Ducks and Brock has a confident prediction about Jacob Eason's interest in leaving UW for the NFL draft after this season. The Astros and Nationals World Series matchup presents one obvious area of need for the Mariners--how soon can they address...


Brock & Salk Podcast EPISODE 3: 10-15-19

The Hawks are staring at a 5-1 start with an MVP quarterback, but can they ride their offense all the way to the Super Bowl without the defense taking a step forward? The Huskies get ready to host the Oregon Ducks; Salk has a theory about Chris Petersen related to their explosive 2nd half vs Arizona, while Brock believes that Jacob Eason's leadership during a halftime conversation with the coaching staff is the reason for the turnaround. Brock's three football questions include the one...


Brock & Salk Podcast EPISODE 2: 10-8-19

The Seahawks-49ers rivalry is officially BACK, and Brock & Salk have some thoughts about how it'll play out this season. Brock is fed up with poor performance of the Washington Husky offense through 3 conference games and Salk has an unorthodox solution for the Husky season. NBC Sports' Mike Tirico becomes the first-ever guest on the Brock & Salk Podcast with some excellent perspective on Russell Wilson's MVP campaign. Finally, Answer the Question, Jerk! brings you a TMNT breakdown of the...


Brock & Salk Podcast EPISODE 1: 10-2-19

The VERY FIRST episode of the Brock & Salk Podcast is here! The Hawks are 3 and 1, Mike Leach called his team "fat, dumb, happy and entitled" and Brock is having none of it, and Brock believes Chris Petersen may call it a career within the next 5 years. Plus, it wouldn't be Brock & Salk without "Answer the Question, Jerk!"


September 27, 2019 - Hour 3

The final hour. The final time. Brock & Salk wrap up their decade run on-air in Seattle and look ahead to the podcast beginning next week. The hay is in the barn. See ya, everybody!