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Danny O'Neil, Dave Wyman, and Jim Moore cover Seattle sports weekdays 3pm to 7pm on 710 ESPN Seattle.

Danny O'Neil, Dave Wyman, and Jim Moore cover Seattle sports weekdays 3pm to 7pm on 710 ESPN Seattle.


Seattle, WA


Danny O'Neil, Dave Wyman, and Jim Moore cover Seattle sports weekdays 3pm to 7pm on 710 ESPN Seattle.




Hour 3: Storytime with Wyman and Groz

Extended storytime with Wyman and Groz, as Groz shares his biggest sports regret, 40 years ago today, and Wyman shares his experience at the combine. The guys discuss what changes the Seahawks are going to need to make along the offensive line to find success this year. Then, we read your mean tweets before finding out What We Learned.


Hour 2: Ryan Divish from Mariners Spring Training

The Professor, John Clayton, joins the show for his Cold Hard Facts! The guys ask him all sorts of questions about the CBA, and what the players hope to get out of this negotiation. Ryan Divish joins the show to give us an update from Spring Training. Sweeping The Dial: Marshawn Lynch to appear in Season 3 of Westworld on HBO, and Tua Tagavailoa says if he could choose which team to play for, it would be the Cowboys.


Hour 1: Players do not vote on CBA proposal

Bob, Dave Wyman, and Dave Grozby sit down to discuss the proposed CBA, and how the players are responding to it. Take Two: The Huskies lose their ninth straight game last night, and the Dragons face off against their first divisional opponent, the Dallas Renegade, tomorrow at 2:00. Bruce Irvin is an unrestricted Free Agent. Should the Seahawks pursue him? Jeremy Clark stood out to both Wyman and Bumpus from last week's Dragons game, and Wyman shares why.


Hour 3: Analyzing Willie McGinest's Free Agent list

Bob, Dave, and Michael are joined by Bob Condotta to talk about the pending Seahawks free agency. Dave has some interesting statistics about the importance of draft picks to this team and every team. He shares those before we find out What We Learned.


Hour 2: Should the Seahawks sign Everson Griffen?

The Professor, John Clayton, joins the show to talk about the new proposed CBA, and potentially restructured playoff picture. Everson Griffen might become available. Should the Seahawks sign him? Sweeping The Dial: Browns OL Greg Robinson was caught with 157 pounds of marijuana, and Russell Wilson's mental coach says that he shouldn't listen to country music.


Hour 1: Owners vote on proposed CBA in the NFL

Bob, and Dave are joined by Michael Bumpus to discuss the owners vote on the new proposed CBA in the NFL. What changes could this make, and will it result in a 17 game season, or re-structured playoff picture? Take Two: WSU lost to Cal last night, and Ichiro will be throwing out the first pitch at the Mariners home opener at the end of March. Mariners Insider, Shannon Drayer, joins the show to share some updates on Mitch Haniger's injury situation. Should Emmitt Smith have commented on Dak...


February 18, 2020 - Hour 3

Michael Bradley, AKA El Hombre, joins the show for his weekly visit! What does he think about the recent player comments from around the MLB about the Astros cheating? Lions DB Darius Slay is involved in trade rumors, should the Seahawks bring him in to bolster their secondary? After going through multiple opposing players sounding off on the Astros, we find out What We Learned.


February 18, 2020 - Hour 2

John Clayton joins the show to talk about Greg Olsen signing with the Seahawks, Drew Brees returning to the Saints, and more. Former Seahawk Eugene Robinson joins the show to talk about what the Seahawks are getting in Greg Olsen, and how effective he could be in the 2020 season. The hour ends with Sweeping the Dial, including an XFL QB calling out his coach's gameplan.


February 18, 2020 - Hour 1

Breaking news: free agent tight end Greg Olsen has agreed to a 1 year, $7 million contract with the Seahawks. Is this a good move? Should the Seahawks be spending their money elsewhere? Then, is this Greg Olsen signing an indication that the Seahawks will continue to spend big in free agency? Also, the NBA All-Star game's new format received great reviews, could the Pro Bowl fix it's game as well?


February 14, 2020 - Hour 3

Should They Stay or Should They Go? The guys get to number 2 on their list of Seahawks that could have played their last game in a Seahawks uniform. Then, Curt Menefee joins the show, as he is broadcasting from Century Link tomorrow for the XFL Dragons home opener. Then, we read your mean tweets before finding out What We've Learned!


February 14, 2020 - Hour 2

The Professor, John Clayton, joins the guys for his Cold Hard Facts! The Dragons have their home opener tomorrow, and they also chat with John about some of the recent coaches who have been hired in the NFL. Storytime with Dave: Dave tells a special story about Trent Kirchner. Sweeping The Dial: Nate Burleson predicts 1200 yards and 14 tds for DK Metcalf next year, and Kendrick Perkins doesn't like Kyrie Irving.


February 14, 2020 - Hour 1

Bob, Dave, and Jim sit down to discuss what the Seahawks need to do moving into this offseason. Brock and Salk had some ideas on their podcast, and Bob, Dave, and Jim had some thoughts about them. Take Two: Rough night for Washington basketball as both UW and WSU fell to the California schools last night, and Mitch Haniger underwent surgery yesterday. Players are starting to speak out about the Astros scandal, and a number of them aren't holding back. We listen to some of their sound. A...


February 13, 2020 - Hour 3

David Schoenfeld from ESPN.com joins the show to talk about the Astros scandal, and get his take on the 2020 Mariners team, and what we should be looking for throughout the season. Should He Stay or Should He Go? Dave takes a look at Mychal Kendricks before the Seahawks head into the offseason, and whether or not he is likely to be added back to the team. Then, we find out What We Learned.


February 13, 2020 - Hour 2

The Professor, John Clayton joins the show to give a little input on the Astros sign-stealing scandal, and talk about the early offseason of the NFL and what we might expect to see moving forward. Then, the guys talk about the Seahawks wide receivers. Are we happy with what we have, or are there still upgrades that need to happen? Sweeping The Dial: A court ruled that being a Browns/Bengals fan in Ohio is not a viable reason to receive medical marijuana.Tyler Lockett's catch in the back of...


February 13, 2020 - Hour 1

Bob, Dave, and Jim listen to some of the sound earlier from the Astros "apology" for their sign stealing scandal. None of them are buying it. Take Two: UW takes on USC tonight, and Greg Olsen visited the Seahawks yesterday. How much impact can it have to lose a guy who is great in the locker room? The Astros scandal brought Pete Rose to the forefront of everyone's mind recently. Should he be allowed into the HoF?


February 12, 2020 - Hour 3

Ray Roberts of Seahawks pregame/postgame joins the show to talk about Germain Ifedi's pending free agency, whether or not George Fant can play left tackle in the NFL, and more. Then, we continue our list of Seahawks free agents with #4: Jarran Reed. Do you bring him back for top dollar? After Jim shares his displeasure with Mel Tucker leaving Colorado for Michigan State after saying he was going to stay, we find out What We Learned.


February 12, 2020 - Hour 2

The Professor joins the show to talk about Jameis Winston trying to improve his eyesight, which XFL rule would the NFL adopt, and more. Mariners pitcher Justin Dunn joins the show to talk about his first time in the MLB last season, what he learned from that experience, and what his expectations are this season. Then, we Sweep the Dial, including a shoutout to Dave.