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Total Soccer Show: USMNT, Champions League, EPL, and more ...

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Long-running American soccer show covering the USMNT, Premier League, Champions League, MLS, and more. If you enjoy analysis and silliness in equal measure, we're the podcast for you.

Long-running American soccer show covering the USMNT, Premier League, Champions League, MLS, and more. If you enjoy analysis and silliness in equal measure, we're the podcast for you.


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Long-running American soccer show covering the USMNT, Premier League, Champions League, MLS, and more. If you enjoy analysis and silliness in equal measure, we're the podcast for you.




Soccer and politics in South America, with George Quraishi

This is the third episode of the TSS Book Club. Daryl and George Quraishi are working their way through David Goldblatt's book "The Age of Football: Soccer in the 21st Century." In this episode we talk about chapter three, titled From The Left Wing, focused on the intersection of politics and football in South America. We also briefly discuss George's recent change in employment. Why would anyone voluntarily stop being the managing editor of The Athletic's Soccer section? Lots of links...


Allocation Disorder: The drama behind the scenes of MLS returning to play

On today's episode of Allocation Disorder... 0:00 - Paul and Sam share their thoughts on the current state of the country 13:17 - Getting into the nitty-gritty of the negotiations that led to MLS returning to action, as well as the factors that nearly led to a work stoppage Sponsors! Today's episode of Allocation Disorder is brought to you by... The Athletic! Advertise with The Athletic's podcast network! Visit to learn more Hydrant! Visit...


"I didn't steal the penguin. I borrowed him" Lutz Pfannenstiel on his illustrious playing career and enhancing the scouting network at Fortuna Dusseldorf

Taylor talks to Lutz Pfannenstiel about the many ups and downs of his playing career, his philosophy when it comes to scouting and roster construction, and the value American players represent in the Bundesliga. Plus, how he managed to bring in Zack Steffen, and why it's best not to end up in a Singapore prison. Sponsors! Today's episode is brought to you by... The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Register for their Big Virtual Climb here. Hims! Get your first month free here Use code...


Can the USMNT win the World Cup in 2026? Plus: soccer player protests, prized memorabilia, and more

It's listener questions! Got one for us? Please submit here Timestamps: 1:40 — Black Lives Matter 9:05 — Can the USMNT win the 2026 World Cup? 21:15 — Use code SOCCER at for 25% off 23:10 — What are some of the most famous examples of players protesting? 32:30 — Why wasn't Kaylor Navas in our best player in Concacaf discussion? 37:55 — Advertise with The Athletic's podcast network! Visit to learn more 40:10 — Can you tell us more about...


MLS Assist: The Goals Added soccer metric explained, with John Muller of American Soccer Analysis

Joe Lowery is joined by John Muller of American Soccer Analysis to talk about goals added, the new soccer metric that captures the effect of every touch on the ball on that team's chances of scoring or conceding and might change the way we measure soccer. John says goals added is a soccer metric that "tells us what matters" on the field. See more of John's work at SPONSORS! Go to for a free online visit and free two-day shipping Use code...


Weekend Review w/ Ryan Bailey: Premier League restart concerns, a potential lockout in MLS, and actual soccer in the Bundesliga

After a slightly somber start, Ryan and Taylor discuss the Premier League restart, plans for the resumption of the Champions League, and a looming lockout in MLS. Plus, goals galore in Bayern Munich v Dusseldorf and Paderborn v Dortmund, as well as Schalke's continued poor form merits further discussion. Oh, and I can't stress this enough... neither David Guetta nor his musical attempts at whatever he was musically attempting are featured on this episode. Sponsors! Today's episode is...


Premier League return date, USMNT WCQ news, plus: Who's the best player in Concacaf?

Plenty to talk about on today's show. Here are your timestamps: 1:40 — Premier League is coming back June 17 13:55 — Use code TSS for 10% off at 16:25 — Possible changes to Concacaf qualifying for the 2022 World Cup 23:30 — Gregg Berhalter indicates the USMNT will defend in a pressing 4-3-3 30:30 — Jesse Marsch wins the Austrian Cup! 35:55 — Visit to order your team soccer kits or to order a custom face mask LISTENER QUESTIONS Got a question for us? Please...


Allocation Disorder: USMNT depth chart and starting XI

Sam Stejskal and Paul Tenorio discuss the USMNT's depth chart and pick their preferred starting elevens This episode is a companion to Paul's interview with Gregg Berhalter, which Athletic subscribers can read here: Not a subscriber? Sign up via SPONSORS! Register for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Big Virtual Climb, sponsored by Abbvie, at Visit now for custom face masks...


Discussing the 2020 NWSL Challenge Cup w/ Meg Linehan

The NWSL is returning to action this summer, with the NWSL Challenge Cup scheduled to run from June 27 until July 26th, when a tournament champion will be crowned. To explain the creation of the competition, as well as the proposed structure, dates, format, and competitors, Taylor talks to The Athletic's Meg Linehan. And by "talks to" I mean "sits and listens as she does all the heavy lifting." You can find Meg's work over at The Athletic Sponsors! Today's episode is brought to you...


What's wrong at Schalke, right at Hertha Berlin, and very right at Bayern Munich w/ Manuel Veth

Manuel Veth is on the line to discuss Schalke's abysmal form, a looming goalkeeper battle at Bayern Munich, the most valuable Americans, and why Jadon Sancho might not be on the move but that doesn't mean Dortmund will have a quiet summer. Plus, why are Stuttgart bad, why are Hertha Berlin suddenly good, and much more! Sponsors! Today's episode is brought to you by... The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Register for their Big Virtual Climb here. Visit for 25% off...


Borussia Dortmund v Bayern Munich review w/ Bobby Warshaw, plus how to evaluate the development of Americans in the Bundesliga

Bobby "I take audio production seriously" Warshaw returns to the show to help break down Borussia Dortmund v Bayern Munich. How fine were the margins, how much has Alphonso Davies developed, how Bayern frustrated Dortmund's approach, and how strange it was to hear crowd noise without a crowd? Of course, we also meander into a wide range of other topics including podcasts that Bobby thinks are better than ours, the best ways to discuss soccer without relying on "hot take" formats, if...


MLS Assist: the best Designated Players in MLS history

There gave been many great Designated Players in MLS history, and then there have been quite a few that have been the opposite of that. Joe and Jordan work together to determine the consensus (ish) best DPs in league history, including David Beckham, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and many more. If you're new to American soccer, there's also an explanation of the Designated Player Rule and how it came to be. Sponsors! Today's episode of MLS Assist is brought to you by... Get your...


Bundesliga Sunday Review: discussing Schalke-Augsburg and Mainz-Leipzig, plus a Dortmund-Bayern preview

Ryan and Taylor review the biggest moments from Sunday's Bundesliga action They then preview the midweek fixtures, including Dortmund-Bayern, Leverkusen-Wolfsburg, and Leipzig-Hertha. Sponsors! Today's episode of The Total Soccer Show is brought to you by... The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Register for their Big Virtual Climb here. Get your custom mask today, and bookmark them for when you’re ready for your next soccer kit order. Take care of yourself,...


Saturday Bundesliga Review! Wolfsburg-Dortmund, Bayern Munich-Frankfurt, Gladbach-Leverkusen, and Josh Sargent vs The World

3:13 - Wolfsburg v Dortmund: John Brooks does his best to stifle Erling Haaland and Company 16:41 - Today's show is sponsored by... — use code SOCCER for 10% off 18:42 - Bayern Munich v Eintracht Frankfurt: Alphonso Davies is good. 33:27 - Today's show is sponsored by... — for a free online visit and free two-day shipping 35:18 - Borussia Monchengladbach v Bayer Leverkusen: Kai Havertz can not be contained! 48:09 - Freiburg v Werder Bremen: Sargent on...


Allocation Disorder: detailing the positives and negatives of The MLS Orlando Plan

Your second favorite soccer-podcast-duo go deep on Major League Soccer's plan to resume play via a summer tournament in Orlando. What will be the structure, who will be the seeded teams, and how are the groups determined? Your Allocation Disorder hosts have the answers, as well as information on how the season will resume after the tournament. If you want to read more about The Orlando Approach, The Athletic has got you covered: Here's some combined reporting on the plan. And here's Jeff...


Premier League teams return to training, Bundesliga preview, profiles of Sacchi's Milan, Beckenbauer's Bayern Munich, 1967 Celtic, 1986 Steaua Bucharest, and 1991 Red Star Belgrade

Here are you timestamps! Starting at 3:05 — The Premier League is back in action! Sort of. They're training at least. In small groups. And the Bundesliga is back this weekend, we let you know which game are on TV, and which games to look out for. Gio Reyna-watch starts now. PROFILES: 26:30 — The Celtic FC Lisbon Lions of 1967 38:40 — The Bayern Munich team of the 1970s, featuring Gerd Muller, Franz Beceknbauer, and Uli Hoeness 1:10:30 — Red Star Belgrade 1991 1:14:25 — Steaua Bucharest...


The best farewell games in soccer history, featuring Pele, Cruyff and many more

We talked "best debuts" last week, so now we're getting into best farewell performances in soccer. It could be the final game of a player's career or it could be a fine performance in their last game for club or country. But if it was a fitting way to sign off on a moment in a career, it's probably discussed on this episode! Pele, Cruyff, Raul, Zidane and Neymar are all in there, plus many more! TODAY'S SPONSORS: Remarkably Remote — a daily microcast from GoToMeeting — use...


MLS Assist: Luchi Gonzalez goes deep on his FC Dallas philosophy and developing future USMNT players

Joe Lowery has a detailed conversation with Luchi Gonzalez about the FC Dallas head coach's football philosophy and tactics, his approach to developing and promoting talented young players, and how he's risen through the ranks so quickly. If you're interested in the future of American soccer, don't miss this episode. SPONSORS Listen to Remarkably Remote, a new microcast from GoToMeeting Visit for 25% off your first order Use code SOCCER at for 10%...


Fútbol with Grant Wahl: Tyler Adams interview

TSS has partnered with Grant Wahl to launch a new interview podcast, Fútbol with Grant Wahl. The first episode of FwGW, in which Grant interviews Tyler Adams about experiencing the Bundesliga's coronavirus protocols, is now available. We're cross-publishing the first half of that interview here to promote Grant's new show. To hear the full episode, and future episodes every Monday and Thursday, please support our new project and subscribe to Fútbol with Grant Wahl.


Grant Wahl on his time at Sports Illustrated, The Beckham Experiment, his new podcast, and how to book big-name guests

Daryl talks to Grant Wahl about his career in soccer journalism and his new project, the Fútbol with Grant Wahl podcast, which the TSS is helping produce. Topics discussed include advice for aspiring soccer writers, the 1998 World Cup Final, the 99ers, The Beckham Experiment, the awesomeness of Alan Gordon, and how to get a player like Mohamed Salah to commit to an interview. Here are some links to help you subscribe to the Fútbol with Grant Wahl podcast: Apple Podcasts / Spotify /...