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The smoking-hot new public radio show that straps audiences into an audio rollercoaster. Winner of the Public Radio Talent Quest, Glynn Washington delivers a raw, musical brand of storytelling, daring listeners to see the world through the eyes of another.

The smoking-hot new public radio show that straps audiences into an audio rollercoaster. Winner of the Public Radio Talent Quest, Glynn Washington delivers a raw, musical brand of storytelling, daring listeners to see the world through the eyes of another.
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The smoking-hot new public radio show that straps audiences into an audio rollercoaster. Winner of the Public Radio Talent Quest, Glynn Washington delivers a raw, musical brand of storytelling, daring listeners to see the world through the eyes of another.







A teenage hacker inspired by “Mr. Robot” takes on his high school and gets personal with his principal's Twitter account. And night-shift doctor, Joe Sills, shares a story of life after death. STORIES Code Yellow A teenage hacker inspired by “Mr. Robot” takes on his principal, teachers, and the Board of Education. This piece was adapted from the podcast, Darknet Diaries. Listen to the full story, called Finn. Produced by: Jack Rhysider with assistance from Nancy Lopez Sound Design:...


On The Mat - Snap Classic

A one-legged high schooler wrestles with his identity and his weight class. He faces tough opponents and big decisions. The Wrestler With The Missing Leg Anthony Robles was born with one leg, but that didn’t stop him from joining the wrestling team. If you want to learn more about Anthony’s story and his career as a motivational speaker, check out his website and be sure to read his memoir, Unstoppable: From Underdog to Undefeated. Producer: Joe Rosenberg Sound Design: Renzo...


Operation Little Flower

In the small Croatian town of Vukovar, some 200 people went missing. Years later, a group of investigators with The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia set out on an impossible task to find out who was responsible for these missing people. Go undercover with us in "Operation Little Flower". For more about finding justice in the Balkans check out: The Investigator by Vladimir Dzuro The Butcher’s Trial by Julian Borger Produced by: Shaina Shealy, Liz Mak, Adizah...


Quick Fix - Snap Classic

Life can be messy, and there isn’t always time to do things the right way…do not miss "Quick Fix". Mouth Of The Dragon When a small child is lost, it's up to Glynn to face the dragon. Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller As The World Burns What happens when the world around you starts to burn? Performed live by Josh Healey at Snap Judgment LIVE! in San Francisco's Nourse Theater A Little White Lie Think your dating life is tough? Try being an Arab, Muslim man after 9/11 in New York City. Be...


Snap LIVE! The Social Experiment

THE LEGEND OF SWEETFOOT Comedian Dino Archie gets into a bar fight that blossoms into a bromance. The bond with his soulmate ripens over crab trapping, bankruptcy, and the Ghost of Christmas Future. CAMP EXORCIST Comedian James Judd falls in love with a human hair blanket and performs a church camp exorcism…you know, the kind with googly-eyed sock puppets. Original Music by Bells Atlas Snap LIVE! "The Social Experiment" Season 10 Episode 17


Bloodsport - Snap Classic

Point guard Alex Owumi has just landed in North Africa to play basketball for his childhood hero. For more information, check out Alex’s book -- Qaddafi's Point Guard. Producer: Davey Kim and Anna Sussman Sound Design: Davey Kim, Leon Morimoto Season 6 Episode 8


The Boy On The Beach

Hear the story behind the influential photo of the Syrian boy who drowned while attempting to reach Europe. Read more in Tima Kurdi’s book, The Boy on the Beach. Producer: Anna Sussman Original Score: Renzo Gorrio Season 10 Episode 15


The Family Name

1. Quiet is Best When Julie Lindahl discovered that her grandfather had been an active member of the German SS, she decided to return to the scene of his crimes. But her grandmother made things difficult. Julie Lindahl has written a book about her experience: The Pendulum: A Granddaughter's Search for her Family's Forbidden Nazi Past. A version of this story was originally produced for the podcast Kind World, which tells stories about the effect a single act can have on our lives. You can...


“The Choice” Josh Healey Live at BAM - Snap Classic

When Josh Healey learns some unexpected news from his girlfriend, his first of Grandma Barbara and Grandma Henrietta. Performed Live by Josh Healey at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Music written by Alex Mandel and performed by the Snap Players Alex Mandel, Tim Frick and David Brandt Season 7 Episode 3


A Wives' Tale - Snap Classic

A Wives’ Tale Five women, one husband and one goal in life... to get to the Celestial Kingdom. Producer: Tyler Measom & Adizah Eghan Original Score and Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio Season 8 Episode 15


Who's Your Mama? Pt 2 "Nose Job"

When Roderick turns 18, he gets a special gift from his mom... for the one thing about him, she does not love. Sound Design & Score: Leon Morimoto Produced: Shaina Shealy, Mark Oppenheimer and the team at Unorthodox. Season 10 Episode 14


Who's Your Mama - Pt 1 "#Waffle Woke"

Comic Jen Kober tells the story of the mother she never expected to find, on a journey she never expected to take. Performed live at The Paramount in Oakland. Music composed by Bells Atlas. Season 10 Episode 13


Tricknology - Snap Classic

STORIES "Glynn - Tithe Me Not" Original Score and Sound Design: Pat Mesiti-Miller Whiteboy John & The Seven Saints Description: How did a kid from Harlem become the biggest heroin dealer in upstate New York, almost overnigoht? And what would it take for him to turn his back on a mountain of cash? Producer: Anna Sussman Original Score and Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio Year Zero Description: A young man returns to Cambodia to piece together the fragments of his history that the Khmer...


No One Calls Me Shooter

School shootings and their tragic aftermath have become an all too common story. But here’s one side of it that you probably haven’t heard. This story takes place at a high school in Portland, Oregon, where officials fear the next school shooter might be a teenage boy in their midst. Bethany Barnes originally reported this story for The Oregonian - Targeted: A Family and the Quest to Stop the Next School Shooter. She is now an investigative reporter for the Tampa Bay Times. Producer: Nancy...


Good Morning, Mosul - Snap Classic

A tiny, pirate radio station broadcasts to the thousands of families trapped in ISIS-controlled Mosul. When listeners start calling in, something remarkable happens. Producer: Anna Sussman Original Score and Sound Design: Leon Morimoto and Pat Mesiti-Miller


Snap LIVE! At The Paramount

Niagara Falls Glynn’s trip to Niagara Falls starts in the Tunnel of Love with a taboo first kiss. Performed live by Glynn Washington. Don Reed - Things You Wouldn't Normally Do When Don Reed got accepted into UCLA he was ecstatic; problem was he was broke and had nowhere to live. Performed live by Don Reed Joyce Lee - The Wolf Whistle All her life she’d been taught she was a prize to be won. Then she decided she was going to pick her prize. Performed live by Joyce Lee. All...


The Promised Land

The story of a small Christian hill town in Palestine, and the 18 cows that kind of, almost, but never really, changed the course of its future. Producer: Shaina Shealy Original Score: Leon Morimoto Season 10 Episode 10


Don Reed "Cardboard Boxes" at Snap LIVE! in Brooklyn

Snap Favorite Don Reed takes the stage with a heartfelt homage to his father's dreams for his son. Performed live by Don Reed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music Music composed and performed by Bells Atlas Season 10 Episode 9


Jen Kober "Skydiving" at Snap LIVE! in Brooklyn

Snap comedy queen Jen Kober thought having an adventurous date meant trying a new restaurant... little did she know she would be free falling into a pretty crappy situation. Original Music by Bells Atlas Performed Live at Brooklyn Academy of Music Join Snap Nation and Get The Video at Season 10 Episode 8


Texas Ranger - Snap Classic

Back in the 1970's Bob Favor signed up to be a Texas Ranger. He helped local police solve some of their toughest cases. But there was one case that kept getting away from him. For more of Bob Favor’s exploits as a Texas Ranger, make sure to grab a copy of his book: My Rangering Days. For more of Luke Quinton’s work check out his website: Producer: Luke Quinton Sound Design: Leon Morimoto