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Mixes real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, and dramatic radio. Hosted by Glynn Washington.

Mixes real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, and dramatic radio. Hosted by Glynn Washington.
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Mixes real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, and dramatic radio. Hosted by Glynn Washington.





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I Sing the Body Electric

When the thought of his own mortality becomes too much to bear, a father of two living in Utah decides to upgrade his own body, one piece at a time. Sensitive listeners should note - this episode contains extremely graphic scenes of bodily harm and visceral scenes of live surgery. Thank you to Rich Lee for sharing your story with Snap. Hear more work from producer Lawrence Bull on his podcast Sound of Mind. Thanks to filmmakers Leeor Kaufman and Joe Egender for their assistance. Look out...


The Spy's Son - Snap Classic

Bryan Denson was a court reporter for The Oregonian newspaper in Portland. It could be mind-numbing work sitting in the cheap seats of the American justice system. But then one day he got a tip about an espionage case coming in. The defendant was 24-year-old Nathan Nicholson. For Bryan, it would turn out to be the story of a lifetime. For Nathan, it was the beginning of the end. To learn more about Nathan’s story, make sure to grab a copy of Bryan Denson’s book: The Spy’s Son. You can check...


1865 "Sic Semper Tyrannis"

April 15, 1865. President Lincoln is dead and the country in turmoil. Secretary of War Edwin Stanton takes control, determined to preserve Lincoln’s legacy. This story comes to us from 1865, an Airship production. Heavily researched, this historical political thriller podcast is an audio drama that explores America’s darkest hours. You will be astonished—and all of it is based on true events. Starring Jeremy Schwartz as Edwin Stanton. Also featuring: Lindsay Graham, Pam Dougherty, Matthew...


The Inventor and The Thief - Snap Classic

You get up every morning and go through the motions, but do you ever stop to wonder what you're leaving behind? When a brilliant inventor was robbed of his life’s work, his son did the only reasonable thing: he became a robber. Walter produced a film called The Unknowns: Talent is Colorblind. The film tells the incredible true story of “The Highway,” a group of self-taught African-American painters living in the Jim Crow South who, when no one was looking, invented a whole new style of...


Head Games

This week on Snap Judgment...two stories about the human mind and how it can play tricks on you. A father of five and devout Mormon is dragged into a world that upends everything he knows to be true. And a young man comes to terms with his mother’s profound mental illness. STORIES "Tracy: My Ride-or-Die" When Adult ISH host Nyge Turner turned 17, he became the caretaker for his ride-or-die: Tracy. His mom. This story was produced by YR Media's Adult ISH podcast (Mom ISH episode). Adult...


Campfire Tales VI - The Thin Place

Martin is a paramedic. He has a gift for saving peoples' lives. He also has another, darker, gift--one that he doesn’t want to use. Thank you, Martin Moseley, for sharing your story with us. Martin is a longtime Spooked listener. Produced by: Eliza Smith Original Score: Renzo Gorrio Artwork by: Sanaa Khan Season III is ALIVE!! There are 26 new episodes of Spooked coming this season each week through Halloween and into a spooky November. To listen to them all, download the Luminary...


The Badlands - Snap Classic

For two years, ISIS fought to take over the city of Mosul, killing 40,000 civilians. A group of men and women from around the world flew into Iraq and made their way to Mosul, to try their hand at fighting ISIS. Snap proudly presents a Classic, "The Badlands." Producer: Anna Sussman Original Score: Renzo Gorrio Check out more from the Free Burma Rangers. Check out the book City of Death. "Witness the Free Burma Rangers Rescue of a Young Iraqi Girl" Watch Dave Eubank (Helmet) run into...


Spooked Season III Trailer

Spooked Season III is upon us! It’s bigger, badder, and scarier than ever. We’ve got new episodes with terrifying tales to keep you up at night... The first episode drops next week, Thursday, 8/22/19. Don't listen alone... All 26 episodes will be available on Luminary. Download the Luminary mobile app or go to



A man inspired by joy writes a song, then he discovers it’s become a weapon. And a boy beat down by life learns to fight back, with the help of an upper-cut and milkshakes. STORIES Life On Easy Street A musician writes a song so catchy, it takes over the world...then he finds out it's become a weapon. "Easy Street" turned into something it was never meant to be. This story contains explicit language, sensitive listeners are advised. A big thanks to Joe Sivick & producer Deena...


Shangri-La - Snap Classic

Glynn unearths paradise. A geoscientist journeys deep into the Amazon Jungle, where rivers rage and legends come true. And a revolutionary living in exile does the unexpected. Snap presents a classic, "Shangri-La." STORIES "The Perfect Spot" Backpackers are scouring Southeast Asia looking for the magical spot, but Glynn has the inside tip. "Boiling River" Andres Ruzo tried to track down a legendary he’s heard his grandfather talk about in stories when he was a little boy. He found the...


Kissing the Concrete - Snap Spotlights "Ear Hustle"

Snap leaves San Quentin State Prison with the Ear Hustle podcast and then goes back behind the walls to hear stories from Prison Reception. Content Advisory: This episode contains graphic descriptions of violence. Listener discretion is advised. STORIES Kissing the Concrete Snap finds freedom with Ear Hustle. Two men transition from prison back into society and find out who - or what - is waiting for them on the outside. Listen to the full episode of Kissing the Concrete. Excuse Me On...


The Body Genius - Snap Spotlights "The Truth"

In a dark and fictional world, we meet the best Hollywood trainer money can buy. A trainer who specializes in the human body, but one body in his gym... isn't breathing. Snap spotlights "The Truth" podcast. We're proud to present Part One from their five-part series, “The Body Genius.” Starring: Chris Cafero as Evan Written by: Hunter Nelson Produced by: Jonathan Mitchell & Davy Gardner Artwork by: Clement Bolla To hear all five episodes & see the full list of credits, visit "The...



A teenage hacker inspired by “Mr. Robot” takes on his high school and gets personal with his principal's Twitter account. And night-shift doctor, Joe Sills, shares a story of life after death. STORIES Code Yellow A teenage hacker inspired by “Mr. Robot” takes on his principal, teachers, and the Board of Education. This piece was adapted from the podcast, Darknet Diaries. Listen to the full story, called Finn. Produced by: Jack Rhysider with assistance from Nancy Lopez Sound Design:...


On The Mat - Snap Classic

A one-legged high schooler wrestles with his identity and his weight class. He faces tough opponents and big decisions. The Wrestler With The Missing Leg Anthony Robles was born with one leg, but that didn’t stop him from joining the wrestling team. If you want to learn more about Anthony’s story and his career as a motivational speaker, check out his website and be sure to read his memoir, Unstoppable: From Underdog to Undefeated. Producer: Joe Rosenberg Sound Design: Renzo...


Operation Little Flower

In the small Croatian town of Vukovar, some 200 people went missing. Years later, a group of investigators with The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia set out on an impossible task to find out who was responsible for these missing people. Go undercover with us in "Operation Little Flower". For more about finding justice in the Balkans check out: The Investigator by Vladimir Dzuro The Butcher’s Trial by Julian Borger Produced by: Shaina Shealy, Liz Mak, Adizah...


Quick Fix - Snap Classic

Life can be messy, and there isn’t always time to do things the right way…do not miss "Quick Fix". Mouth Of The Dragon When a small child is lost, it's up to Glynn to face the dragon. Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller As The World Burns What happens when the world around you starts to burn? Performed live by Josh Healey at Snap Judgment LIVE! in San Francisco's Nourse Theater A Little White Lie Think your dating life is tough? Try being an Arab, Muslim man after 9/11 in New York City. Be...


Snap LIVE! The Social Experiment

THE LEGEND OF SWEETFOOT Comedian Dino Archie gets into a bar fight that blossoms into a bromance. The bond with his soulmate ripens over crab trapping, bankruptcy, and the Ghost of Christmas Future. CAMP EXORCIST Comedian James Judd falls in love with a human hair blanket and performs a church camp exorcism…you know, the kind with googly-eyed sock puppets. Original Music by Bells Atlas Snap LIVE! "The Social Experiment" Season 10 Episode 17


Bloodsport - Snap Classic

Point guard Alex Owumi has just landed in North Africa to play basketball for his childhood hero. For more information, check out Alex’s book -- Qaddafi's Point Guard. Producer: Davey Kim and Anna Sussman Sound Design: Davey Kim, Leon Morimoto Season 6 Episode 8


The Boy On The Beach

Hear the story behind the influential photo of the Syrian boy who drowned while attempting to reach Europe. Read more in Tima Kurdi’s book, The Boy on the Beach. Producer: Anna Sussman Original Score: Renzo Gorrio Season 10 Episode 15


The Family Name

1. Quiet is Best When Julie Lindahl discovered that her grandfather had been an active member of the German SS, she decided to return to the scene of his crimes. But her grandmother made things difficult. Julie Lindahl has written a book about her experience: The Pendulum: A Granddaughter's Search for her Family's Forbidden Nazi Past. A version of this story was originally produced for the podcast Kind World, which tells stories about the effect a single act can have on our lives. You can...