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Fresh, new, provocative programs from the digital realm. Radio One's Podcast Playlist kicks it off on terrestrial with a sampling of some of the most intriguing of what the internet has to offer.

Fresh, new, provocative programs from the digital realm. Radio One's Podcast Playlist kicks it off on terrestrial with a sampling of some of the most intriguing of what the internet has to offer.


Toronto, ON


Fresh, new, provocative programs from the digital realm. Radio One's Podcast Playlist kicks it off on terrestrial with a sampling of some of the most intriguing of what the internet has to offer.




Podcasters share their favourite podcasts

We had so much fun weaving together the string of podcasts from our 200th episode that we've decided to continue our recommendation chain. This time we're picking up from where we left off in that episode. Featuring: Punch Up the Jam (Recommended by Nate DiMeo of The Memory Palace), Why Won't You Date Me? (Recommended by Miel Bredouw of Punch Up The Jam), High and Mighty (Recommended by Nicole Byer of Why Won't You Date Me?), Reply All (Recommended by Jon Gabrus of High and Mighty), My Year...


Hot New Podcasts For Summer

New releases and a chat with The Newcomers' hosts Lauren Lapkus and Nicole Byer. Featuring: This American Life, Newcomers: Star Wars, Unlocking Bryson's Brain and Against the Rules. Plus, what's the tea on Quibi? Streamiverse used to be a fan podcast about Quibi. But when Quibi sent them a cease and desist, they pivoted to podcasting about streaming content. Except now the podcast is driven by spite. Our producer shares this wild story. For a link to all the episodes featured in today's show...


Podcasts about superfans and the icons they love

Admiration, infatuation, obsession … has as anything – or anyone – ever meant so much to you that it sparked any of these feelings? This week on Podcast Playlist, we hear stories about what separates the admirers from the die-hard fans. Featuring: Mortified, Mad About the Boy, Obsession, Nancy, Decoder Ringand Snap Judgement. For more visit: cbc.ca/1.5546574.


Reply All's Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt Share their Podcast Obsessions

Reply All's Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt join Nana aba in a conversation that was recorded back in February. They share the podcasts they love, how Reply All has grown over the years and why they can't share an office. Don't worry: they still love each other. Featuring: Reply All, My Year in Mensa, 1619, Noodle Loaf and Analyze Phish. For more visit: cbc.ca/1.5483592. Plus, check out Alex and PJ's new show The Scaredy Cats Horror Show.


Exploring Inventive Podcasts with Radio Atlas Creator Eleanor McDowall

Radio Atlas makes something pretty unique: english subtitles for podcasts in other languages. Radio Atlas creator Eleanor McDowell shares what inspired her to start creating subtitles for radio, and why she hopes Radio Atlas will eventually be unnecessary. Featuring: Have You Heard George's Podcast?, Hope Chest: A Podcast, The View From Somewhere, Animal Meditations and Imaginary Advice. For more visit: cbc.ca/1.5491661


New and notable: April edition

In this episode we bring you some brand new releases for April; plus a conversation with Terry O'Reilly. Featuring: We Regret To Inform You: The Rejection Podcast, Freakonomics, The Dose and Invisibilia. For more podcast recommendations visit: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/podcastplaylist


Death, Sex & Money host Anna Sale shares podcasts from self-isolation

In this episode we're sharing selections from Anna Sale, the host of WNYC's Death, Sex & Money. Featuring: Death, Sex & Money, Reply All, Nancy and Throughline. For more podcast recommendations visit: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/podcastplaylist


Bad with Money host Gaby Dunn shares podcasts from self-isolation

Gaby Dunn joins us from her self-isolation bubble in Los Angeles to share how's she coping and what podcasts are keeping her company right now. Featuring: Bad with Money, Dating Straight, Scam Goddess and The Bechdel Cast. For more podcast recommendations visit: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/podcastplaylist


Podcasts about where we live

We're still here! It took a bit of time to figure out how to make Podcast Playlist from home, but we'll be back with all new episodes in the coming weeks. We have some great guests coming up: Anna Sale from Death, Sex and Money, PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman from Reply All and Gaby Dunn from Bad with Money. So stay with us! In the meantime, here's an encore presentation of one of our favourite episodes from last year: Podcast about where we live. As many of us are spending time self isolating we...


Exploring "Self-Help" with By the Book hosts Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer

Each week in By the Book hosts Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer live by the rules of a different self-help book. Together, they try to figure out which ones might actually be life changing. In this episode (which originally aired June 15th 2019) they join Matt and Lindsay to discuss what they've learned from living "by the book" and share some of their favourite podcasts. Featuring: Still Processing, Risk!, The History Chicks and Why Won't You Date Me? To find more of Kristen and...


Leon Neyfakh on political scandals and his favourite podcasts

Leon Neyfakh is the co-creator of the podcasts Slow Burn and Fiasco — two shows that take a closer look at big political scandals from the past. In this episode he shares a clip from the latest season of Fiasco and some of his favourite podcasts. . Podcasts featured in this episode: . 1. Fiasco: The Iran-Contra scandal was a complex affair with a lot of moving parts involved. But its origins can be traced back to the very first day of Ronald Reagan’s presidency. . 2. The Gravy Train: Toronto...


Fresh New Podcasts for Spring

Featuring: Conversations with People Who Hate Me: "In the summer of 2017 journalist Katie Herzog wrote a piece that was widely criticized. Ultimately she found herself at the bottom of a social media pile-on. 3,000 miles east of Katie, a woman named Robyn Kanner joined that pile-on tweeting "ur just trash." In this episode, taped live in front an audience, Katie and Robyn meet onstage for the first time to discuss what happened between them, and the unlikely twist that brought them closer...


From Beyoncé to Celine: Podcasts about the mightiest women in music

Is it the raw talent or the intense dedication to performance? Or maybe it’s the attitude, the ‘IT’ factor, that charms audiences all around the world. From Aretha to Beyonce to Celine — we bring you podcasts about some of the mightiest women in music. . Making Beyonce: "Before the Grammys, before the platinum records, before Destiny's Child, there was just a shy girl growing up in Houston. We follow Beyoncé Knowles from the stages of local talent shows to her first crack at a record deal...


New True Crime Podcast Discoveries

You’ve heard about art heists. You’ve heard about bank heists. But what about maple syrup heists? We go behind the syrupy scheme that made millions. This week on Podcast Playlist, we bring you the best true crime podcasts to binge this winter. Podcasts featured this week: . The Score: Bank Robber Diaries – "Breaking the rules at a young age set Joe Loya up for a descent into crime. From his first time robbing a bank, to a violent altercation behind bars, this is Joe Loya's origin story." ....


New and Notable: We have a new host!

This week — food insecurity across Ontario, the power of powders and pills, the surveillance of Ronan Farrow and more new podcasts. Hard to Stomach – "How do you decide between buying bread and keeping the lights on? Hard to Stomach focuses on stories from real people facing and fighting against food insecurity in communities across Ontario. Hosted by Nana aba Duncan." The Catch and Kill – "Igor Ostrovskiy is a private investigator in New York. In 2017, he was contracted to surveil Ronan...


Six great podcasts to get hooked on this winter

You can never have enough podcasts in your rotation. They keep us company when we’re alone with a sink full of dirty dishes, when we're folding laundry or heading to work. In this episode, we bring you some of our current favourites. Podcasts featured this week: Startup: Success Academy – "Eva Moskowitz wants to fix a really big problem. There are over a million kids in New York City's public schools. Most can't read or do math at grade level. And it's largely poor, black and brown kids who...


Podcasts about the joys and pressures of parenting

We bring you a list of podcasts that all delve raising others and what it's like to be raised. There are a lot of different approaches to being a parent, and we have all the angles covered. The Longest Shortest Time – "Myra Jones-Taylor's son is black, but it's a constant struggle to get his peers and teachers to see him that way." Mom and Dad are Fighting – "Slate's parenting advice show helps a listener with how to talk to a 5-year-old about their absent father." Death, Sex & Money – "The...


Back by popular demand

Settle in and get comfortable for a podcast binge. Here are a few must-listen episodes from some of our favourite podcasts. Podcasts featured this week: Criminal – "When 18-year-old Ruth Cruger disappeared in 1917, newspapers reported that she probably ran off with a boyfriend. New York police said that there were no clues to go on. But an investigator named Grace Humiston decided that she would do whatever it took to find her. She became known as 'Mrs. Sherlock Holmes.'" The Moth Radio Hour...


Podcasts about the foods that remind us of home

We’re inviting you into the kitchen to sample some stories about food. Podcasts featured this week: Racist Sandwich – Producer Stephanie Kuo talks about the gentrification of BBQ in Texas. Offshore – "Reporter Paola Mardo dives into the history of America's fascination with all things Tiki." Hidden Kitchens: The Kitchen Sisters – A meditation on how Koreans use one of their national dishes (Kimchi) to connect with people within and outside of the country through "Kimchi diplomacy." Home...


ENCORE: Podcasts outside the norm with 'Everything is Alive' host Ian Chillag

Have you ever stopped to think about what a balloon, a bar of soap, a subway seat, or a can of cola would have to say? On this podcast, they each have a voice and they're ready to spill their truths. From PRX and Radiotopia, Everything is Alive is an unscripted interview series in which each guest is an inanimate object. No two items' experiences are the same as they each have a life story and their own unique perspective on the world at large. With company like this, it's no wonder the show...