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Analysis, Background Information and more about the stories making headlines – Mondays to Fridays on Africalink.




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Analysis, Background Information and more about the stories making headlines – Mondays to Fridays on Africalink.




AfricaLink on Air - 02 July 2020

The plight of over one million refugees in Uganda +++ Brewing tension in Nigeria's oil-rich Niger Delta +++ Ghana's dream of becoming the 'Singapore of Africa' in 2020 +++ Upsurge in teen pregnancy in Kenya +++ Cameroon's English-speaking displaced people find difficulties in French-speaking regions


AfricaLink on Air - 01 July 2020

Nigeria will allow travel between its states outside curfew hours from July 1 +++ Germany's Merkel takes over EU presidency +++ Ethiopia police confirm arrest of leading opposition politician +++ Somalia's 60th independence anniversary +++ As Covid-19 cases spike in Rwanda, indigenous Batwa community may return to forests


The 77Percent: COVID-19 and the surge in teenage pregnancies

Kenya is investigating reports that at least 150,000 girls — some as young as 12 — became pregnant since the start of 2020. Could this be a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, and school closures? Listen to #77percent discussion this week with DW's Miriam Kaliza plus the effects of COVID-19 on sexual and reproductive health in Malawi.


AfricaLink on Air – 30 June 2020

DR Congo commemorates 60th Independence, Belgian King regrets colonial cruelty +++ Ethiopia: Oromo singer Hachalu Hundessa shot dead +++ Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea agree to withdraw militaries from disputed border +++ Ghana begins controversial new voter registration +++ Sex workers in Greece hit hard by coronavirus


AfricaLink on Air – 29 June 2020

Liberia opens its international airport to regular air traffic, becoming the first West African country to do so during the coronavirus pandemic +++ Ghana's President Nana Akufo Addo is officially the flag-bearer of his New Patriotic Party +++ Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera and his deputy Saulos Chilima face enormous challenges as they begin to repair the economy


AfricaLink on Air – 26 June 2020

Pierre Nkurunziza laid to rest: What legacy has he left behind? +++ Covid-19 hits hotel businesses in Cameroon +++ Uganda wants to reduce dependence on Chinese imports +++ Meet Oba Ewuare: Bronze king of Benin City


Coronavirus Special Podcast #22 | How COVID-19 worsens gender-based violence

Lockdowns were necessary to slow coronavirus infections. But a frightening number of women have become victims of gender-based violence while locked in their homes with aggressive partners frustrated by diminishing economic opportunities. Meanwhile, in Malawi, some parents have agreed to allow their daughters to marry early because they cannot support them financially anymore.


AfricaLink on Air – 25 June 2020

Liberia COVID-19 Treatment Center runs out of capacity +++ DR Congo declares end to Ebola epidemic in east +++ Uneasy calm as Malawians await presidential election results +++ Discover Botswana's award-winning e-content and info platform for education +++ Young Video game developer in Ghana +++ Tanzania opposition harassed


Africalink on Air - 24 June 2020

A new report on Covid-19 in Africa projects that over 3 million across the continent could lose their lives+++Corona virus pandemic push almost 12 million Africans into extreme poverty+++ South Africa becomes the first African country to launch a coronavirus vaccine trial.


Africalink on Air - 23 June 2020

Malawi votes in closely-watched historic presidential re-run+++UK Supreme Court hears Nigerian communities' case against Shell+++Tensions between Ghana and Nigeria following the destruction of apartments at Nigeria’s high commissioners residence in Accra.


Africalink on Air - 22 June 2020

World leaders call for a ceasefire in Cameroon to allow health workers to step up the fight against COVID-19+++Is South Sudan's peace process advancing?+++ A worrying number of Kenyans, who have not tested positive for the disease, have turned to the unhealthy kind of eating to cope with the stress of lockdown measures.


Coronavirus Special Podcast #21 | Black Lives Matter protests amid COVID-19 threat

Large crowds have taken to the streets chanting "Black Lives Matter" across the world to demonstrate against police brutality and voice anger at systemic racism aimed black people. But during the coronavirus pandemic, large gatherings could potentially hasten the spread of COVID-19. DW meets some of the demonstrators, and finds out why some think taking the risk is worth it.


AfricaLink on Air – 19 June 2020

America marks Juneteenth, a historic day to celebrate the official end of slavery as the racism debate continues to gain momentum including here in germany+++Kenya returns to the UN Security Council as one of three non-permanent permanent representatives of the African continent+++Delayed elections and ethnic tensions in Ethiopia undermines Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's reform agenda.


AfricaLink on Air – 18 June 2020

Burundi swears in Evariste Ndayishimiye as new president+++African states call for more scrutiny of racism in the US +++Almost 80 million globally forcibly displaced according to UNHCR.


AfricaLink on Air – 17 June 2020

Young Ugandans kick off campaign to replace colonial-era monuments +++ Meet Andre Blaise Essama, colonial relic hunter in Cameroon +++ African representation on the UN Security Council +++ Lawyers in Malawi stage protest in defense of judicial independence


AfricaLink on Air – 16 June 2020

Uncertainty in South Africa as students back to school +++ South Sudan's chronic intercommunal violence leaves hundreds dead - UN +++ US airstrikes on Somalia not adequately investigated, according to HRW +++ Nollywood back on set after COVID-19 lockdown


AfricaLink on Air – 15 June 2020

Officials in Ghana criticized for "violating" coronavirus safety measures +++ Rwandan Opposition leader, Victoire Ingabire faces investigations over alleged terrorist activities +++ 60 die in Islamic militant attacks in northern Nigeria


AfricaLink on Air – 12 June 2020

Burundi's president-elect to take power immediately after the death of former leader +++ Cameroon soldiers charged over Ngarr-buh massacre - what happens next? +++ Meet the only woman woodcarver in The Gambia.


AfricaLink on Air – 11 June 2020

Is COVID-19 a threat to African democracy? +++ Kenya's national budget starves the health sector +++ Three Zimbabwean activists charged +++ Guinea's private schools face closure threat for not paying teachers


AfricaLink on Air – 10 June 2020

ICC arrests Sudan militia leader, Ali Kushayb for Darfur war crimes +++ Covid-19 cases keep rising in Africa +++ Burundians say Pierre Nkurunziza’s demise is shocking +++ Pardoned Zambian gay man speaks to Africalink