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Robert Plotkin, co-creator of the “Hack Your Mind” series at MIT, explores the intersection between the practice of mindfulness and the use of technology in the modern age on the Technology For Mindfulness Podcast. Show notes can be found at, and you can also follow us at and Come back often and feel free to subscribe in iTunes or add the Technology For Mindfulness Podcast to your favorite podcast application.

Robert Plotkin, co-creator of the “Hack Your Mind” series at MIT, explores the intersection between the practice of mindfulness and the use of technology in the modern age on the Technology For Mindfulness Podcast. Show notes can be found at, and you can also follow us at and Come back often and feel free to subscribe in iTunes or add the Technology For Mindfulness Podcast to your favorite podcast application.
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Robert Plotkin, co-creator of the “Hack Your Mind” series at MIT, explores the intersection between the practice of mindfulness and the use of technology in the modern age on the Technology For Mindfulness Podcast. Show notes can be found at, and you can also follow us at and Come back often and feel free to subscribe in iTunes or add the Technology For Mindfulness Podcast to your favorite podcast application.




46: Marla Mattenson and Julian Colker - Technology and it’s role in relationships

On Episode 46, Marla Mattenson returns with her partner Julian Colker who work together to coach couples in their relationships including how to use technology mindfully. Some of the questions I ask: What you’ll learn: Resources: Apps: Love Nudge - talks about the 5 love languages you can sign up with your partner Marla Matteson & Julian Colker’s workshop:


45: Jenifer Joy Madden - Durability & The Digital Age

Jenifer Joy Madden is a professor, writer and design who helps parents to raise more durable, healthy and grounded children in this digital age. In this episode you will learn: Broccoli BrainVirtual Autism Link to Link to Durable Human blog post on Virtual Autism: Link to Durable U online school: Link to Broccoli Bunch animation example:...


44: John de Graaf - Beauty, Naturing & Capturing Moments

Going on a hike or a holiday to immerse yourself in nature is one of the most relaxing and recharging experience. However, with the use of smartphones, many of us look to capture the moment to post on social media rather than focusing on being in the moment and actually experiencing. Today, returning to Technology For Mindfulness is John De Graaf; a documentary filmmaker who has produced more than a dozen prime time national PBS specials and has won more than 100 filmmaking awards. He...


43: Vincent Horn - Buddhist Geeks Founder & Podcast Host

Vincent Horn spent his 20's co-founding the ground breaking Buddhist Geeks while attending a full year of silent meditation practice on a retreat. A computer engineering drop out turned full time contemplative - Vincent combines the traditional mindfulness practices of Buddhist practice and teaches them in a modern way. He has been called a “power player of the mindfulness movement” by Wired magazine and was honored to be featured in Wired UK’s “Smart List: 50 people who will change the...


42: Dr. Sherry Walling - Clinical Psychologist Behind Zen Founder

In today's digital age, entrepreneurs and online businesses are on the rise. What happens as a result of this is that entrepreneurs more than anyone else can suffer the effects of burnout, anxiety and restlessness. This week's guest, Dr Sherry Walling who is a clinical psychologist and leader of Zen Founder where she helps entrepreneurs to tackle the challenges of founding and running companies so they can be more effective and productive. She's one of the first professionals to combine yoga...


A Mindful 2019: A Technology for Mindfulness Special Episode

As we prepare for 2019, we often reflect and think about the year that's gone. We think about what we achieved and didn't achieve and what we would like to do in the next year. When it comes to using technology mindfully, there are a few ways that you set goals and habits to achieve mindfulness, productivity and quality time. Here are 5 ways that you can set yourself up to use technology more mindfully in 2019: 1. Take some time to observe your experiences with technology. This is the most...


41: Laurie Wolk - Author, Teacher & Coach

We are in a generation for using Cell phones for approval and visibility. Social Media can be as disruptive as it is distracting with notifications and the need to use filters to ensure the perfect presentation is posted on the various platforms. Laurie Wolk is an author, teacher and coach who grew up in Westchester, NY. Even though she was confident and successful with being able to land a high profile career in media, she still had her doubts about the feedback the world around her was...


40: Patricia Lohan - Coach, Healer & Feng Shui Expert

Patricia Lohan is a coach, healer and Feng Shui expert who has shaped her dream path. Living in Bali for the majority of the year, she's seen first hand the power of the mind, surroundings and inner healing. In this episode, Patricia unpacks why your inner world, mindset and history impacts your life and outside and particularly alludes to how use and placement technology in your home can impact this. In a different kind of episode of Technology For Mindfulness, Patricia talks about how to...


39: Kelli Reese, CEO Turned Leadership Coach

Kelli Reese is a published author and certified leadership coach who now runs her current business literally from the middle of the jungle. With a heavy background in business, Kelli was the CEO of a multimillion dollar organization in North Carolina. After feeling out of alignment with her career and marriage, it was during a visit to Tulum that inspired her to take whatever actions necessary to move to the Riviera Maya which resulted in Kelli leaving both her 17 year career and husband to...


38: Grace Smith, World-Renowned Hypnotherapist

World-renowned hypnotherapist, Grace Smith went through a truly transformational step in her life when she started hypnotherapy. Studies have shown that hypnotherapy has six times the success rate of traditional therapy which quickly became one of the reasons she made it her mission to make hypnosis mainstream. Grace’s private clients include celebrities, CEOs, professional athletes, and government officials; her keynote speeches and workshops have taken her to OZY Fest with Hillary...


37: Marla Mattenson, Entrepreneur Couples Relationship Expert

Marla N. Mattenson is an entrepreneur and frequent speaker on the topic of relationships, intimacy and wealth building. Over the course of her 22-year career, she developed a unique, scientific approach to relationships to help entrepreneur couples rock both the boardroom and the bedroom, helping more than 12,000 couples including Academy Award winning actors, producers and directors, NBA players and coaches, Grammy Award winning artists, and millionaire entrepreneurs. Find more at...


36: Scilla Andreen, Producer Behind "Like" & "Angst"

Scilla Andreen (pronounced Sheila) is the CEO and Co-Founder of IndieFlix and the founder of the IndieFlix Foundation. She is an Emmy nominated Costume Designer and award-winning Producer of such films as Outpatient, The Flats, Bit Players, The Empowerment Project and one of the producers of Screenagers, a documentary about how much screen time is healthy. She is a popular speaker at Sundance, Cannes, CES, SXSW, Women in Film, and other major industry events. Scilla believes film is the most...


35: Nir Eyal, Author of ‘Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products’

Nir Eyal writes, consults, and teaches about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. Nir founded two tech companies since 2003 and has taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford. He is the author of the bestselling book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products. In addition to blogging at, Nir’s writing has been featured in The Harvard Business Review, TechCrunch, and Psychology Today. Nir...


34: Ellie Burrows, CEO & Co-Founder of MNDFL

Ellie Burrows, CEO and co-founder of MNDFL, a NYC based meditation studio, stands out as a walking reminder to meditate. But, while she opened MNDFL in the West Village, and has already expanded to the Upper East Side and Williamsburg, Ellie’s journey towards starting MNDFL wasn’t all that straightforward. For 7 years, she worked in the film industry and didn’t quite feel the same passion her colleagues did. In 2013, she quit her job and travelled the world as a spiritual tourist. But when...


33: Rohan Gunatilake, Creator of ‘Buddhify’ & ‘Mindfulness Everywhere’

Whether writing, talking or making products, Rohan Gunatilake is one of the most original and creative voices in modern mindfulness and meditation. Through his company Mindfulness Everywhere, he is the creator of Kara, Sleepfulness, Designing Mindfulness and the best-selling hit app Buddhify. Rohan’s first book, Modern Mindfulness, in out now. Based in Glasgow, Rohan is a trustee of the British Council and was named by Wired magazine in their Smart List of 50 people who will change the...


32: Ted Meissner, Manager of Online Programming & Community Development at the Center for Mindfulness

Ted Meissner is the host of the podcast Present Moment: Mindfulness Practice and Science. He has been a meditator since the early 90’s, has been interviewed for Books and Ideas, Mindful Lives, and The Whole Leader podcasts, spoken about mindfulness with various groups including Harvard Humanist Hub, and has written for Elephant Journal and The International Journal of Whole Person Care. He is the Executive Director of the Secular Buddhist Association, host of the SBA’s official podcast The...


31: Meico Whitlock, The "Mindful Techie"

Meico Marquette Whitlock, Founder and CEO of Mindful Techie, is a speaker and trainer on mindfulness, technology, and productivity. Mindful Techie is an organization focused on helping purpose-driven professionals and organizations boost their personal and professional effectiveness and increase productivity and work-­life balance in a digital world. Through talks, workshops, and trainings, Mindful Techie helps purpose-driven professionals and organizations integrate purpose, intention, and...


30: Lodro Rinzler, Buddhist Practitioner & Teacher

Lodro Rinzler is a Buddhist practitioner and teacher. He began meditating as a child and sat retreats as a teenager, even going as far as attending a silent month-long retreat during which he shaved his head and took monastic robes and vows. Lodro went on to become a Vajrayana student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. He also established Buddhist House, an eighteen person dorm at Wesleyan University which hosts a large meditation room. He began teaching meditation at that time. After leaving...


29: Wendy Palmer, Founder of “Leadership Embodiment”

Wendy Palmer is the founder of Leadership Embodiment, a process that uses principles from the non-violent Japanese martial art of Aikido and mindfulness to offer simple tools and practices to increase leadership capacity and respond to stress and pressure with greater confidence and integrity. Wendy holds a sixth degree black belt in Aikido and has practiced mindfulness for over 40 years. She has worked with executive teams and individuals for Twitter, Genentech, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, The...


28: Dr. Delaney Ruston, Physician-Turned-Filmmaker Behind “Screenagers”

Dr. Delaney Ruston is a filmmaker, Stanford trained physician & mother of two. Through her company, MyDoc Productions, in January 2016 Delaney's latest film was released titled, Screenagers. The film probes into the vulnerable corners of family life, including her own, to examine the impact of digital world on today's kids & what can be done to help them find balance. The film is screening to packed audiences in multiple cities across the country & is gaining much attention in the press (Dr....