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"Television! Teacher, mother... secret lover." - Homer Simpson. The Watson is a weekly TV podcast where the most critically acclaimed show of the moment is analyzed and critiqued by comedians Taylor Hall and Kyle Bertusen

"Television! Teacher, mother... secret lover." - Homer Simpson. The Watson is a weekly TV podcast where the most critically acclaimed show of the moment is analyzed and critiqued by comedians Taylor Hall and Kyle Bertusen


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"Television! Teacher, mother... secret lover." - Homer Simpson. The Watson is a weekly TV podcast where the most critically acclaimed show of the moment is analyzed and critiqued by comedians Taylor Hall and Kyle Bertusen




Ep 95: The other shows of 2017

Before our Best of 2017 list, here is all the stuff we watched that (probably) won't make it into the upcoming list. But you never know as this was ... supposed to be up some time ago. My apartment has mold! And other things that prevented this episode from launching on time WAAAY back at the end of November. So, I apolegize about the delay, everything from family emergencies, house emergencies, emergency emergencies and more prevented this episode from launching on time so I apolegize about...


Ep.94 - Stranger Things, S2 ( All The Things Retrospective)

Stranger Things is almost a month old! And that means it's time for us to retrospective this jam all the way through, i.e. fairly obvious recollections from my new purchase - A notebook. Seriously, Kyle's been busy as heck and I had to edit this thing three times because of computer dying and getting a new one. Nonetheless, here it is! Hopefully you don't notice a sound problem as that took forever to fix. Well then - Taylor


Ep.93: Rick and Morty Finale! Mr. Robot! The Deuce! Guys We're Jealous of pt.2!

This is a large episode filled with everything! It's so big, we cut stuff out! That never happens. But yep, we miss Rick and Morty, Mr. Robot sounds fun enough, Lore is great, Stranger Things is coming. I'm sure TRL is great. It's all just, so great.


Ep. 92: The Deuce vs American Vandal.

Best of September! Although I watched Narcos and, well, I can't believe I liked it! But then I forgot I watched it! So there's that! Stop screaming It's a Kyle / Taylor production of the best shows of the month and they're very different and you're probably not watching them so no spoilers!


Ep 91 - Top 5 Shows of Summer 2017

The top 5 shows of Summer 2017! Brought to you by tardiness, a head infection, asthma attacks, headaches and Blue Apron, the only way to cook.


Ep. 90 - Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale

Was this season a home run or a stay-at-home-dad? Game of Thrones is always going to be the 2010's NBC Must See TV, but what's going on with it now? Good? And let's be honest, this is really one half of a season, so what does that make this episode, really? I don't even.


Ep 89 - Game of Thrones Season 6 ... so far, except this last one 'cause it hasn't aired yet.

We're back! A Dinosaur story! We discuss the season of Game of Thrones thus far as we lead into the new episode. That's right! It's another Game of Thrones podcast! Except, we've been doing this two years bruh. Alright, also, I'm back (Taylor). I'll explain later but cut it out of this episode for time. I'll put it in another post. For now it's just Taylor and Kyle talking about the the season of GoT as we head into the new episode.


Ep 88 - Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3

Kyle still can't find Taylor. Who knows where he is at. We know where all the characters from GoT are. They're all in Westeros. Except Sam and Gilly and baby and Jorah. Who cares though. We have comedians Arielle Laguette and Brett VerVoort on the podcast today. Where is Taylor?


Ep. 87 - Game of Thrones Season 7 Premier ... and where is Taylor?

A long-time coming in what promises to be a special Taylor-less podcast and the premier of everyone's, "I'm not watching that show anymore (secretly watches that show still)" show, GOT!


Ep. 86 - Memorial Day, I guess?

This week we go over last weeks stuff following the lack of stuff from Memorial day I suppose! Also, I'm in England! So I tried editing this across 36 of plane tickets since Sunday. Austin - Toronto / Toronto - London and boy are my arms tired because it hurts to bend down because I have a sinus infection and an infected left eye. Also! This took 25 hours to finish due to online wireless uploads! That's a bit too long. -


Ep 85: Watson Twin Peaks & Best Month Pt.2

Twin Peaks is back and the "best of ever" month keeps rolling on.


Ep.84 - The Greatest Month of TV Ever.

Two weeks of health stuff and all we got was this STACKED podcast of joy. Is this the greatest month of television ever? Probably.


Ep.83 - Fargo S3 Premier + A Better, Better Call Saul

A week of The Watson Classic as Kyle rejoins as cohost and we dish the top new shows of the week. No. It's not The Leftovers.


Ep.82 - The Girls Guys

This week special guests Louie Sanchez and Clayton Cook fill in for Kyle as we discuss one of the show's hate cornerstone - GIRLS. Please give us your ears and time as we discuss the finale of this cultural milestone.


Ep.81 - Legion Ep.8 w/Brett Vervoort

So it has come to this ... the last episode of the season and, oh! It's quite fun. Or is it?! It is. Special thanks to special gues and special person, Brett Vervoort for coming on!


Ep.80 - Legion ep.7

The episode before THE episode. Literally and literally as the newest and final episode of the season airs the day that this - a podcast about the seventh episode - hits. Does that make Legion-esque sense? Hopefully, yes and yes. Seriously though, good episode.


Ep.79 - SXSW + WWW (What We're Watching) + LEGION

Brett Vervoort stops by to talk the newest episode of Legion and we go over the recent SXSW television showcases around the city. WARNING - the sound is echo-y as we recorded it downtown at a theater. Editing was made to fix it, but it's still there. We will have a normally recorded episode this coming week. Apologies - TH


Ep.78 - The Legion Half Season Spectacular!

SORRY for the delay. We are back in business after a month of sickliness and with one our favorite shows of 2016 - LEGION. We cover the first five episodes and try to make sense of this high-concept series. Speaking of, did you see Logan yet? Pretty fun.


Ep. 77 - The Worst Shows of 2017 (so far) Countdown + Legion is great!

We open with our special guest, Quentin Norris as we discuss what we've been watching, including an extensive discussion of Noah Hawley's newest FX joint, "LEGION". Then, we countdown the worst of the worst


Ep. 76 - Most Anticipated tv shows of 2017 Pt. 2

2017 just. keeps. happening....