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True crime stories told chapter-by-chapter.

True crime stories told chapter-by-chapter.
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True crime stories told chapter-by-chapter.








Episode 124: Murder Memories: Chapter 3: Paul Cox

A man starts having vivid memories of a violent crime he believes he may have committed during an alcoholic blackout. Sponsor: Backblaze - www.Backblaze.com/ONCE to receive a 15-day no risk free trial of Backblaze's cloud backup and storage services. www.patreon.com/onceuponacrime to become a patron and receive podcast merch, bonus episodes and be entered into our monthly drawing.


Episode 123: Murder Memories: Chapter 2: Eileen Franklin - Part 2

I conclude the story about Eileen Franklin who claimed to have witnessed her friend, 8-year-old Susan Nason's murder in 1969. She would say her memory of the event was only recovered after 20 years. Her story would begin a debate about the validity of "recovered memories" used in criminal trials. Sponsors: Better Help - www.BetterHelp.com/ONCE - use discount code ONCE to get 10% your first month of online counseling. Daily Harvest - www.Daily-Harvest.com - enter promo code ONCE to get...


Episode 122: Murder Memories: Chapter 1: Eileen Franklin - Part 1

In this series I'll share crime stories that feature a very strange and rare phenomenon - recovered memories of murder. Is it possible to forget about a murder? Could a traumatic event, like witnessing a violent crime, cause a person to repress the memory so completely that they, in essence, “forget” they ever saw such a horrific event? In this first chapter, Eileen Franklin recalls a 20-year-old murder. She will claim that she witnessed the murder of her best friend, 8-year-old Susan...


Episode 121: Three Strikes and You're Dead: Chapter 4: Michael Keith Moon

A career criminal commits multiple murders plus an attempted murder and continues to be released on parole. This is the case of Michael Keith Moon. CrimeCon: www.crimecon.com Use discount code ONCE19 for 10% off your standard registration. Patreon: www.patreon.com/onceuponacrime Let's Taco 'Bout True Crime - The Podcast - subscribe on Apple Podcasts.


Bonus Episode: The Next Chapter: Alison Sweeney, "Chronicle Mysteries"

On this bonus episode, I interview actor and producer Alison Sweeney about the new Hallmark Channel mystery series Chronicle Mysteries. Alison plays Alex McPherson, a true crime podcaster who finds herself investigating crimes in her small town. The series began on February 18th with Recovered. The Wrong Man, debuts tonight, February 24th on the Hallmark Channel. It wraps up on March 4th with Vines that Bind. You can find additional airdates and info at...


Episode 120: Three Strikes and You're Dead: Chapter 3: Louise Peete - Part 2

In the conclusion of the story of Louise Peete, the convicted murderess is released from prison and, before long, goes on to commit another violent crime. Several resources were used in the research for this episode including: Dead Woman Walking:Louise Peete by Joan Renner - www.derangedlacrimes.com Black Widow, Mara Bovsun, Daily News New York, November 18, 2001 She Buried Them All by Bill Walker in Saga: The Magazine for Men, January 1962. Sponsor: BetterHelp -...


Introducing - Let's Taco 'Bout True Crime!

I'm pleased to announce my new podcast "Let's Taco 'Bout True Crime"! Each episode will feature me and a special guest host talking about what's new, hot, and trending in true crime - in a fun and casual format. First episode drops on February 19th! Subscribe here on Apple Podcasts or search for "Let's Taco 'Bout True Crime" on your favorite podcast platform. It's rolling out to more podcast platforms as we speak!


Episode 119: Three Strikes and You're Dead: Chapter 2: Louise Peete - Part 1

In this episode. I share a story about a particularly lethal woman who's long criminal career saw her acquitted of a murder, sentenced to life for another and still released to continue her murderous ways. This is Part One of the case of Louise Peete. Photo: Louise Peete on her way to San Quentin to serve her sentence for murder. Several resources were used in the research for this episode including: Dead Woman Walking:Louise Peete by Joan Renner - www.derangedlacrimes.com Black Widow,...


The Next Chapter: The Amityville Murders with Daniel Farrands

On this bonus episode I discuss the new movie "The Amityville Murders" with the director Daniel Farrands. With his new film, Farrands out to tell the real story of the DeFeo family mass murder that took place in Amityville, New York in 1974. Many became familiar with the story of the haunting that the Lutz family reported after moving into the DeFeo home a year after the murders. A best-selling book and film both titled “The Amityville Horror” focused on the Lutz’s paranormal...


Episode 118: Three Strikes and You're Dead: Chapter 1: Kenneth Allen McDuff

A man murders three innocent teens in 1966, is sentenced to death and later is released from prison to kill again. This is the case of Kenneth Allen McDuff aka "The Broomstick Killer". Photo: Kenneth Allen McDuff at his first trial in 1966 for the murder of three teenagers. Research for this episode came from several sources including: Articles: "Free to Kill" by Gary Carthwright, Texas Monthly, August 1992. "McDuff Likely to Take Grisly Secrets to Grave" by Mike Cochran for the...


Episode 117: Black Widows: Chapter 2: Black Widow Sisters

A rare form of serial killer are Black Widows - women who kill their spouses and other family members - usually for financial gain. Even more rare are Black Widow Sisters. This week I'll share two stories of sisters who set up murder syndicates for profit. #BlackWidowsofLiverpool #BlackWidowsofElSalvador #serialkillers Photo: Margaret Higgins and Catherine Flanagan - The Black Widows of Liverpool www.patreon.com/onceuponacrime


The Next Chapter: The Acid King with Author Jesse Pollack

In this episode of The Next Chapter I interview author Jesse Pollack about his book The Acid King that details a true crime case that happened in Northport, New York in the summer of 1984. The Acid King on Amazon.com Jesse Pollack on Twitter: @jpollackauthor Devil's Teeth Podcast on iTunes Sponsor: Green Chef - www.greenchef.us/ONCE for $50 off your first box.


January Announcement

Just a short announcement about January's release schedule.


Episode 116: Black Widows: Chapter 1: Betty Lou Beets

A woman is discovered to have murdered two of her husbands and hid their bodies in her yard. Resources: Book: Buried Memories: The Bloody Crimes and Execution of the Texas Black Widow by Irene Pence Article: CNN.com - "Texas Executes Betty Lou Beets for Husband's Murder", February 24, 2000 Sponsors: www.daily-harvest.com - Use promo code ONCE to get three free cups in your first box. Podcasts: Southern Fried True Crime: www.southernfriedtruecrime.com The Nighttime Podcast:...


Introducing Monstruo

The heart of a man is darkness... No person, place or culture is immune to extreme violence. Be prepared to take a journey, a tour of the world, where the most horrible atrocities have occurred. Based on actual events, this immersive audio experience is the next level in true crime podcasts. No terrifying details will be left unexplored. Subscribe to Monstruo today at www.wondery.fm/upon. www.MonstruoPodcast.com


The Next Chapter - The Lost Pilots Author Corey Mead

In this episode of The Next Chapter I interview author Corey Mead about his book The Lost Pilots which details a fascinating true crime case from the 1920s. The Lost Pilots: The Spectacular Rise and Scandalous Fall of Aviation's Golden Couple by Corey Mead


Introducing: Mind's Eye

Enjoy this ad-free episode of the new podcast from the Parcast Network Mind's Eye! This is the first fiction podcast from the network that brought you Serial Killers and Cults. Homicide detective Kate McClay is having terrifying dreams. She discovers the only thing that can stop it is catching a serial killer. To subscribe to Mind's Eye go to www.parcast.com/Mind'sEye to start listening now. Or look for Mind's Eye wherever you listen to podcasts.


Episode 115: The Darlie Routier Case with Guest Co-Host Yolanda from Not Perfect or Functional Podcast

As a special holiday episode Yolanda from Not Perfect or Functional Podcast aka my little sister returns! This time we discuss the ever-debated Darlie Routier case. Yolanda's Podcast: www.notperfectorfunctional.com or look for it under "Not Perfect or Functional" on iTunes, Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts. Resources: Book: A Killer in My House: The Darlie Routier Story by David Kennedy Link to DNA results: www.dallascounty.org/public_access.php Choose "accept" on main page...


Episode 114: Mistletoe and Murder: Chapter 2: Marvallous Keene - The Christmas Murder Spree

On Christmas week 1992, a series of murders took place in Dayton, Ohio. Some would call it a case of “thrill killing” others would point to juvenile delinquency, dysfunctional family issues or just plain bad kids. The identified “ringleader” would fit none of these stereotypes and yet, made the decision to go on a murder spree that would shock his community. #MarvallousKeene #DaytonOhio #thrillkillers #Christmascrimes


Episode 113: Mistletoe and Murder: Chapter 1: The Carnation Christmas Murders

Three generations of one family are murdered on Christmas Eve, 2007 in Carnation, Washington. Sponsors: Away Travel - www.awaytravel.com/ONCE - use promo code ONCE for $20 off a suitcase. Daily Harvest - www.daily-harvest.com - use promo code ONCE to get three cups FREE in your first box. Simple Contacts - www.simplecontacts.com/onceupon20 to get $20 off your first order.