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Day 6 from CBC Radio


Day 6 is a news magazine show that delivers a surprising take on the week.

Day 6 is a news magazine show that delivers a surprising take on the week.


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Day 6 is a news magazine show that delivers a surprising take on the week.






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Episode 495: Incel terrorism charges, isolating in the Arctic Ocean, Ramadan weight gain, a DIY robot dog and more

Terrorism charges in an allegedly incel-motivated killing, a DIY robot dog you can make at home, why so many people fasting for Ramadan gain weight, isolating on an icebreaker in the Arctic Ocean, Sally Rooney's Normal People is now a TV show, Finding Sally reveals a family's hidden history and Ethiopia's complicated past, and more.


Episode 494: Risky businesses, air travel after COVID-19, Dan Aykroyd, John Moe's Hilarious World of Depression and more

Using cellphone location data to rank the businesses most likely to spread the coronavirus, why air travel will get worse after the pandemic, the Day 6 music panel shares their must-listen isolation jams, Dan Akroyd's real life love of the paranormal, John Moe's Hilarious World of Depression and more.


Episode 493: Detecting COVID-19 in sewage, a failed plot in Venezuela, Animal Crossing, zookeepers, Fraggle Rock and more

Wastewater as an early warning system for COVID-19 outbreaks, how a statistician conquered Roll Up The Rim, the Canadian-born former Green Beret behind a failed plot in Venezuela, Nintendo's Animal Crossing brings calm to self-isolation, how zookeepers are coping with the pandemic, the return of Fraggle Rock and more.


Episode 492: Reopening after COVID-19, the best parliamentary Zoom backdrops, pandemic dreams, real-life Jedi and more

How businesses are dealing with the prospect of reopening, the best and worst Zoom backdrops from Parliament's first virtual sitting, why everyone is dreaming about the pandemic, a real-life Jedi master, re-thinking cities after COVID-19, the limits to health-care workers' obligation to care and more.


Episode 491: Grieving in N.S., Michael Jordan's last dance, isolation reading, documenting a pandemic, Eliza Hittman & more

Grieving amidst a pandemic in Nova Scotia, a survivor of L'Ecole Polytechnique reflects on trauma and healing, The Last Dance lionizes Michael Jordan's last championship run, Becky Toyne's isloation reading list, Denmark's national museum documents daily life during a pandemic, Never Rarely Sometimes Always director Eliza Hittman and more.


Episode 490: Neglecting nursing homes, COVID-19 and the fashion industry, Marc Maron, Sarah Kurchak, I Podius and more

Activists who said nursing homes were dangerous say COVID-19 proves them right; the pandemic upends the fashion industry, from haute-couture to garment factories; Marc Maron on politics, self-doubt and his new comedy special End Times Fun; Sarah Kurchak on her new memoir about living with autism, John Hodgman and Elliott Kalan on their I, Claudius-inspired podcast I, Podius; and more.


Episode 489: Surviving COVID-19, shipping container ICUs, band merch to facemasks, a pandemic puzzle shortage and more

COVID-19 survivor David Lat, American band Thursday turns merch into face masks, how hydroxychloroquine shortages hurt people with lupus, turning shipping containers into portable intensive care units, a run on puzzles amidst the pandemic, how advertisers are adapting to the coronavirus and more.


Episode 488: COVID-19 in nursing homes, Hungarian autocracy, Keystone XL, audience-free wrestling, Tiger King and more

A doctor at Pinecrest Nursing Home describes the devastation of COVID-19, Michael Ignatieff on Hungary's slide into autocracy, weighing Alberta's decision to invest in Keystone XL, pro wrestling goes audience-free, why Tiger King went viral and more.


Episode 487: COVID-19 in NYC, a century-old blood therapy returns, embrace the bidet, Mariko Tamaki on Wonder Woman & more

The coronavirus hits New York City hard, doctors revisit a century-old blood therapy in the hopes of treating COVID-19, a hockey commentator is doing play-by-play for fans' pet videos, what the coronavirus outbreak means for the zero waste movement, toilet paper shortages spark an interest in bidets, Mariko Tamaki is taking over writing DC's Wonder Woman comic, and more.


Episode 486: 3D-printed medical gear, REM's Mike Mills, Choir!Choir!Choir!, the story of Purell and more

How COVID-19 is affecting young people's futures, a campaign to 3D-print medical gear, Why It's The End of The World As We Know it is charting again, Choir!Choir!Choir! takes its singalongs online, Purell's origin story, Becky Toyne reviews Emily St. John Mandel's The Glass Hotel and more.


Episode 485: COVID-19 in Italy, sports season shutdown, re-reviewing Contagion, comedian Mae Martin & more

Doctors on the COVID-19 frontlines in Italy face stark choices, how Canada would fare if we faced a spike in coronavirus cases, sports leagues suspend their seasons, the 2011 movie that gets things (mostly) right about pandemics, Canadian comedian Mae Martin's new show Feel Good and more.


Episode 484: COVID-19 and nursing homes, China's state surveillance, the political Dr. Seuss, repopulating Fukushima & more

Canadian nursing homes look to Washington State for lessons about COVID-19, public health vs. surveillance in China's battle against the coronavirus, the Jewish-Palestinian lesbian couple who mine their relationship for comedy gold, the Japanese government's plan to repopulate Fukushima, Dr. Seuss' complicated history as a political cartoonist and more.


Episode 483: Teck Frontier mine, medical assistance in dying, 1990s MLS, Wilson Cruz, the first drag queen and more

A Teck Frontier mine fact check, how lack of supports can push people with disabilities towards medical assistance in dying, concern for refugees as COVID-19 spreads, the weird and wonderful moments of the 1990s Major League Soccer, WIlson Cruz on playing Rickie Vasquez on My So-Called Life, the story of the first drag queen and more.


Episode 482: Blockade standoff, hockey stick shortage, Bernie impersonator, Bill Barr's next move, Malcolm X doc and more

What the Oka crisis reveals about this week's pipeline standoff, COVID-19 sparks fears of a hockey stick shortage, Bernie Sanders impersonator James Adomian, charting U.S. Attorney General William Barr's next move, why pop music works, revisiting the death of Malcolm X and more.


Episode 481: Pipeline protests, COVID-19, Sonic The Hedgehog, cheating Astros, suing Juul, Coachella meets Saudi and more

Why the Wet'suwet'en protests are about more than pipelines, how climate change could make viral outbreaks more common, the worst Sonic The Hedgehog games, why professional pianists fear moving their pianos, the fan who tracked every pitch in the Astros' sign-stealing scandal, a lawsuit alleges vaping giant Juul targeted kids, how Saudi Arabia is using the art world to project openness and more.


Episode 480: Oscar villains, Lynn Beyak, coronavirus hospitals, Weinstein's lawyer, the creator of Comic Sans and more

Predicting this year's biggest Oscar villains, a Métis comedian addresses Lynn Beyak, how China built two hospitals in two weeks in Wuhan, a profile of the woman defending Harvey Weinstein in court, Nigeria's burgeoning tech sector, the guy who created Comic Sans and more.


Episode 479: Searching for a coronavirus vaccine, the NFL's diversity problem, impeachment endgame, Michael Pollan & more

A Saskatchewan laboratory is working on a coronavirus vaccine, Michael Pollan on how caffeine rules our world, how to retrofit an '80s shopping mall, why the NFL hires so few black head coaches, the impeachment drama skids towards acquittal and more.


Episode 478: Coronavirus, impeachment then and now, Picard returns, fruits of the Goop lab, CBC logo designer and more

Why people in China are looking to World of Warcraft for lessons on containing the coronavirus, how politicians have changed their tunes on impeachment since Bill Clinton, Brannon Braga on the premier of Star Trek: Picard, Canadian Olympian Sarah Nurse on women's pro-level hockey, a writer's experience of living like a Goop fan, Burton Kramer on designing the 1974 CBC logo and more.


Episode 477: Misinformation over Australia's fires, royals in Canada, best stunt Oscar, Aaron Hernandez doc and more

Climate change misinformation amidst Australia's wildfires, why Meghan has a better case for permanent residency than Harry, the case for an Oscar for best movie stunts, Huawei's charm offensive, Killer Inside: a new Netflix documentary about Aaron Hernandez, and more.


Episode 476: Mourning Iran crash victims, former Weinstein aide Zelda Perkins, watching Cats while high, Design .20 & more

Mourning the victims of flight 752, how Canada can influence the investigation into the downed Ukrainian plane, Zelda Perkins on breaking her non-disclosure agreement with Harvey Weinstein, watching Cats while high, designing for dependence, and Teck Resources' proposed Frontier mine in the Alberta oilsands.