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Erin Burnet OutFront: Out in the field. In front of the headlines. A courageous and unconventional nightly news program.

Erin Burnet OutFront: Out in the field. In front of the headlines. A courageous and unconventional nightly news program.


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Erin Burnet OutFront: Out in the field. In front of the headlines. A courageous and unconventional nightly news program.






Trump Is Mobilizing United States Military To End "Riots And Lawlessness"

Tear gas has been fired at protesters near White House as Trump made a statement. Active duty United States military forces are nearby to bolster security for Trump. Trump says that if states refuse to take necessary action to quell violence, "I will deploy the United States military" to end "riots and lawlessness," after telling United States governors to "dominate" protesters. Trump would invoke 1807 law to mobilize the military in the United States. Illinois Governor Pritzker clashes with...


Officer Seen With Knee On George Floyd's Neck Charged With Murder

The officer in Floyd death charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. Protests grow across the United States, after one officer was charged in Floyd's death. A Minneapolis county prosecutor who already charged one officer said, "I anticipate charges" for other officers. The criminal complaint said officers continued to restrain Floyd after he stopped moving, breathing and one found George Floyd had no pulse. The complaint also says that Floyd was non-responsive for almost three...


Trump Retweets A Post That Says Masks Are About Social Control

Trump retweets post politicizing masks and likened to "slavery" as the coronavirus death toll surpasses 101,000. His retweet post are questioning use of masks even as his own White House guidelines encourage face coverings in public. Trump is also the use of masks even as his own White House guidelines encourage face coverings in public. New coronavirus cases are trending up in 16 states and majority of the new coronavirus cases. California records highest single-day increase in coronavirus...


The United States Coronavirus Death Toll Tops 100,000

The United States coronavirus death toll is nearly triple the number of the U.K. coronavirus death toll, which has the second highest number of coronavirus deaths in the world. The United States coronavirus death toll is also more than the coronavirus death tolls of Italy, France and Spain combined. United States now accounts for one in four coronavirus deaths worldwide and is nearly enough to fill every seat in the largest college football stadium. The United States coronavirus death toll...


United States Has More Deaths Than Any Other Country Due To Coronavirus

Trump touts a job "well done" as United States nears 100,000 deaths. 100,000 deaths makes United States the country with the most coronavirus deaths. Trump says if he hadn't done his "job well and early," the United States would have lost more lives opposed to the 10,000. A senior White House economy advisor says that the unemployment rate "should start to trend down" after June. New coronavirus cases are trending up in 17 states, down in 20 and steady in 13, as former FDA chief says United...


New study finds drug touted & taken by Trump linked to risk of death

New coronavirus cases in the past week are up in least 17 states. States around the country lift restrictions heading into the holiday weekend. Trump declares house of worship “essential” amid pandemic. Fears grow over an uptick in cases as states are now lifting restrictions heading into the holiday weekend. The CDC estimates that 35% of coronavirus infections show no symptoms. Researchers are now saying that Remdesivir alone “is not likely to be sufficient”. The AP reports that thousands...


The United States Coronavirus Death Toll Has Surpassed 94,000

A study suggests a 7-day average show 17 states with an increase in new reported cases compared to nine states on the rise the week before. Another study suggests that 36,000 lives could have been saved if the United States lockdown happened one week earlier. Trump responds to the study, calling the study a "political hit job." Trump defied rules and CDC recommendations when he refused to wear a mask during Michigan visit. Trump says he doesn't want to wear a mask in front of cameras because...


World Health Organization reports largest single-day rise in reported coronavirus cases

World Health Organization reports that there were more cases reported in last 24 hours than any time since the coronavirus outbreak begins. All 50 states partially reopen as CDC releases detailed guidance on reporting that had been shelved by the White House. United States death toll tops 93,000. Sources say the fate of CDC chief are in question as tensions with White House rise. Trump claims CDC chief is doing a "very good job," but sources say Redfield's fate is in question. The CDC...


Trump Defends His Use of Hydroxychloroquine Against Coronavirus

After defending his use of unproven hydroxychloroquine drug, Trump calls study's warning of it's risks "phony" and an "enemy statement." While taking the drug, Trump is also refusing to wear a mask. Although cases of coronavirus are rising in 17 states, all states will be partially opened this week. The governor of Texas is attributing the rise in coronavirus cases to the increase in coronavirus testing. The Washington Post is reporting that at least 12 states where testing is more than the...


Trump taking hydroxychloroquine to prevent virus despite FDA warning

Dr. Fauci said in March that there was no evidence hydroxychloroquine works as a preventative. The FDA also warns it’s tied to heart disease which Trump was found to have in 2018. U.S. death toll now tops 90,000 as cases surpass 1.5 million; Texas plans to open bars, bowling alleys, gyms, and a massage center as state posts its highest single day spike in cases. 17 states seeing a rise in new cases over past week. New guidelines will allow most of California to reopen further. Moderna says...


CDC director predicts 100,000 U.S. coronavirus deaths by June 1; Trump's vaccine czar "confident" a few hundred million doses can be ready by years end despite "very aggressive" timeline; LA begins to reopen after highest number of cases in a month.

Army general helping lead vaccine effort: "Herculean task"; number of new cases trending lower in 28 states; but new Texas cases up double digits since restrictions relaxed; America's retail sales completely collapsed in April; NY, NJ, CT beaches opening for Memorial Day with restrictions; President Trump: "vaccine or no vaccine, we're back"; Death toll now tops 87,000 as cases surpass 1.4 million; Trump touts new CDC guidance, but appears to be watered down; Oxford researchers finish first...


New DCD recommendations appear to be watered down; ousted vaccine chief tells lawmakers there's no "master plan"; CDC issues nationwide alert warning about new inflammatory syndrome in children related to virus; Trump: "I totally disagree" with Fauci on r

Ousted vaccine chief says he warned admin. About need for personal protective gear "Lives were lost"; we don't have a "single point of leadership" or a "master plan" for this response; Ousted vaccine chief casts doubt on Trump admin's goal of having a vaccine in 12-18 months: "Usually takes up to 10 years"150+ Children in U.S. suspected to have inflammatory syndrome; Trump says kids "are very little affected" by virus as doctors treat 150+ cases of inflammatory syndrome; Doctors keep...


Trump slams Fauci for urging caution on school reopenings; Resurgence in South Korea: 119 cases linked to nightclub; Thousands willing to be infected with virus to find vaccine; Harvard announces Fall classes for some first-year students will be online;

Trump pushes to reopen schools as Fauci urges caution; Trump: Fauci's comments on reopening schools "unacceptable", Fauci urged caution, said vaccine by fall "bridge too far"; United States coronavirus cases top 1.38 million, death toll surpasses 83,000; Sources: Trump questioning whether virus death toll is inflated; Sources: Senior officials have raised questions during task force meetings about how the CDC compiles coronavirus data; Trump repeats claim United States has "more" and...


Key coronavirus model now projects 147,000 United States deaths by August; Sen. Paul to Fauci: You are not the "End-all" on decisions, Fauci: "I never made myself out to be the end-all"; New York Times: One-third of U.S. deaths come from nursing homes;

Dr. Fauci: Reopening too soon could "trigger an outbreak" that lead to "suffering and death that could be avoided"; CDC chief warns "not out of the woods" as Trump pushes to reopen; Los Angeles County: "No way" stay-at-home order will be lifted for the next three months without dramatic change in virus; Fauci warns United States can't be "cavalier" that kids are immune after Senator Paul says schools should reopen in fall; Governor Cuomo: About 100 New York kids have mysterious illness...


Trump keeps claiming anyone who "wants" a test can get one; Trump: "I have felt no vulnerability whatsoever" after two White House staffers test positive for coronavirus; Kentucky boy on ventilator with rare illness linked to coronavirus;

Top health official: Anyone who "needs" a test can get one; Trump: United States conducting 300,000 coronavirus tests daily, Harvard institute: 900,000 tests daily needed by May 15; Trump says asymptomatic people have "no reason" to want to be tested, but a person can be infected without symptoms; Key model raises projected United States death toll to 137,000 by August as states see "explosive increases in mobility"; Trump claims Americans will be able to get tested daily "very soon"; FDA...


Pence press secretary tests positive for coronavirus, ADMIN official says she tested negative on Thursday; Two children die in NY after experiencing "very rare" syndrome that may be linked to coronavirus; Record 20.5 million jobs lost in April, unemployme

Pence aide Katie Miller, wife of Trump aide Stephen Miller, tests positive for virus; Trump forgoes mask during visit with vets in their 90's after his valet and a Pence aide test positive for virus; Trump on why he didn't wear mask during visit with vets: I was "very far away" & wind was blowing hard in one direction; WH Official: West wing nervous after Katie Miller, VP aide and wife of Trump senior adviser, test positive for virus; NY investigating 70+ cases of severe illness in children;...


As United States deaths top 75,000, White House rejects CDC recommendations; Governor Newsom: California's first case of community spread originated in nail salon; JP Morgan executive: Will take 10-12 years for United States;

White House rejects CDC recommendations for reopening, Senior administration official: Draft document was subject of heated internal debate; Trump's personal valet tests positive for coronavirus, a few staffers, including valets haven been wearing masks inside White House; White House rejects CDC guidance for safe reopenings across six categories, including schools, restaurants and mass transit; NIH director: Abbott testing system has a 15 percent false negative rate, same rapid test used by...


Ex-CDC director: "We're just at the beginning" of the pandemic; Trump considers naming coronavirus vaccine Czar; ADP: More than 20 million private sector United States jobs lost in April; Doctors warn heart attack patients may be avoiding hospitals;

United States coronavirus cases top 1.2 million, death toll tops 73,000; Health expert: No state has met White House criteria for reopening; Trump: "People won't stand for" continued shutdowns, health expert: No state has met White House criteria for reopening; Ex-CDC director: New York City is seeing twice as many coronavirus deaths than deaths from all other causes combined; Trump reverses course, says White House coronavirus task force will continue "indefinitely", "I had no idea how...


United States coronavirus death toll tops 70,000; Ousted vaccine director says warnings about virus were ignored; Swedish official: Stockholm could reach herd immunity this month under anti-lockdown strategy; New human vaccine trials underway in the U.S.;

White House plans to phase out coronavirus task force; Ousted vaccine doctor: Early virus warnings were met with "Indifference which then developed into hostility"; Trump blocks Dr. Fauci from testifying before house: "House is a bunch of Trump haters"; Herd immunity: A way to end the pandemic or far too risky?; New Human vaccine trials underway in the United States, Biotech CEO: "Millions" of doses could be ready by year's end; White House adviser: 20 percent unemployment possible, nearing...


Two models predict dramatic increase in deaths; Intel indicates virus came from market not Chinese lab; Pressure mounts for coronavirus vaccine, Trump says he believes United States will have one by end of year;

Key model predicts 134,000 deaths, nearly double last estimate; New York Times: New internal Trump administration document projects up to 200,000 cases and 3,000 deaths per day in June; United States coronavirus death toll surpasses 68,000; Sources: Intel Assessment contradicts Trump's claim that coronavirus leaked from lab in China; Chinese state media calls Pompeo "evil" for suggesting virus originated in Chinese lab; Trump: "We think we'll have a vaccine by the end of this year"; French...