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Erin Burnett OutFront stays ahead of the headlines, delivering a show that's in-depth and informative.

Erin Burnett OutFront stays ahead of the headlines, delivering a show that's in-depth and informative.
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Erin Burnett OutFront stays ahead of the headlines, delivering a show that's in-depth and informative.






Sources: Diplomat says Giuliani pushed for visa for former Ukrainian official who promised dirt on Democrats; The Atlantic: Allies urging Trump to resist firing Mulvaney as Chief of Staff due to impeachment probe; GOP Rep. Francis Rooney: Quid pro quo on

Trump tries to downplay Mulvaney quid pro quo admission as sources say he's angry and Pelosi calls it a "confession"; Report: Trump allies urging him not to fire Mulvaney, warn he may be damaging witness in impeachment probe; Secretary Perry on orders to work with Giuliani on Ukraine: "I didn't see a problem with that at all"; Ex-GOP Gov. Kasich says he now backs impeachment as sitting GOP Rep. Francis Rooney says he won't rule it out; Trump gives gift to his own resort: Next year's G7...


Trump's Chief of Staff admits to quid pro quo with Ukraine; Republicans slam Mulvaney for admitting quid pro quo on Ukraine

White House in damage control mode after Chief of Staff admits to quid pro quo with Ukraine; Mulvaney admits to quid pro quo with Ukraine despite repeated Trump denials that no such deal existed; Department of Justice official on quid pro quo admission: "That is news to us"; Mulvaney: Politics involved in foreign policy, "get over it"; Representative Cummings dead at 68; was key figure in impeachment inquiry; Explosive testimony: diplomat breaks with Trump, says he had no choice but to work...


Democrats: Trump had "meltdown" during White House meeting, called Pelosi "third-grade politician"; Trump to Turkish President: "Don't be a tough guy. Don't be a fool!" Letter revealed as Republicans rebuke president on Syria; Sources: Federal investigati

Democrats walk out of White House meeting on Syria accusing Trump of a "meltdown" and calling Pelosi a "third grade politician"; House passes resolution to condemn Trump's Syria troops withdrawal, 129 Republicans voted with Democrats; Trump's letter to Erdogan: "Don't be a tough guy. Don't be a fool!"; U.S. Ambassador to EU Gordon Sondland to testify tomorrow, Washington Post: He will say Trump relayed "no quid pro quo" text; U.S. Ambassador to EU Gordon Sondland to be deposed tomorrow;...


CNN/New York Times Democratic Debate

Biden, Warren sharing frontrunner status at tonight's debate; Chairman of Ohio Democratic Party speaks in debate hall. via Knit


Source: Trump's former Russia adviser had high praise for president's ousted Ukraine ambassador; Wall Street Journal: Federal prosecutors examining Rudy Giuliani's financial dealings with Ukraine and his bank records; Biden releases ethics plan after his

Former Trump adviser testifying in impeachment probe; State department official, ambassador set to testify this week; Washington Post: Trump's EU Ambassador plans to tell lawmakers Ukraine quid pro quo denial was dictated by Trump; Former Trump adviser still testifying in impeachment probe; Federal investigators talking to witnesses about Giuliani's Ukraine work since at least August; New Poll: Majority of GOP voters say it's ok for U.S. President to ask for U.S. President to ask foreign...


Trump loses 5 court cases on the same day ex-Ukraine ambassador says Trump pushed for her removal, Giuliani no longer dealing with Ukraine issues after Trump dodges if he is still his personal lawyer, Ex-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine about to wrap up closed-

New York Times: Ex-Ukraine Ambassador says Trump led effort against her, New York Times: Ex-Ukraine Ambassador testifies Trump fired her based on "false claims by people with clearly questionable motives", Source: Giuliani no longer dealing with Ukraine issues after Trump dodges if he is still his personal lawyer, Sources: Trump concerned over Giuliani's Ukrainian ties, Ex-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine about to wrap up closed-door hearing, New York Times: Yovanovitch testifies Trump fired her...


Feds arrest Giuliani associates who sought dirt on Biden, Trump on potential Giuliani indictment: "I hope not"

Two Giuliani associates arrested at DC airport; Had lunch at Trump hotel with Giuliani hours before, Two men who helped Giuliani's efforts to dig up dirt on Biden in Ukraine under arrest, Trump on arrested Giuliani associates: "I don't know them", Washington Post: At least four national security officials raised alarms about Ukraine policy before and after Trump's call, Trump on arrest of two Giuliani associates who sought Biden dirt: "I don't know how he knows these people" via Knit


Democrats plot new phase in impeachment as lawmakers prep new subpoenas, may abandon voluntary interviews; Trump claims he'll cooperate with impeachment inquiry if "rules are fair" and Republicans "get a fair shake"; Pence, Pompeo defend their roles in Uk

Trump lashes out at whistleblower and impeachment probe; falsely claims complaint "wasn't close at all" to transcript; Sources: confusion inside the White House over who is leading the impeachment strategy; Democrats prepare flurry of subpoenas in face of White House stonewalling; Growing pressure for Pelosi to call vote on impeachment inquiry; Trump rails against impeachment probe as White House stonewalls Democrats; Trump hedges on whether he would cooperate with impeachment probe if House...


White House declares war on impeachment, sends letter to Pelosi calling investigation unconstitutional; Schiff slams White House for calling impeachment inquiry "illegitimate"; Sources tell CNN ex-GOP Representative Gowdy accepted offer to be outside coun

Whistleblower memo: White House official who listened to Ukraine call was "shaken" by it, described it as "crazy" and "frightening"; White House tells Pelosi Trump won't cooperate with "illegitimate" impeachment process; White House letter: Trump won't participate in impeachment inquiry; Schiff on White House calling impeachment inquiry "illegitimate": White House is trying to argue "The President is above the law"; White House letter calls impeachment inquiry "baseless" and...


Sources: Extreme measures being considered to protect whistleblower's identity if he or she talks to Congress; Ex-Trump lawyer representing Giuliani associates claims Democrats trying to "harass, intimidate and embarrass" his clients; Trump defends pullin

Democrats' far-reaching impeachment inquiry now involves White House, Pentagon, Office of Management and Budget, and State Department; Ex-Trump lawyer accuses House Democrats of harassment, intimidation; Source: House Democrats prepared to subpoena Giuliani associates; Trump refuses to answer if he was serious about asking China to investigate the Bidens; President Trump defends pulling U.S. troops from Syria as top Republicans slam the decision; GOP Senators slam Trump's decision to pull...


White House subpoenaed as Dems escalate impeachment inquiry; House Dems demand docs from Pence in impeachment inquiry; White House subpoenaed as few Republicans slam Trump

White House subpoenaed by House Democrats, say President's actions left them "no choice"; Pompeo, Giuliani face subpoena deadline tonight; Romney, Hurd slam Trump for asking China to investigate Biden; Doctors: Bernie Sanders suffered a heart attack; 2020 candidate released from hospital earlier today; Biden defends son: "No indication of any conflict of interest from Ukraine or anywhere else. Period"; Trump's children make international deals while the President accuses Biden of being...


Reports: Top U.S. Diplomat in Ukraine texted "It's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign"; Pelosi: Trump violated his oath of office by asking Ukraine and China to investigate Bidens

Trump now says both China and Ukraine should investigate Bidens as Ex-envoy testifies before Congress in impeachment probe; CNN Exclusive: Trump raised Biden with Xi in June call; White House record of call moved to highly-secure server; Volker warned Ukrainians not to interfere in U.S. politics after Trump call; Pelosi: Trump violated his oath of office by asking Ukraine and China to investigate Bidens; NYT: U.S. Diplomats drafted statement for Ukraine's leader to commit investigations of...


Trump erupts over impeachment, ramps up attacks on Intel Chairman Schiff and blasts probe as "bullshit"; Washington Post: Trump repeatedly involved Pence in efforts to pressure Ukraine's president amid bid to find Biden dirt; Trump, without evidence, clai

Trump refuses to answer reporter's question about what he wanted Ukraine's President to do about Bidens; Trump won't say what he wanted Ukraine to do about Bidens; Trump loses temper as impeachment pressure grows; Trump lashes in out in public meltdown over impeachment investigation, the Whistleblower and his call to Ukraine; Schiff: White House attempts to "stonewall" investigation will be considered evidence of obstruction; Trump claims without evidence Schiff helped write complaint; State...


Sources: State Department Inspector General requests "urgent" Hill briefing tomorrow afternoon on Ukraine documents; comes after Pompeo stonewalls Democrats; Top GOP Senator Grassley breaks with Trump, says whistleblower should be "heard out and protected

House deposition with ex-U.S. Ambassador delayed as Inspector General requests "urgent" briefing over Ukraine documents; Pompeo, Democrats accuse each other of witness intimidation as Secretary of State stalls letting officials talk to Congress; GOP's Grassley rebukes Trump over whistleblower attacks; Poll: Only 40% of Republicans believe Trump talked to Ukraine about Biden despite Trump admitting doing so; Poll: only 40% of GOP think Trump mentioned Biden on call; Senator Graham now calls...


House Democrats subpoena Giuliani for Ukraine documents; Sources: Advisers warn Trump it's likely he'll be impeached; some annoyed he won't give up 2016 conspiracy theory; Washington Post: Barr personally asked foreign governments to aid inquiry into CIA,

Giuliani subpoenaed for Ukraine documents in impeachment inquiry; Trump: "trying to find out" whistleblower's identity; Giuliani responds to subpoena in impeachment inquiry, says it "raises significant issues"; Sources: Allies concerned he doesn't understand gravity of situation; Pompeo was on Trump's Ukraine call; Washington Post: Barr traveling overseas, asking foreign government to aid in Justice Department inquiry of Russia probe; Trump administration imposes sanctions on key Putin ally;...


Sources: White House restricted access to Trump's phone calls with Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince, Sources: U.S. Special Envoy to Ukraine has resigned

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo subpoenaed by three House Committees for Ukraine documents in Trump impeachment probe, Pelosi: Attorney General Bill Barr has "Gone rogue", Trump's Ukraine envoy named in whistleblower complaint resigns one day after complaint is made public, Warren: "I do" worry for the whistleblower's safety, Warren: "I don't know: if Senate GOP will vote to convict Trump, No one is above the law," Congress needs to bring impeachment proceedings to hold Trump accountable,...


Whistleblower: Trump tried to get Ukraine to interfere in 2020 election, and White House tried to cover it up; Burr vows Senate Intel will get answers in whistleblower probe; Acting DNI Chief defers to White House on Guiliani questions, says he doesn't kn

Whistleblower: White House tried to cover up Trump's abuse of power; Whistleblower: White House officials said White House lawyers "directed" them to remove electronic transcript of Ukraine call; Whistleblower: White House officials moved Trump's call transcript to codeword-level system; "Not the first time"; Acting DNI Chief: I defer to White House on questions about Guiliani; Acting DNI Chief defers to White House on Guiliani's role; says only knowledge of him is from TV and news media;...


Lawmakers receive whistleblower complaint as transcript shows Trump pushed Ukraine's president to investigate Biden, Pelosi: Whistleblower complaint "has been classified by the president", GOP senators Romney, Thune, Sasse among few raising concerns about

Whistleblower complaint about Trump sent to congress; Rep. Schiff: individual "has exposed serious wrongdoing", GOP senator on whistleblower complaint: "a lot that's very troubling", small cracks in GOP ranks as rough transcript shows Trump pushed Ukraine's president to investigate Biden, several Republicans publicly raise concerns with Trump's Ukraine call, Biden: Ukraine call transcript is "very revealing", Booker: Trump was "abusing" his office to pressure Ukraine, Booker on impeachment:...


Pelosi announces formal impeachment inquiry of Trump; says "Must be held accountable, no one is above the law"

Sources: White House preparing to release whistleblower complaint via Knit


Three House Committees now threatening subpoenas after Trump admits talking to Ukraine about Biden; Trump outrageously claims republicans would get "electric chair" if they did what he wrongly claims Biden did; GOP largely silent after Trump admits talkin

New House Democrat calls to impeach as Trump confirms he discussed Biden with Ukraine; Trump admits he discussed Biden with Ukraine's President; Democrats: Impeachment at "tipping point" after whistleblower complaint; Trump's story keeps changing about whether he pushed Ukraine on Biden; Trump: "It would probably, possibly have been ok" if I pressured Ukraine's president to probe Biden and his son; Source who talks to Trump: "He's not bothered; he's not worried" about fallout over Ukraine...