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Erin Burnett OutFront stays ahead of the headlines, delivering a show that's in-depth and informative.

Erin Burnett OutFront stays ahead of the headlines, delivering a show that's in-depth and informative.
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Erin Burnett OutFront stays ahead of the headlines, delivering a show that's in-depth and informative.






The impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump

House managers, Trump Legal team clash over trial rules; Senate voting on amendment to subpoena more docs after amendments on White House, State Dept. Records fail; Schumer proposes fourth amendment to subpoena Mulvaney after multiple amendments on docs fail via Knit


CNN obtains proposed rules for impeachment trial, gives each side 24 hours over two days to make case; Schumer: McConnell is "hell-bent on making it much more difficult to get witnesses and documents"; McConnell releases proposed impeachment rules as Trum

Proposed GOP impeachment trial rules allow for vote about whether to admit evidence; Schumer holds press conference on impeachment trial rules; Schumer: McConnell's trial rules are "a national disgrace"; senate starts Trump's trial tomorrow, opening statements on Wednesday; Biden says Sanders and Warren will down-ballot races: "How many Dems down the line you think are gonna win?" via Knit


House Dems release new evidence from Giuliani associate as Trump expand defense team with lawyers primed for TV; 11 US service members hurt in Iran attack; Pentagon initially said there were no casualties; Former Bush official and longtime Republican: I w

New documents from Giuliani associate implicate Rep. Nunes' aide in push to dig up dirt on Trump rivals; Dems release new evidence as Trump taps Ken Starr, who Trump once called a "lunatic", to lead defense; Pompeo: Soleimani had "imminent" plans for something"big"; Pompeo: "Fundamentally false" to say there wasn't an "imminent risk" from Iran before Soleimani strike; Top US Genera warns North Korea is building new missiles "as fast as anybody on the planet"; via Knit


Senators sworn in for Trump's impeachment trial as president disputes newly-revealed evidence; Non-partisan government watchdog concludes Trump admin. broke law by withholding U.S. aid to Ukraine; Intelligence officials ask Congress not to hold public hea

Trump insists he doesn't know Giuliani associate implicating him in Ukraine scandal; Giuliani associate: "Of course" Vice President Pence knew about Ukraine pressure campaign; GOP Sen. McSally calls CNN reporter "liberal hack" for asking questions about new evidence in Trump's trial; Bernie Sanders on impeachment duty: I'd "rather be in Iowa"; Impeachment trial forces four 2020 democrats off campaign trail; Trump touts trade deals as Senators sworn in for impeachment; Andrew Yang's wife...


House delivers impeachment articles to Senate as Democrats say more evidence could emerge; Indicted Rudy Giuliani associate at center of Ukraine scandal: "Trump knew exactly what was going on"; GOP Senator to CNN: Current impeachment resolution will not i

Rudy Giuliani associate: Trump "lied" about not knowing me; NYT: Bolton will address Ukraine scandal in book as questions grow about whether Bolton will testify; White House won't say who is on Trump's defense team for Senate trial; Jordan, Meadows, Ratcliffe in the running; Susan Collins questions new impeachment evidence: "I wonder's only now being revealed"; Trump signs first part of major trade deal with China; Warren, Sanders to leave campaign trail during impeachment trial...


House reveals new evidence for impeachment trial; Giuliani letter to Ukraine cites Trump's "knowledge and consent"; Pelosi to announce impeachment managers tomorrow morning; Sanders and Warren feud ahead of final debate before Iowa; Aide: Warren not looki

House to vote tomorrow to send impeachment articles to Senate; New evidence appears to show Trump attorney Jay Sekulow involved in Ukraine scandal; He's expected to defend Trump in Senate; DNC under fire for lack of diversity at democratic debate; Democrats to face off as CNN poll shows 60% of likely Iowa caucusgoers have not made up their minds; Advisers: Discussions on Iran, foreign policy will allow Biden to show off his experience on the world stage; Buttigieg will be only veteran on...


House Speaker Pelosi meets with top Dems; Vote on impeachment managers is next step; Sources: Giuliani lobbying Trump to join White House defense team; Sources: State Dept. security officials weren't notified of Iran's "imminent" threat to four US embassi

Romney: "I'd like there to be John Bolton; Alexander and Collins also say they're open to witnesses; Trump claims those threats justified Soleimani killing; NYT: Russia hacked Ukrainian company tied to Biden's son; Could be digging for dirt ahead of election; Bloomberg takes on IA and NH as first voting states; "Unlikely to be consequential in general election via Knit


Trump now claims Iran targeted 4 US embassies, without evidence or explanation of "imminent" threat; Ukraine investigating whether bomb was "planted" on flight downed in Iran with 176 people onboard; Pelosi preparing to send impeachment articles to Senate

Pompeo on Soleimani's "imminent" attacks: "We don't know precisely" when or where he planned to attack; Questions growing over Trump's claim that Iran planned to "blow up" US embassy; WSJ: Trump told associates he felt pressure to deal with Soleimani for GOP senators ket to his impeachment trial; Ukraine not ruling out terrorism in Iran plane crash; New video shows moment airliner plunges to the ground; US unsuccessfully targeted another Iranian military official on same day US killed...


New video appears to show missile hitting plane; U.S. officials believe Iran shot down Boeing 737

New video appears to show missile hitting plane; U.S. officials believe Iran shot down Boeing 737; House votes to limit Trump's war powers in Iran; Pelosi says she'll send impeachment articles when "Ready," but predicts it could be "Soon"; U.S. Official: Iran invites NTSB to join investigation; U.S. believes Iran shot down plane, killing 176; Trump: Soleimani was "Seriously" looking at U.S. embassies and not just Baghdad; Top Republican claims Democrats "In Love with Terrorists" despite...


Top U.S. General: Iran intended to kill U.S. troops; Rockets land inside Baghdad's Green Zone as Joint Chiefs Chair warns of more attacks by Iran-linked militias; No survivors after Ukrainian jet plunges to the ground in Iran; went down just hours after I

Top U.S. General expects Iran-backed militias to continue attacks; GOP Senator says Iran briefing was the "worst" he's heard on a military issue, calls it un-American; Former acting CIA Chief Morell: "Down the road we'll see an Iranian terrorist attack on a senior official"; Trump accuses Obama of funding missiles used by Iran; Former Obama aides defend against Trump's claim Iran nuclear deal funded missiles used in attack; Growing number of Democrats to Pelosi: hand over articles of...


10 rockets hit Iraq airbase where US troops are based; Pentagon: Iran launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles against US military at two bases in Iraq; Pence's office has briefed some key Senators of the attack

Iranians take credit for attack on base housing US troops; Pompeo, Esper arrive at the White House after Pentagon confirms Iran fired missiles at US forces in Iraq; Source: Casualties among Iraqis after Iran attacks US . forces at two bases in Iraq; White House planning possible Trump address to nation tonight; Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard warns attack on US forces is the beginning of harsh revenge; Source: 13 rockets hit Iraq base where US troops are located via Knit


US admits draft letter suggesting troop withdrawal from Iraq was sent by "mistake"; Pompeo holds classified briefing with Senators on Iran; Bolton: I'm prepared to testify in senate trial id subpoenaed; Schiff doesn't rule out House subpoena for Bolton's

Defense Secretary contradicts Trump on targeting cultural sites, Esper: "We will follow laws of armed conflict"; Pompeo briefs Senators on Iran as he dodges questions on "imminent" threat that led to strike; Bolton willing to testify in Senate trial if subpoenaed, Romney says he'd "like to hear what he has to say"; Trump: US "a lot safer" after death of top Iranian general; Biden: We need a "president who can provide steady leadership"; Sanders: "A new war with Iran could cost thousands of...


Trump: Iran's top general was "planning a very major attack"; Surveillance video reportedly shows moment of impact of U.S. strike that killed Iran's top military General; U.S. officials on alert as Iran vows revenge for airstrike

Iranian Ambassador vows revenge, tells Outfront: "The response for military action is a military action"; Iranian Ambassador vows "military action" after U.S. kills top General; Iranian Ambassador to Outfront: U.S. plans to kill top general were "in the making for quite some time"; Iranian Ambassador to Outfront: Trump is "opening a war" by killing General in strike, promises "harsh revenge"; New airstrike targets Iran-backed militia near Baghdad; Senator: No evidence there was "imminent"...


Dems: Newly revealed emails are a "devastating blow"; Impeachment witnesses should be allowed in senate trial; Report: DOJ redacted key Ukraine emails including one that says withholding aid was "clear direction from POTUS"; Sanders slams Biden after majo

Dems seize on new docs, push for impeachment witnesses; DOJ under fire after report it redacted damaging emails on Ukraine that claim direct Trump involvement; Trump rants on Twitter about impeachment during Mar-a-Lago trip amid visits by Giuliani, Lou Dobbs; Buttigieg raises $24.7 million amid attacks from Dem opponents about his fundraising; Rivals slam Buttigieg for taking cash from big-money donors; Mystery intensifies over how auto exec escaped Japan; One theory: He was smuggled in a...


Schumer: New York Times report on Trump and Ukraine aid makes case "stronger" that Trump advisers need to testify; White House finally confirmed Trump spoke to Putin after Russia announced it, but provides few details; New York stabbing suspect charged w

New York Times: Emails show Mulvaney's key role in halting Ukraine aid; White House confirmed Trump-Putin call one day after Kremlin revealed it; Putin invites Trump to visit Moscow in May in Sunday call; New York Times: Trump's top advisers failed to convince him to release aid during previously undisclosed meeting; New York stabbing suspect charged with federal hate crimes; At least 11 anti-Semitic incidents reported in New York in December; Biden fires back at Buttigieg over "judgement"...


Trump showing increasing signs of frustration over impeachment as he repeatedly slams Pelosi on Twitter; iden says he would defy subpoena in Impeachment trial; New York Times: Newly obtained video shows seals calling platoon chief "Toxic"

Trump showing increasing signs of frustration over impeachment as he repeatedly slams Pelosi on Twitter; Trump stewing at Mar-A-Lago over Senate trial being in limbo; Trump agitated over uncertainty in Senate trial; Biden says he would defy subpoena in Impeachment trial; Source: White House working on list of replacements for Secretary of State as GOP pushes Pompeo to run for Senate; New York Times: Newly obtained video shows seals calling platoon chief "Toxic"; Trump championed chief as...


Trump launches Twitter tirade against Dems & impeachment after calling for unity & "Respect"; OP Senator "disturbed" by impeachment trial coordination between McConnell, White House; Senate impeachment trial "impasse" continues through holidays as Pelosi

Pelosi: Number of Dems who want to be impeachment managers at senate trial "indicative of our strong case"; Pelosi hints Dems are clamoring to be impeachment managers; Trump: McConnell "has the right to do whatever he wants" for impeachment trial; Pelosi, McConnell locked in battle on impeachment articles; Alan Dershowitz spotted at Trump Christmas party amid reports he could join impeachment legal team; Billionaire candidates overwhelm Dem rivals in TV ad spending; Billionaire Dems spend...


Schumer warns McConnell he'll force Senate votes for documents, witnesses amid standoff on rules for Trump trial; Ukraine aid frozen 90 minutes after Trump-Zelensky call; House tells court McGahn testimony is "vital"; could lead to new articles of impeach

Schumer: I'll force senate votes to compel documents in Trump trial; McConnell says "We haven't ruled out witnesses" for Trump's trial after saying Senate is the "judge and jury"; Graham: Senate GOP "should take matters into our own hands" if Pelosi doesn't send impeachment articles; Democrats demand documents after "explosive" email shows Ukraine aid frozen 90 minutes after Trump call; Justice Department asks court to stay out of McGahn fight; White House promotes official Democrats demand...


Uncertainty over senate impeachment trial as president leaves DC for Mar-a-Lago;Trump aides worry about president's two-week trip to Mar-A-Largo as senate trial looms after impeachment; Andrew Yang says he raised $750K since debate

Uncertainty over senate impeachment trial as president leaves DC for Mar-a-Lago; White House counsel meets with Senator McConnell as uncertainty over Trump's impeachment trial grows; Giuliani: Democrats "wanna execute me"; Trump aides worry about president's two-week trip to Mar-A-Largo as senate trial looms after impeachment;Andrew Yang says he raised $750K since debate; Andrew Yang: "It's both an honor and disappointment to be the lone candidate of color on the stage;" Yang urges democrats...


McConnell: Senate impeachment trial at "impasse"; Senate trial in limbo after Trump's impeachment; Moments away: Democrats face off in high-stakes debate

Christianity Today: Trump should be removed; Top Evangelical magazine founded by Billy Graham: President Trump should be removed from office; Trump: "I want an immediate trial!"; Washington Post: former White House officials believe Putin influenced Trump's view that Ukraine meddled in 2016 election via Knit