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A podcast for long distance besties everywhere. Co-hosted by BFFs Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow. Produced by Gina Delvac. Brand new every Friday.

A podcast for long distance besties everywhere. Co-hosted by BFFs Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow. Produced by Gina Delvac. Brand new every Friday.


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A podcast for long distance besties everywhere. Co-hosted by BFFs Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow. Produced by Gina Delvac. Brand new every Friday.






Read Me

Our book is finally available (for pre-order at least)! Aminatou and Ann discuss the making of Big Friendship, writing in a single voice, and the vulnerability in a deep creative partnership. Plus, how to support your local indie bookstore, and even more reading recommendations from Emma Straub. And we talk with Adeline Dieudonne about her novel Real Life, just translated to English, and Ashley Woodfolk about her new YA novel about a friend breakup, When You Were Everything.


Spring Books 2020

Books are one of our go-to ways to stay sane, when bored, cabin-feverish or stressed out. And there are so many great authors and bookstores who need our support right now. At the moment, we're curled up with Nobody Will Tell You This But Me by Bess Kalb and Thin Places by Jordan Kisner. Pro tip: if buying books isn't possible for you right now, your local public library probably uses the Libby app to get audiobooks and e-books to you, even while branches are closed. Links Nobody Will Tell...



Have you ever spent so much time at home? For those of us lucky enough to have somewhere to shelter in place, self-isolate, or recover from illness, we're gaining a new appreciation for what are homes are. Or maybe just dying of frustration at so many uncompleted projects. Never fear. Curbed Executive Editor and interim Editor-in-Chief Mercedes Kraus is here. Mercedes is a long-time curator of well-appointed spaces and shares her tips for shopping for and envisioning a welcoming place to...


Corona Community

Are we overreacting? Not scared enough? The answer is probably both. We discuss how to keep your screwed on while dealing with an extremely serious situation and some do's and don'ts for controlling the contagion of panic. Yes, social distancing is a good idea right now. But even as you keep your germs to yourself, don't forget to check on your friends, get to know your neighbors, see who needs help, and as always, wash your hands. Links: Curbed: In a disaster that calls for isolation, your...


Queen of Revolutionary Feelings

She left her husband for a female Olympian. She survived addiction. And that's just the beginning. Glennon Doyle's new book Untamed encourages women to break out of being good daughters, mothers, partners and be good to ourselves -- and then, in living fuller lives, the world.


Love is Blind

The show, the "science" and men's feelings... we have quite a few, too, about this Netflix phenomenon.


The Science of Friendship

From looking at our brain activity inside fMRI machines to mapping social networks, scientists are looking closely at friendship. Science journalist Lydia Denworth shares her look into the latest research finding what we know affectively to be true -- that friendship helps us live longer, better lives.


Big Books & the Body Image Babadook

American Dirt. Plus, our 90s fashion trauma. Reading List: American Dirt, explained NYT review Myriam Gurba on American Dirt Brandon Taylor on writing about people who don't look like you Against italicizing "foreign" words Chunky soles: All the rage Books we’re reading in lieu of American Dirt: Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe Mean by Myriam Gurba Girl by Edna O’Brien Real Life by Brandon Taylor


Winter Books: Critical Histories

In a special edition of our winter books episode, we talk with three of our favorite herstorians about American icons that could use a rewrite: Harriet Tubman, George Washington, and McDonald's.


Bad Bosses

We discuss some of our worst bosses, the difference between held to a high standard and a toxic environment, and what happens when women are bad bosses.


Can a Woman be President?

Coffee is a hard drug. MLK Day is a mindf*ck, especially when brands, the FBI, and the GOP chime in. RIP Mr. Peanut. And the cumulative impact of being told that your gender or race will stop you from reaching your goal, when that goal is the presidency.


How to Get Your Taxes Right

You might be scared. Or you might be gearing up to beat the IRS at its own game. Maybe you're dipping your toe into freelance work and don't know what to ask. We talk to Claudia Yi León, the mastermind behind @TaxesforArtists to break it all down. She's accounting Xanax and we promise you will walk away with a good tidbit, whether you're terrified or all-too-well informed about managing your tax situation.


Armchair Edibles Experts

How to stay engaged when the news is terrible (more reading less tweeting is always a good start). Ann's review of CATS and our philosophy of which drugs and film genres go well together. Plus who gets to be a podcast breakout.


Time and Memory

How do we remember a decade of life and friendship? How do we visualize time? And how do we have compassion for our past selves? Aminatou and Ann reflect on who they were in the 20s, the pleasure of having older friends to look up to, and realizing that our younger friends may have different reference points.


2019 in Voicemails

We're truly long distance as we close out the year. Aminatou and Ann leave each other voicemails. Who? Weekly shares the top three Whos who became Thems in 2019, and Emma Straub of Books Are Magic shares some of her faves this year.


Know Her Name

Survivors are speaking out and we’re listening. We talk with Chanel Miller, whose victim impact statement echoed around the internet as the anonymous Emily Doe at Brock Turner's trial. In her new book, Know My Name, Chanel tells her side of her story, which goes far beyond one awful night and a long trial.


Sex Work

Sex work brings out extreme views. On one end of the dial: "It's purely exploitative and nothing someone could actively consent to!" And on the other: "It's wholly empowering consensual trade that should be celebrated!" We talk with writer and sex worker Lorelei Lee about how sex work can be like other kinds of labor: underpaid, boring, unfulfilling, and yet not necessarily vile criminality or sublimely erotic and expressive. A pair of laws passed by Congress in 2018, SESTA and FOSTA, have...


Stop! Homer Time

We rave about the power and politics of translation inspired by Emily Wilson's mind-blowingly less-misogynist translation of the Odyssey into English. And we talk with translator Katrina Dodson.


Financial Firsts

Even as an adult, big decisions that involve money can provoke anxiety, uncertainty and seem so far away and inaccessible. In this episode, we demystify two big adult money moves: buying a home and investing money. Real estate agent Aiesha Bailey Mannle and financial expert Paco de Leon help guide us.


True Crime

From TV crime dramas like SVU to the explosion in true crime podcasts, we delve into the public - and especially women’s - fascination with murder content. Whose stories are centered? How prevalent is murder these days anyway? Why is the subject so bingeable? Rachel Monroe joins us to discuss. Plus, how and when we think about our own deaths.