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The programme that offers a female perspective on the world




Working From Home, Domestic Violence, Useful Tech

We're being told to work from home if we can, so how's it going? What if you're sharing your home with someone else #WFH? Do you have enough space? As well as the paid work you're doing, how are the chores getting divided up? And what about looking after children in the middle of it all? Victims of violence in the home are being reassured that there's still help available for them despite what's happening. Sarah Green from End Violence Against Women describes how dangerous the lock-down is...


Coronavirus and pregnancy, Social workers, Calamity Jane

The Royal College of Midwives says that coronavirus may mean its staff have to work elsewhere in the NHS, rather than looking after pregnant women. Dr Mary Ross Davie explains the RCM's concerns. Social workers are trying to keep working safely and effectively despite restrictions around Covid-19. However, a survey by the British Associations of Social Workers says many haven't been given solid advice or the right personal protection equipment. Dr Ruth Allen, Chief Executive of the BASW,...


Women of colour and gardening, Children, fake news and anxiety, Exercise at home

For women of colour, planting is becoming a popular way to establish ownership and celebrate cultural heritage. Aimée Grant Cumberbatch, founder of Grown, a gardening club for women of colour, and Flo Headlam, professional gardener and BBC Two’s Gardeners’ World’s first black presenter discuss. Ten organisations across the UK including Rape Crisis and End Violence Against Women have issued a joint statement about the impact Covid-19 could have on the lives of women and children. Women's Aid,...


Exercise at home, Safe access to abortion during Covid-19, Lauren Gunderson, Jessica Moor

Keeping up fitness when you're isolated at home. Jenni talks to fitness instructor Rosemary Mallace of Over Fifty Fitness and Professor Janet Lord, an expert in muscle health and immunity from the University of Birmingham, about why keeping moving is particularly important as you get older and what you can do to exercise at home. Earlier this week the Government published advice that women could be prescribed both abortion pills for a medical abortion, which they would be able to take at...


Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Jenny Harries answers your questions

Dr Jenny Harries, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England has become a familiar face and reassuring voice at the regular press conferences from Number 10 over the last couple of weeks. Today she joins Jenni to talk about the latest advice and information about the coronavirus pandemic and answers questions posed by our listeners. We've been hearing a lot from medical experts, politicians and commentators recently. But how is Covid-19 affecting regular Woman's Hour listeners? Over the...


Women and homelessness, Louise Hare, Children, fake news and anxiety

More money has been made available across the UK to help rough sleepers during the Covid-19 pandemic. But is enough being done to help the thousands of women and children who are in temporary accommodation? What’s being done to protect the thousands of “hidden homeless” who find themselves in B&B’s. Jenni speaks to Tina who is “sofa-surfing” with her 5 year old daughter, and to Polly Neate, CEO of Shelter and Lindsay Cordery-Bruce, CEO of The Wallich, a homelessness charity in Wales about...


Women of Colour & Gardening; Free School Meals; Clear Communication in a Crisis

It’s the beginning of spring, and in more recent years, gardening is being seen as a therapeutic form of self-care. But for women of colour, planting is becoming a popular way to establish ownership and celebrate cultural heritage. Aimée Grant Cumberbatch is the founder of Grown, a gardening club for women of colour. Flo Headlam has been gardening professionally since 2012, and in 2017 she became BBC Two’s Gardeners’ World’s first black presenter. Five years ago chef, Nicole Pisani gave up...


Home Schooling, Reusable Products and Coronavirus

After school closures across the UK many parents will be at home trying to support their children do some school work whilst also working from home and 'social distancing' themselves. Are there lessons to be learned from those who already home educate? Ten organisations across the UK including Rape Crisis and Ending Violence Against Women have issued a joint statement about the impact of Covid 19could have on the lives on women and children. Recent reports from China and Italy show an...


Glenda Jackson; Tantrums; Women, decision-making and Covid-19

Glenda Jackson tells us about her latest work playing the poet, writer and critic Edith Sitwell and what books she would recommend during a period of isolation. The Former Home Secretary Amber Rudd discusses why women need to be more involved in Covid 19 decision making with Caroline Criado Perez author of Invisible Women and Simone Schnall from Jesus College Cambridge. The curator, writer and lecturer Bolanle Tajudeen tells us how black feminism has influenced the work of black female fine...


Children's Tantrums: why they happen and how to cope

Tantrums are an inevitable part of living with a toddler. But with the prospect of weeks or even months of families cooped up together ahead of us, how can parents keep meltdowns (by toddlers and themselves!) to a minimum? Emily Jones is a professor of infant neurodevelopment and autism at the Birkbeck Babylab and she tells Jane what’s happening when a child has a tantrum, when and how to intervene, and gives top tips for parents trying to cope. Earlier this week, the former cabinet minister...


School closures, Legal challenges to the CPS, Family Secrets

The Secretary of State for Education Gavin Williamson has confirmed that all schools will close in England and Wales and there’ll be no GCSE or A Level exams this summer. How are schools and pupils proposing to cope? Ruby is a 17-year old pupil in Somerset, due to take her A levels shortly. Charlie is 25 and is doing an access course to be a paramedic. It involves cramming 2 years of A-levels into 1 year. Carolyn Roberts is the Head Teacher at Thomas Tallis School in South London. A legal...


Family Secrets...

In the latest in our series of Family Secrets a listener called Helen got in touch to tell us about the discovery she made after the death of her mother and the suicide pact she kept quiet about for nearly forty years. Last week’s budget saw a series of big public spending and investment projects announced. These focused on physical infrastructure. But what of social infrastructure – the investment in people who staff social care and the support for women in and out of work as the country...


Glenda Jackson, Coronavirus & Advice for Pregnant Women

We consider the latest advice for pregnant women when it comes to coronavirus. Jane speaks to Jess Brammer, editor in chief HuffPost UK, who is currently on maternity leave and Dr Mary Ross-Davie - Director for Scotland, Royal College of Midwives. And in other coronavirus news: many offices, shops, bars, restaurants, schools, are likely to close. Many workers and businesses will see their income collapse, almost overnight. So what if you are laid off? What if you are self-employed? What...


Covid-19. Jane Garvey takes your calls.

Jane Garvey takes your calls on Covid-19. Joined by Psychologist Laverne Antrobus and Sarah Stewart Brown Professor of Public Health at Warwick University . What measures are you putting in place? How will you manage with young as well as older children, do you face particular problems with those that have special needs. What about work ? If you are someone who can work at home do you have the tech to support that. Have you thought about setting up a local neighbourhood support network? What...


Jessie & Lennie Ware, Christina Lamb, Barriers to disclosing sexual violence.

We hear from the singer turned interviewer Jessie Ware and her mum Lennie about their hit podcast Table Manners, where they cook dinner for a different celebrity every week. They’ve turned their favourite recipes into a cook book. Black Women and sexual violence. What are the cultural barriers making it difficult for black women to discuss and disclose sexual violence? And what is cultural betrayal theory? Chief Foreign correspondent Christina Lamb tells us about her new book ‘Our Bodies...


Why black women struggle to discuss sexual violence; Self-isolating as a family

Over the past few years we have seen a number of high profile men being publically accused of sexual abuse and assault. It’s become a pinnacle aspect of the #MeToo movement. So why is the act of speaking out still met with so much resentment? Why is it so difficult to criticise male celebrities who have large followings? And how much more complex does this issue become when it intersects with race? Jacqueline Springer is a contemporary black music and culture journalist and lecturer. Leanne...


Parenting Podcast: Working with your Mum, with Jessie Ware and Lennie Ware

Jessie and Lennie Ware on their relationship since making their Table Manners podcast


BBC's Young Reporter, Women's History, Leftover Women

BBC Young Reporter Competition is in its second year. More than 2000 young people suggested an original story idea that they wanted the BBC to report on and it was Kay from Bristol who won gold this year. She's 19 now but when she was 12 she was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. She's now volunteering at a hospital and it's been life-changing. Our reporter Ena Miller met Kay and her mum, Eileen, at home in Bristol. March is a big month for women. We have International Women’s Day and...


Women in Music: Woman’s Hour at the 6 Music Festival

We’re celebrating women in music with this special collaboration between Woman’s Hour and BBC 6 Music, recorded at the 6 Music Festival in Camden, North London. Presenter Georgie Rogers goes backstage at the historic Roundhouse venue to speak to some of the brilliant female artists on the line-up about the women that inspire them and their experiences of the music industry. Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes tells Georgie how it feels to call the shots as a solo artist and shares the women...


Crazy Cat Ladies, Female QCs and Rough sex as defence

If you are man and own a cat, you are a man with a cat. If you are a woman with one, you are a crazy cat lady. Recently the term crazy cat lady has been reclaimed in a positive way on social media but many say it is a pejorative term used against women who break from tradition. Alice Maddicott is the author of Cat Women and writer Kat Brown has two cats, Ambridge and Genevieve and has written about the support they gave her during fertility treatment. Next week 114 new QCs will receive their...