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The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer is the command center for breaking news, politics and extraordinary reports from around the world. Your world: raw, unfiltered and live. You see it when we see it.

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer is the command center for breaking news, politics and extraordinary reports from around the world. Your world: raw, unfiltered and live. You see it when we see it.
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The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer is the command center for breaking news, politics and extraordinary reports from around the world. Your world: raw, unfiltered and live. You see it when we see it.






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Impeachment articles accuse Trump of abuse of power, obstruction; Barr disputes key finding in IG report, says FBI may have acted in "bad faith" in Russia probe

Judiciary Committee to take up impeachment articles tomorrow; Sources: Growing divide between Trump and McConnell over impeachment trial; Trump heading to rally after impeachment articles unveiled; Trump meets with Russian foreign minister in Oval Office; White House: Trump warned Russian foreign minister against U.S. election interference; Sources: Nadler wanted separate articles on obstruction of justice; Sources: Some vulnerable Democrats want censure instead of impeachment; FBI director...


Judiciary Committee holds key hearing on Trump impeachment; Democratic counsel: Trump's actions with Ukraine a "clear and present danger" to U.S. elections

Democratic counsel: Trump put personal interests above nation's to help his re-election efforts; Democratic counsel: Trump launched an "unprecedented campaign of obstruction of Congress"; Top Republican slams "focus group" impeachment as Democrats present their evidence against Trump; Representative Swalwell: We will move fairy and swiftly but with urgency because of upcoming election; Democratic counsel: The case for impeachment "overwhelming" via Knit


House Democrats proceeding with articles of impeachment, Pelosi: "no choice" but to proceed with articles of impeachment, Biden calls Iowa voter a "damn liar" after getting question about his son and Ukraine

Schiff: Pelosi announcement a "significant milestone", Pelosi says "don't mess with me" when asked if she hates Trump, White House: Democrats have "abused power... lied to American people", Giuliani: evidence against Biden will "be released very soon", Trump administration negotiating United States-Mexico-Canada trade deal, house democrats on track to impeach Trump by Christmas, Ukrainian lawmaker says he met with Giuliani in Kiev, North Korea calls Trump a "dotard" after he again refers to...


Awaiting House Intelligence vote on Trump impeachment report; House Intelligence report: Trump "compromised national security to advance his personal political interest"; House Intelligence report accuses Trump of misconduct, obstruction

House Intelligence impeachment report: "Evidence of the president's misconduct is overwhelming"; House Intelligence report alleges Pence, Pompeo, Mulvaney, Perry knew or aided Ukraine scheme to benefit Trump; White House: Dem report "reads like the rambling of a basement blogger"; Schiff: Nunes conversations with Giuliani as shown in the phone records are "deeply concerning"; Senator Bennet: If vote were today "I'd vote to convict" Trump; Senator Kamala Harris drops out of 2020 presidential...


House Intelligence committee about to review impeachment report; Federal prosecutors give new details about evidence in case against Giuliani associate; Key GOP Senators won't disavow Russian-backed conspiracy theory on Ukraine election meddling

House GOP report defends Trump against impeachment;Judiciary committee announces witnesses for first impeachment hearing; House Republicans defend Trump's actions in new 123-page report responding to impeachment inquiry; Republican report defends Trump's actions says no quid pro quo, threats or pressure; Trump arrives in London for NATO meeting as Intelligence committee prepares to review impeachment report; Former President Carter back in Hospital; House expected to join Senate in...


Two dead in London bridge terror attack; Source: London police identify terror suspect; Trump team debating whether White House participation in impeachment is "worth it"

White House faces new deadline on impeachment; Terror suspect dead after London stabbing spree; At least three injured in Netherlands stabbing; Admin official: Don't expect Trump to participate in Wednesday impeachment hearing; Ukrainian officials trying to improve standing with Trump amid impeachment inquiry fallout; Trump allies fuel Ukraine conspiracies; Police: Attacker wore hoax explosive device; Booker Super Pac launches attack on Buttigieg; Powerful storm could disrupt travel for...


Worry rises in military over Trump's decision-making; The tightening legal vise around Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani; North Korea launches projectiles in message to Trump

Trump to speak with servicemembers amid pentagon tensions; Ousted Navy chief torches Trump & behavior in op-ed; Fired Navy chief: Trump has "little understanding" of military; Trump calls pentagon "deep state" amid military backlash; Trump tries distancing himself from Giuliani on Ukraine actions; Analysis: The precipitous fall of America's Mayor Giuliani; NYT: Giuliani pursued business in Ukraine while pushing for probes; Trump denies directing Rudy Giuliani on Ukraine actions; Trump angers...


Reports: Giuliani sought business from Ukraine officials as he pushed them for dirt on Trump's political rivals; New York Times: Justice department inspector general's report expected to undercut Trump's claim that FBI spied on campaign

Washington Post: Giuliani sought $200K contract from Ukraine prosecutor while pushing him for Biden investigation; New York Times: Trump briefed on whistleblower report before releasing Ukraine aid, undermining White House defense; Impeachment could complicate 2020 picture for Trump; Trump makes impeachment focal point of campaign; Multiple large explosions rattle Texas chemical plant; Poll: Biden holds strong lead over Democratic field; Poll: Sanders holding strong in crowded field; Putin...


Judiciary committee announces first impeachment hearing; New impeachment transcripts released; Top diplomat: EU ambassador said he had "script" for Ukrainian president to use with Trump

Judiciary chairman: President Trump can participate in impeachment inquiry "or he can stop complaining"; House Judiciary Committee invites President Trump to participate in his own impeachment hearing; Trump administration officially put hold on Ukraine aid on same day as call with Ukrainian president; New deposition transcripts released; Source: Proposal for Trump to participate in impeachment hearing is "under consideration"; Former National Security Adviser John Bolton: "Commitment to our...


Schiff: Impeachment report coming soon after Thanksgiving; Subpoena indicates federal investigators interested in Rudy Giuliani's business; Awaiting judge's ruling on whether former White House Counsel Don McGahn must testify before Congress

Schiff: House to consider whether "non-compliance" by Mulvaney, Pompeo and Bolton is basis for obstruction; Schiff: "Forced to infer" testimony from Mulvaney, Pompeo and Bolton would have incriminated Trump; Trump: "I don't know" what Guiliani means when he talks about having an "insurance policy" on me; Trump says he still has confidence in Mulvaney after Washington Post report on blocking Ukraine aid; Subpoena to Giuliani associates indicates probe that includes former mayor's business;...


Sources: House Democrats to spend Thanksgiving week preparing impeachment report, Sources: White House lawyers not convinced Trump will be impeached,

Sources: Intelligence briefed Senate this fall on Russia campaign to blame election meddling on Ukraine, White House denies blocking access to Bolton's Twitter account, Sources: House Democrats debating size and scope of impeachment articles, Pelosi to make final decision, Bloomberg buys at least $29 million in TV advertising over next two weeks, Biden on GOP's Senator Graham doing Trump's bidding on Ukraine: I'm "Embarrassed" for him, Impeachment report under way.... via Knit


Fiona Hill shatters GOP conspiracy theories, Democrats: Enough evidence from hearings to move on impeachment

Sources: White House does not believe Trump is in danger of being removed from office, Trump talks impeachment at lunch with GOP Senators, Trump's former Russian adviser says she warned Sondland Ukraine shadow diplomacy "Would blow up", Trump's former top Russia adviser describes shadow Ukraine diplomacy as a "Domestic political errand", Shattering GOP conspiracy theory via Knit


Defense and State department officials testify in impeachment probe; Sondland: I pressured Ukraine at "express direction" of Trump

Sondland: "Yes" there was a Quid Pro Quo in Ukraine scandal; Sondland ties Trump, Pence, Pompeo to Ukraine pressure campaign; Sondland: "I followed the directions of the president"; Sondland: "Everyone was in the loop" on Ukraine pressure; Sondland: I did not hear directly from Trump that Ukraine aid was tied to investigations; Sources: Trump campaign, GOP "blindsided" by Sondland testimony via Knit


Ex-Ukraine envoy and former white house aide testifying; Ex-Envoy: "I should have seen" link between Ukraine corruption probes and the Bidens; Ex Envoy Changes past testimony, now says Ukraine aid was linked to Biden probe;

Ex-Ukraine envoy and former white house aide testifying; Ex-Envoy: "I should have seen" link between Ukraine corruption probes and the Bidens; Ex Envoy Changes past testimony, now says Ukraine aid was linked to Biden probe; Ex-Envoy: "I should have seen" link between Ukraine corruption probes and the Bidens; via Knit


Aide who overheard restaurant call between Trump and EU ambassador to testify Thursday; Pompeo declines to support top Ukraine diplomats publicly; How Trump's policies seem to benefit Putin

Pelosi: Trump "abused" power for personal political gain; House investigating whether Trump lied to Mueller; Trump says he'll consider giving written impeachment testimony; Trump attacks Pence aide ahead of Impeachment Testimony; Trump hospital visit sparks new health questions; North Korea "no longer interested' in talks with Trump via Knit


Democrats accuse Trump of "witness intimidation" for attacking ex-ambassador as she testified, Aide who overheard Trump phone call testifying, Roger Stone found guilty of lies that protected Trump

Aide said to have overheard call where Trump asked diplomat about "investigations" testifies, Trump associate Stone found guilty of all 7 counts including lies that protected Trump, Ousted ambassador: I felt threatened when Trump said I was "going to go through some things", Trump campaign sources: "idiotic" of president to tweet about ambassador while she testified, Trump defends his attack on witness during her testimony, says "I have the right to speak", Ousted U.S. ambassador to Ukraine:...


Pelosi: Trump has admitted he committed "Bribery", Trump taking fight over his tax returns to Supreme Court, Experts: Russian spies may have intercepted Trump call

Democrats expect ousted Ukraine ambassador to testify about smear campaign and "Corrupt shakedown scheme", Lawmakers prepare for hearing with witness who overheard newly revealed Trump phone call, Two dead and three wounded in shooting at high school; Suspect in grave condition, Former national security officials say Russian spies likely intercepted Trump's phone call with Sondland, what Trump did regarding Ukraine "Makes what Nixon did look almost small", White House sizing up new...


Impeachment witnesses further tie Trump to Ukraine pressure, Trump legal team source calls hearings "Theater" but not damaging to President

Taylor: Sondland said Trump cared more about investigations of Biden than about Ukraine, Taylor testifies withholding aid to Ukraine for help with political campaign was "Crazy", Impeachment witness reveals new information about Trump's involvement in "Alarming" Ukraine scheme, Key witness: Diplomat said "Everything" was dependent on Ukraine President announcing investigations, Trump: Didn't watch "One minute" of hearings, can't remember newly revealed phone call, Key witness: aide heard...


New York Times: Trump considered firing Intelligence Inspector General who believed the whistleblower; Both sides rest on Roger Stone trial after key witness describes Trump call about Wikileaks; Democrats: Schiff's opening statement will "lay out the sco

House Democratic leaders meeting this hour ahead of first televised impeachment inquiry testimony; House GOP meeting tonight to discuss defending Trump after holding mock impeachment hearing; Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Burr: Impeachment trial likely to last for "six to eight weeks"; New York Times: Trump weighed firing Intelligence Inspector General who sent whistleblower report to Congress; House Democrats, GOP holding strategy meetings tonight ahead of tomorrow's televised...


New impeachment witness testimony just released less than 48 hours before public hearings begin; More transcripts released: State department special adviser for Ukraine and foreign service officer

Witness: Key diplomat engaged in effort to see if Ukraine could make a statement to get aid freeze lifted; Now: Court hearing over Mulvaney's request to join lawsuit fighting House subpoena power; Witness: Ukraine was aware security aid was frozen as of August before it was publicly reported; Ahead of CNN's Town Hall in Iowa, poll shows Biden leading tight race in New Hampshire; New York Times: Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick considering White House bid; New book reveals Trump's...