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Ep #69 with Cecilia Zabala, singer-songwriter and guitarist

Ep #69 with Cecilia Zabala. Cecilia Zabala is from Argentina and sings and writes her beautiful original songs that often have a lot of Brazilian influence. She tours all over the world. You might notice that for the first time we are bringing back some of our favorite episodes. Cecilia was with us for Ep #2 way back in July of 2017. Yes, The World Fusion Show has been up and running for 2 1/2 years, releasing a new episode every 2 weeks and relentlessly bringing you the leading innovators...


Ep #68 - on The World Fusion Show - Sampler #6

Ep #68 - The World Fusion Show - Sampler #6 features 7 of our amazing guests without any interviews - just music! This episode includes unreleased performances from Mei Han (Chinese), Howard Levy (World jazz), Senie Hunt (singer-songwriter), Steve Gorn (Indian), Om Shalom Trio (Indian-Jewish fusion), Simba (worldbeat) and Carpe Diem String Quartet (World Fusion classical). What a variety! Facebook: YouTube:...


Ep #67 - Brazilliance with Derrik Jordan

Ep #67 - Brazilliance with Derrik Jordan. This episode features six of my original Brazlian inspired sambas and bossa novas from my double CD Brazilliance. Written over 30 years, I consider these songs to be some of my best work. I am singing along with Alexandra Colmant and Lisa Sokolov. I am also joined on these six songs by Erik Lawrence, Bob Stabach, Eugene Uman and Johnny Yuma. This episode is dedicated to my old friend Brian Hobbs who is the co-lyricist on the song Fearlessly. On...


Ep #66 Arcomusical, berimbau and vocal sextet

Ep #66 with Arcomusical, berimbau and vocal sextet. What's a berimbau? A musical bow. Hence the name of this truly unique and innovative group from Illinois who use this simple ancient African and Brazilian instrument in a whole new way. They fine tune the single string on the bow to different pitches and together are able to create some beautiful chords and textures. Then they add their voices. You have to hear it to believe it. On Facebook:...


Ep #65 with Frevo, World Fusion Chamber Quartet

EP #65 with Frevo, World Fusion Chamber Quartet. Frevo is a quartet of mixed stings and winds - flute, clarinet, cello and guitar - who enjoy presenting a wide variety of music to their audiences. From The Beatles to World Music they cover the globe. In this episode they perform three of my World Fusion classical pieces - Two Brazilian influenced compositions (Dream Of Bahia and Everyone Loves Brazil) and one West African inspired piece called Timbuktu. They live in northern VT. On Facebook:...


Ep #64 Glen Velez, frame drummer and composer

Ep #64 with Glen Velez, frame drummer and composer. Glen Velez is a master of the frame drum and works with many people including Trio Globo with Howard Levy and Eugene Friesen. He has traveled to Egypt and Morocco to further his studies. His phenomenal technique on the frame drum always serves his expression and deep musicality. On Facebook: On YouTube: Podcasts: A...


Ep #63 on The World Fusion Show - Sampler #5

Ep #63 on The World Fusion Show - Sampler #5. We bring you six of our fantastic guest artists with unreleased performances from when they were here with us in Brattleboro, VT at BCTV. Bideew Bou Bess, Joel Veena, Crocodile River Music, Lath Sidiq, Gokh-Bi System and Tantra Zawadi are featured. An embarrassment of riches! On Facebook: On YouTube: Podcasts:


Ep #62 with Mei Han, zheng player and composer

Ep #62 with Mei Han, zheng player and composer. Mei Han grew up in China during the cultural revolution and her exposure to music was limited to propaganda songs praising Mao and the Communist Party. She started learning the ancient zheng which was considered to be a dying instrument. She directs a Chinese World Fusion Quartet called Red Chamber and has worked with musicians from all over the world. She even does Chinese bluegrass! On Facebook:...


Ep #61 Steve Gorn, bansuri flutist and composer

Ep #61 with Steve Gorn, bansuri flutist and composer. Steve has devoted his life to the study of the Indian bansuri flute and is considered by many to be the foremost non-Indian bansuri player in the world. He performs with many World Fusion musicians in a variety of styles but his signature beautiful flute sound is the centerpiece of his work. On Facebook: On YouTube: Podcasts:...


Ep #60 with Howard Levy, composer, harmonica and piano player

Ep #60 with Howard Levy, composer, harmonica and piano player. Howard Levy is a truly innovative musician who has expanded the range of the blues harp by finding all the "other" notes. He plays harmonica and piano often at the same time. He is a wonderful composer and a member of The Flecktones and Trio Globo. He wrote a concerto for harmonica and orchestra which has been performed all over the world 40 times. On Facebook: On...


Ep #59 - with Jamshied Sharifi, composer, orchestrator and keyboardist

Ep #59 with Jamshied Sharifi, composer, orchestrator and keyboardist. Jamshied Sharifi is in great demand as an orchestrator and won an award on Broadway for "The Band's Visit." He is a very expressive keyboardist and uses a breath controller when he plays. He writes original compositions for orchestra and produces music for many other artists. On Facebook: On YouTube:


Ep #58 with Om Shalom Trio, Indian and Jewish fusion

Ep #58 with Om Shalom Trio, Indian and Jewish fusion. They bring together Indian classical and folk along with Jewish and Western Classical music. Abhik Mukherjee plays sitar, Ranendra Das plays tabla and percussion and Jessie Reagen Mann plays the cello. On Facebook: On YouTube: Podcast: A Worldsoul Records production


Ep #57 with Yulia Musayelyan, flutist and composer

Ep #57 with Yulia Musayelyan, flutist and composer. Yulia Musayelyan grew up in Russia and started playing classical music at a very early age. She has been deeply influenced by the music of Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil and teaches at Berklee in Boston. She has a beautiful sound and is a very adept improviser. The World Fusion Show brings you interviews, video clips and live in the studio performances with the leading innovators in World Fusion music. On Facebook:...


Ep #56 with Senie Hunt, percussive guitarist and singer songwriter

Ep #56 with Senie Hunt, percussive guitarist and singer songwriter. Senie Hunt was born into war-torn Sierra Leone and was adopted by a family in NH when he was 5. He has used his love of music to overcome his traumatic early life. He is currently performing throughout New England with his percussive style guitar playing and his original songs. Facebook: YouTube: Podcast:...


Ep #55 with Christiane Karam, singer and composer

Ep #55 with Christiane Karam, singer and composer. Christiane Karam grew up in Lebanon during the war and is a true musical force of nature. She directs a Balkan choir, started a Middle Eastern music festival after 9/11, speaks 4 languages and teaches at the Berklee School Of Music. She is a very expressive and soulful singer and works with some great collaborators. On Facebook: On YouTube: Podcasts:...


Ep #54 with Derrik Jordan, World Fusion String Quartets

Ep #54 with Derrik Jordan, World Fusion String Quartets. This episode features excerpts of 4 of my 7 World Fusion String Quartets, each one inspired by a different style of World Music. For these string quartets I have added one or two unusual instruments like shakuhachi, electric guitar, djembe, kalimba, shekere, steel pan and congas. The idea behind these pieces is to create new hyhbrid styles by blending different kinds of world music and my own sensibility. On Facebook:...


Ep #53 - Sampler #4 on The World Fusion Show

Ep #53 - Sampler #4 on The World Fusion Show. Featuring six of our deeply talented musical guests with unreleased performances from the show. Moonlight and Morningstar, Erik Lawrence, Tantra Zawadi, Jim Matus, John Sheldon and Yehuda Glantz. All music, no interviews. Check it out and let me know what you think! A Worldsoul Records production On Facebook: On YouTube: Podcasts:...


Ep #52 with Worldbeat band Simba

Ep #52 with the Worldbeat band Simba. Simba has been one of the most popular groups in southern VT for 30 years. Playing a wide variety of danceable World music with their legendary Solstice celebrations, they always keep the people moving and grooving. Known for their blazing horns and scorching percussion, they also feature three composers in the band. A Worldsoul Records production On Facebook: On YouTube:...


Ep #51 with Leni Stern, singer-songwriter and guitarist

Ep #51 with Leni Stern, guitarist and singer-songwriter. Leni Stern plays a gold Fender Stratocaster and is very inspired by the music of Mali, where she has traveled and performed many times. She works with some of the top superstar musicians in Mali. She also plays ngoni and has a unique fusion of American and African music in her songs. On Facebook: On YouTube: A Worldsoul Records production...


Ep #50 with Yehuda Glantz, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist

Ep # 50 with Yehuda Glantz, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Yehuda was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has lived for many years in Jerusalem. He is a wonderful songwriter and composer and has a very deep spiritual and uplifting energy in his music. He plays charango, accordion, guitar, piano and sings. In this episode he performs three of his songs with the Israeli Symphony Orchestra. A Worldsoul Records Production On Facebook:...