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We talk all things NBA. News, Stats, Rumors and Fantasy Basketball advise.

We talk all things NBA. News, Stats, Rumors and Fantasy Basketball advise.
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We talk all things NBA. News, Stats, Rumors and Fantasy Basketball advise.




Load Management & Injuries

Its another episode of the Drive and Dish NBA Podcast! Justin Cousart and Kevin Rafuse get together to talk about the HUGE debate happing in the NBA World right now... LOAD MANAGEMENT. Doris Burke had some harsh comments for Kawhi after he sat out on ESPN's Clippers VS Bucks game. How can the NBA fix this problem?... if they even think it is a problem. The guys then talk about their "Ballin & Fallin" for the week and get into Dion Waiters' "gummies" situation. There have also been a few...


What Now Warriors & NBA Disappointments

Justin and Kevin debate what the Golden State Warriors should do now that Steph Curry has an injury? They debate if D'Angelo Russell should be traded so they can tank. The guys jump into the Drive and Dish segment Ballin and Fallin plus debate what other NBA teams would be considered "Disappointing" after 7-8 games into the season. 00:00 - 7:10 Intro "Cat On The Field" 7:30 - 19:33 - What now for the Warriors? 19:35 - 33:32 - Ballin/Fallin 33:35 - 42:00 - Disappointing NBA Teams...


NBA Week One Reactions

Kevin and Justin are SO Stoked for the new NBA season to start up. The guys talk about each team's first TWO games and break down the Good The Bad and the Impressive from the first few games. The guys do their Ballin/Fallin Segments where they talk about Karl Anthony Towns, Salt Lake City, The Kawhi Commercial and the 2018 draft class. After that the two breakdown all the missed Contracts that were dropped right before the start of the season. Plus a bonus chat about Patrick Beverly...


NBA Season Predictions!

Justin and Kevin give their NBA season predictions ahead of the start of the season... Hear who they think will win the East and West Conference. Plus who will be taking home the NBA awards at the end of the season! Plus, an Iggy and Stephen A Smith HOT TAKE! 00:00 - 17:00 - Intro 17-24 - ZION injury 24 - 32 East Standings 32 - 47 East & Finals 47 - 58 NBA Awards 59 - End - Hot take


NBA Vs China + Fantasy Basketball!

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5 Questions for the upcoming NBA Season

Justin is back from Dallas... with a potential Mavs fandom! Kevin has the guys ask 5 questions that they have going into the upcoming NBA Season. Justin Asks about playoff teams, will there be improved Jumpshots while Kevin asks if there are some coaches that might be in the hot seat and if we will see better performances from Trae Young or Luca! The two also get into the Drive and Dish Staples - Ballin and Falling + Hot Takes From NBA Reddit! 00:00 - 17:00 Intro (Talking about Dallas,...



After a quick break, the guys are back with another episode of the Drive & Dish NBA podcast. Justin (@JustinContheAir) is off this week but Kevin (@rafusetolose) is joined by Chris Crawford (@ESPN580CC) from ESPN 580 Orlando to recap NBA media day. The guys take an overall look at the state of the league and discuss how this year there's a lack of bad teams compared to years past. Kevin talks his surprise that Josh Jackson is starting off the year in the G-League and what's gone wrong for...


New Rules & 2020 NBA Season Bet

Justin and Kevin jump on the podcast to talk about the three new rule changes coming to the NBA. First, they talk about the "Tampering" rule changes and debate if the new fines and rule will actually work, and how do you feel about Adam silver being able to TAKE PHONES FROM PLAYERS? They then get into the fact that the NBA tried to clear up the "Traveling" definition for fans and referees by defining the word "Gathering..." did it help? Last, the new rule that teams must submit their game...


Team USA & SI's Top 100 NBA Players

Justin and Kevin talk about Team USA not getting 1st place... BUT & 7TH in the FIBA World Cup... Is Kobe right to say the USA is no longer a lock to win it all? The guys also check out Sports Illustrated's Top 100 NBA players for 2020... Should Giannis be #1? is Wiggens really #100? They will debate and hope to come to a resolution. The guys also hit the Drive and Dish specials, Ballin/Fallin and Hot Takes From Reddit. 00:00 - 11:26: Intro & Player Likeness12:00 - 22:00 - Team USA talk22:00-...


Sell Me On The East

Justin and Kevin continue their "Sales" pitch segment for the teams in the East! Listen along and see if they can sell you on a new tea in the east. The guys also talk about the new Nene contract and Dwight Howard looking TOTALLY different on social media. 00:00 - 11:30 - Hurricane Recap and intro12:00 - 30:00 - Dwight Howard, Nene, and Boi Boi Contract. 30:00 - 37:00 - Hot Takes From Reddit37:00 - END - Sell Me On The EastLearn more about your ad choices. Visit


Sell Me On The West & Nets

Justin (@JustinContheAir) & Kevin (@rafusetolose) are back again with their yearly hurricane episode. The guys talk Hurricane Dorian's arrival & how they are preparing. After that, the pair talk Caris LeVert's contract extension with Brooklyn. How high is their ceiling for the future with their core locked in thru 2020? Plus Wilson Chandler gets suspended 25 games. Kevin also tries to sell Justin on having a fake, second Western Conference team to root for this season. We break down reasons...


Cousins & Over/Underrated NBA Teams!

Kevin and Justin talk about Demarcus Cousins and his latest injury and if they think he'll have to retire. They also debate the latest addition to the Lakers team Dwight Howard. They debate if he was the best option for the team. The guys then get into Ballin & Fallin where they talk about Team NBA! Last, they debate the Overrated and Underrated teams in the NBA! 00:00-12:00 - Intro (Andrew Luck Debate) 12:00-22:00 - Cousins/Lakers & Dwight Howard Talk 22:00- 30:00 Ballin/Fallin 30:00 -...


NBA Schedule Beef!

Justin and Kevin are back after taking a few days off... before getting into the NBA talk, the guys find themselves debating about food and hot sauce. They reflect on the NBA schedule being released and give their opinions on what they think should be changed and what the NBA did a good job of scheduling. Last, They do their Hot takes from Reddit where Justin brings up Tacko Fall and Lebron, and Kevin brings up Serge Ibaka.00:00 - 10:00 - Intro about food & Hot Sause10:00 - 30:00 - NBA...


Offseason Answers!

On this episode of the Drive & Dish NBA podcast, Kevin (@rafusetolose) is joined by Sam B. Albuquerque (@SamBAlbuquerque) from ESPN 580 Orlando as Justin is off at his 800th wedding of the year. We're not kidding. The guys talk a double dose of veteran returns, as Vince Carter says he'll play one more season with Atlanta, and Udonis Haslem returns to the Heat. The guys talk their overall legacies. After that, Kevin & Sam dive into your mailbag questions. What are De'Aaron Fox & OG Anunoby's...


NBA Xmas Game Review

Justin (JustinContheAir) & Kevin (@rafusetolose) are back to it with a midweek episode of the Drive and Dish NBA podcast. The guys first talk David Griffin's interview and the pressure of playing/coaching with Lebron James. The guys also break down the full slate of NBA Christmas games. Why Kevin is happy Toronto is finally getting some love, and who Justin thinks got robbed in the Western Conference. Which matchups will be the best? Plus the guys end with some Who's Ballin Who's Fallin....


Success in Basketball (ft. Donte Hill)

Justin chats with, International Basketball Coach, Donte Hill! The two talk about how he got into basketball with the Jacksonville Giants. How that lead to his overseas coaching in Japan and Vietnam & Some of the NBA players he trains! They talk about the book that he published, Contagious Leadership, and how you can implement them into and teamworking environment. They talk about teaching the game of basketball in another country and how they can interpret NBA basketball. They get into some...


Shoot Your Shot + Over Under Numbers

Sometimes in life, you just need to shoot your shot. Kevin (@rafusetolose) & Justin (@JustinContheAir) are joined this week by Andy Caudill (@AndrewCMichaels) after he won a bet to come on the show. Listen to find out which two hot takes he nails last season. After that, we put a final recap on a crazy NBA free agency period. Why Kyle Korver signing with the Bucks broke Justin's heart, plus why Andy is high on Indiana like Kevin is. We also sprinkle in some talk on the Cavaliers & what they...


CP3, Simmons, Fultz + Indy & Boston

On this episode of the Drive & Dish NBA Podcast, Justin (@JustinContheAir) is at his 700th wedding of the year, so Kevin (@rafusetolose) is joined by guest hosts Nick Gryniewicz (@ESPN580Nick) & Louis Axen (@LouisArtisan). The guys talk Chris Paul trade talks stalling. How much does the Supermax play an effect on where he'll end up? What are the chances of him finishing the season on Oklahoma City, and which team's are actually interested? We'll make our case for Miami & others. Kevin talks...


The Season Of Duos

Justin & Kevin are back again this episode picking up where they left off with the Western Conference. Before the hoops, however, the guys talk the Area 51 memes and the plan to storm it. What could go wrong right? After that, the guys talk yet another NBA bomb drop, with Russell Westbrook getting traded to the Rockets. What does it mean for Houston's overall ceiling, and how does the new look Western conference stack up. Then, of course, the next natural question, what happens to Chris...


Welcome To The New NBA!

On this episode of the Drive & Dish NBA podcast, Kevin (@rafusetolose) & Justin (@JustinCOntheAir) talk Kevin's vacation to Ireland & how the time difference helped with the Kawhi Leonard & Paul George news plus we discuss a couple of movies. The guys break down the overall state of the Western conference following an insane free agency period. How did the Clippers pull off the Paul George mode, and why it means Oklahoma City should go into a full rebuild. We also talk about how Kawhi held...