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Across The Airwaves, is a network of podcasts dedicated to providing weekly TV Show episode reviews along with news and discussions on the Entertainment Industry. The podcasts we have on our network are as follows… Across The Airwaves: A podcast hosted by Dan Schmidt and Nico Reifsteck, which reviews currently running popular live-action TV Series including Once upon a Time, How I Met Your Mother, Castle, New Girl, Justified, Supernatural, The Americans, Walking Dead, Person of Interest, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Game of Thrones, Community and much much more. DC Nation Podcast: The place where hosts Dan Schmidt and Michael J. Petty provide podcasting reviews on all of the imaginative content DC Comics provides for its fans in the world of Animation, Comic Books, Movies and Bryan Q. Miller’s Smallville Season 11. It’s Tangent Time: Podcasts hosted by Michael J. Petty and Woo S. Kim dedicated to topics that have to do with comic books, science fiction, film, technology, and anything else that comes to their minds at time of recording. Longbow Hunters The Arrow Podcast: Podcasts hosted by Michael J. Petty and Woo Kim dedicated towards reviewing/discussing episodes of the hit CW Series Arrow in greater detail. The Helicarrier Podcast: Podcasts hosted by Andy Behbakht and Chris Doucher dedicated towards reviewing/discussing episodes of the ABC Series Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.



This show will be available on Fri, Feb 28 at 7PM.