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Chicago, IL


As a youngster, Koz hoped of one day blazing a trail in the sky as a pilot, but he soon came to realize that if you goof off in the cockpit, something really bad could happen. Radio allows for much more wisecracking, so Koz got into broadcasting in L.A., Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Denver, but he is happiest to be working in his hometown at THE MIX. Jen moved to Chicago from Virginia at the age of 2 with a toddler southern accent, but quickly replaced it with a telltale Chicago one recognized by others when she travels. Jen grew up putting on plays, concerts, and comedy acts to anyone who would listen (usually only her older sister) so a career in radio seemed logical when considering what to do with her life. She is fortunate to have spent her entire career in her hometown! Jen attended Lincoln Park High School on the city’s north side, and now resides in the western suburbs with her husband, 2 human daughters, and 2 cat daughters. When she’s not at work, she’s coaching figure skating, baking, or planning her next trip to Disney World. Jen also volunteers her time with a non-profit that provides support to children and families facing the pediatric autoimmune disease PANDAS/PANS http://www.pas.care and has helped raise funds for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and the Scott Hamilton Cares Foundation.





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