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West Palm Beach, FL


Barney Berkowitz has delivered straight talk about an important product: Long-term Care Insurance. His expertise in the subject, plus his years of on-air exposure in the Palm Beaches and Broward Counties has made him the broadcast dean of the subject. Each week, Barney shares his enthusiasm for the business with the radio audience, and now, via the Internet, he reaches around the globe. Working with the most respected and major providers of Insurance – top companies like John Hancock, MetLife, Unum, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida, and Prudential, to name a few – Barney Berkowitz can provide helpful advice and take the time to address individual situations, mixing in a good bit of personal experience as well. Long-term Care insurance, Life insurance of all forms, plus Home health care and annuities….. it’s an hour of answers to important questions.



This show will be available on Sat, Apr 11 at 3PM.