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Ringer staff writers Ben Lindbergh and Michael Baumann break down baseball's biggest and silliest stories, mixing in interviews with other Ringer writers, plugged-in media members, and insiders from the front office to the dugout.

Ringer staff writers Ben Lindbergh and Michael Baumann break down baseball's biggest and silliest stories, mixing in interviews with other Ringer writers, plugged-in media members, and insiders from the front office to the dugout.
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Ringer staff writers Ben Lindbergh and Michael Baumann break down baseball's biggest and silliest stories, mixing in interviews with other Ringer writers, plugged-in media members, and insiders from the front office to the dugout.




Do the Nationals Have It Worse Than the Mets Right Now? | The Ringer MLB Show

We go over the nose-diving Nationals, who are now nine games under .500 with seemingly no answers for how to get better (1:20), before putting it into context with their division rivals, the Mets, and why it always seems like the sky is falling in on them even though they’re only slightly below expectations this season (21:05). Finally, we finish by going over the long-standing criticism of Robinson Canó and why it’s a tired argument that’s only propped up by the New York media...


Will Madison Bumgarner Be Dealt at the Deadline This Year? | The Ringer MLB Show

After the teams on Giants ace Madison Bumgarner's no-trade list were revealed, we speculate about whether that means he’ll get traded or not—and whether it’ll be to a contender (1:52). Then, Baseball Prospectus managing editor Craig Goldstein joins to talk about the statistical outlier seasons of the Dodgers’ Alex Verdugo and Hyun-Jin Ryu (20:15). Finally, Ben Lindbergh closes out the podcast by sharing some of the highlights from his piece on home run robberies and putting into perspective...


The Return of Ohtani and the Rise of the Twins | The Ringer MLB Show

We bounce around the leading headlines from the past week, including the return of Shohei Ohtani and the Boston Red Sox's divided clubhouse (1:30). Then, Baseball Prospectus editor-in-chief Aaron Gleeman joins the show to break down how the Twins have leap-frogged Cleveland in the AL Central (25:00). Finally, we wave goodbye to our preseason optimism for the Reds and wonder how they’re playing well but still losing games (45:35). Hosts: Michael Baumann, Ben Lindbergh, Zach Kram Guest:...


Vlad Guerrero Jr. Is Here, and We Are More Than Ready | The Ringer MLB Show

We hand out some early-season MLB superlatives (2:45), before discussing the Blue Jays’ recent call-up of Vlad Guerrero Jr.—baseball’s top prospect (26:08). Then Ben Lindbergh closes the show out by joining to theorize what might happen to baseball if ‘Avengers: Endgame’ were real life and we lost half the crop of MLB players (43:30). Hosts: Michael Baumann, Ben Lindbergh, Zach Kram Guest: Katie Baker


The Yankees' IL Might Be the Best Team in the League | The Ringer MLB Show

Christian Yelich and Cody Bellinger are off to almost unfathomably hot starts. Are their performances sustainable, lucky, or a little bit of both (1:49)? Then, with the Tim Anderson suspension, MLB proves that it never runs out of creative ways to step on its own feet (23:10). Finally, the Yankees are experiencing a rash of injuries we thought wasn’t possible, yet they remain over .500 and in contention for the AL East—how have they done it (32:45)? Hosts: Michael Baumann, Ben Lindbergh,...


Rays vs. Astros: Who’s the Best Team in Baseball Right Now? | The Ringer MLB Show

We mull over Zach Kram’s preseason prediction that the Tampa Bay Rays would win the AL East and wonder: Should that prediction be expanded (2:20)? Then, The Athletic's Astros beat writer, Jake Kaplan, calls into the show to talk about the slow start and resurgence of Houston, the most-stacked team in baseball (21:30). Finally, Ben Lindbergh joins the show to recap last week’s Ozzie Albies extension (36:30). Hosts: Michael Baumann, Ben Lindbergh, Zach Kram


The Red Sox Have a Chris Sale Problem | The Ringer MLB Show

The Red Sox haven’t gotten off to the start they hoped after steamrolling their way to a World Series victory last October (4:15), while the Mariners have—against all odds—seemingly stolen their thunder (23:30). Plus, which preseason predictions look correct, and which have we already soured on (40:20)? Hosts: Michael Baumann, Ben Lindbergh, Zach Kram Guest: Meg Rowley


Ronald Acuña Jr.'s Extension, Plus Bryce Harper’s Welcome Tour | The Ringer MLB Show

The Braves signed Ronald Acuña Jr. to one of the most team-friendly long-term deals in recent memory (1:30), and we wonder whether the Cleveland Indians’ bad first weekend and shallow lineup mean that 2019 isn’t going to be the cakewalk we all thought it’d be (8:41). Then The Athletic’s Meghan Montemurro joins to share an insider’s take on Bryce Harper’s loud, successful first week in Philadelphia (20:00). Finally, are the Padres the most exciting team in baseball (36:03)? Hosts: Michael...


Jacob deGrom’s Extension and 2019 Fake Prop Bets | The Ringer MLB Show

We weigh the Jacob deGrom contract against the extensions of Chris Sale, Justin Verlander, and Kyle Hendricks (2:00). Then, we run through our annual fake prop bets to preview the upcoming 2019 season (19:00). Hosts: Michael Baumann, Ben Lindbergh, Zach Kram


Mike Trout’s $430 Million Contract, Plus Over/Under Bets for All 30 Teams | The Ringer MLB Show

We react to Mike Trout agreeing to the largest contract in North American sports history, and posit that it probably doesn’t even amount to what he’s actually worth to the Angels (1:40). Then, we run through all 30 teams, division by division, and give our predictions for whether they’ll go over or under their predicted win totals in the Las Vegas sports books (30:08). Finally, we give a few enticing futures bets for the 2019 season (63:55). Hosts: Michael Baumann and Zach Kram


Texas–St. Louis World Series Game 6, 2011: A Special Sports Rewatchables | The Ringer MLB Show

Michael Baumann is joined by Mallory Rubin to discuss Game 6 of the 2011 World Series in a special 'MLB Show'–'Rewatchables' crossover. The two break down how different baseball looked just eight years ago, the managerial blunders that potentially altered baseball history, the mythmaking performance of David Freese, and more. Hosts: Michael Baumann and Mallory Rubin


How Has Pitcher Usage Fundamentally Changed the Game We Love? | The Ringer MLB Show

We run through some of the news of the past week—including a two-pound chicken tender being offered at the Texas Rangers’ stadium, Vlad Guerrero Jr. getting injured, and Adam Jones finally landing with the Arizona Diamondbacks (2:00). Then, in the final installment of our preseason trend series, we discuss the ways that pitch speed and selection, as well as pitcher usage, training, and health have drastically altered the way baseball is played in just the past five years (32:00). Hosts:...


The Bryce Harper Welcome Tour and Marc Normandin on Labor Relations in MLB | The Ringer MLB Show

With a few more days to process the news and observe how Bryce Harper is being received in Philadelphia, we go deep on the structure of his contract, the immediate returns on ticket and merchandise sales, and the now-stacked NL East (2:20). Then, Marc Normandin joins the podcast to discuss the current state of labor relations between players and owners, what the future holds for the next CBA negotiations, and the history of owner collusion that led us to this point (38:16). Hosts: Michael...


Bryce Harper to the Phillies Emergency Podcast | The Ringer MLB Show

After months of speculation, Bryce Harper has finally signed with the Philadelphia Phillies, to the tune of 13 years and $330 million—the most total money for a contract in MLB history. We give our immediate reactions to the length of the contract, the backlash, the Phillies' team-building strategy, and more. Hosts: Michael Baumann, Zach Kram


Nolan Arenado's Rockies Extension and Rob Arthur on Data in Baseball | The Ringer MLB Show (Ep. 170)

We take a look at Nolan Arenado’s eight-year, $260 million deal with the Colorado Rockies and the recent run of extensions this offseason — including Aaron Hicks and Miles Mikolas (3:42). Then freelance journalist and data consultant Rob Arthur joins the show to talk about how fast analytics are changing in baseball, how accurate our assumptions about players are, and what this might mean in the future for the on-field product and front-office decision-making (37:22). Hosts: Michael...


Manny Machado Is a San Diego Padre. All It Took Was $300 Million. | The Ringer MLB Show (Ep. 169)

We reconvene the 'MLB Show' to discuss the biggest move of the offseason: Manny Machado's breaking the hot stove dry spell by signing the largest free-agent contract in baseball history. Hosts: Michael Baumann, Ben Lindbergh, Zach Kram


The Mariners Go Back-to-Back With Blockbusters to the Mets, Phillies | The Ringer MLB Show (Ep. 168)

We break our hiatus to discuss the Mariners selling their roster pieces off. First, Robinson Canó and Edwin Diaz to the Mets for Jay Bruce, Anthony Swarzak, and prospects (1:00). Then, Jean Segura and two relievers to the Phillies for J.P. Crawford and Carlos Santana (14:00). Hosts: Michael Baumann and Zach Kram


Early Offseason Roundup and MLB’s Messy Political Ties | The Ringer MLB Show (Ep. 167)

Josh Donaldson lands in Atlanta (2:20), most teams in the league are looking to blow it up (11:40), and Kyler Murray has a big decision to make (28:25). Then, where did MLB go wrong with Cindy Hyde-Smith and what does it do from here? (39:10). Hosts: Michael Baumann, Ben Lindbergh, Zach Kram


The Great James Paxton Debate | The Ringer MLB Show (Ep. 166)

Is Paxton the top-10 pitcher the Yankees need? Plus, Adrián Beltré's two-decade career has come to an end, assessing the state of the Cy Young and MVP races, and wondering what the hell is going on on Bryce Harper’s head.


Parsing the Allegations Against the Mariners | The Ringer MLB Show (Ep. 165)

Dr. Lorena Martin’s accounts of sexism and racism inside the Seattle Mariners front office (2:03), some early offseason trades (14:11), Rookie of the Year (29:22), and Joe Mauer sailing off into the sunset (46:22). Hosts: Michael Baumann, Ben Lindbergh, Zach Kram