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The Yankee greats of the past and present have a new home, on Yankee Roll Call with Joe Castello and Paul Bauer. Yankee Roll Call is a weekly podcast show dedicated to the hardcore Yankee fan. It started as a small underground gathering of Yankee die hards, who would meet to discuss the topics of the day, pertaining to the greatest franchise in the history of sports. We are a very biased group, in that we believe the New York Yankees represent all that is good in America: excellence, tradition, the determination to be the best and, of course, winning. As you sign on and listen, you will begin to understand certain opinions we all share. First our hatred for the Boston Red Sux and their Ginger Nation. That the real single season home run record is still 61 and belongs to Roger Maris. The fact, that Jackie Robinson should have been called out when attempting to steal home in the 55 World Series. One day in the future there will be a giant platinum Derek Jeter Colossus towering above Yankee stadium and the New York City skyline. So Sign On and ride with us on the roller coaster to another World Series title!



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